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Philippines is all in with adidas KOTR 2012!

The most anticipated annual running event is all in and set this 2012! Now on its 14th year, adidas invites runners from all over to join this year’s adidas ‘King of the Road’ (KOTR) on September 30 at the Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

I attended their launch, and many celebrities (Tessa Prieto, Chris Tiu, Robi Domingo, etc.),  runners and members of the media witness as they unveil what is in store for the runners who will be participating. Similar to last year’s KOTR, multi-color adidas singlets will display the vibrancy of running as a sport across the region. I like the Prime blue color (as seen on the image above [left]). Here are the other colors you can choose from:
adidas KOTR 2012 Singlets! 

This year’s race will have three categories – 5K, 10K and 16.8K. For the 16.8K distance, there are two sub categories – the ‘Closed’ category for Filipino nationals and the ‘Open’ category for all nationalities. The top male and female winners from the 16.8km Closed category will be hailed as the Philippines’ ‘King and Queen’ of the Road and will qualify for an all-expense paid trip to Singapore on October 28 to compete in the adidas KOTR Southeast Asia Championship. See the prizes at stake from the image below:
Jason Gervasio, adidas Brand Communications and Sports Marketing Manager, discussed what are the prizes for the top finishers!

A lot will definitely envy the top winner for the Closed category as our Philippine representative will race in the lion city's newest iconic landmark – the Gardens by the Bay. Around 12,000 runners are expected to participate as adidas aims to gather the best of the best from five countries to run by Singapore's newest 100-hectare park. I hope our Filipino contingent will be hailed as the adidas SEA 'King of the Road'.

I know you've been waiting how to register. Actually, it's more interesting to note that there are 2 easy steps to join:
  • Register online for the adidas King of the Road 2012 from July 25 to September 15 (http://adidaskingoftheroad.com/ph) or
  • Visit any of the 5 KOTR registration sites from July 25 to September 23: adidas Megamall, adidas Rockwell, adidas SM Mall of Asia, adidas Trinoma, and adidas Greenbelt. Registration sites are open 7 days a week from 12NN to 8PM
The race fee for this year is Php 1,050 for 5km/10km and Php 1,300 for 16.8km. This already includes the race kit and a "finisher medal" for all who will be completing their registered distance. I highly encourage that you avail of the "early bird registration" (if you register before September 7) as race kits will be delivered to you for FREE before September 23 if you do so. 

I recommend that you join this run. I had fun last year having my first beyond 10K distance by running the 16.8k amidst all the injuries. I registered myself again on this distance and hope to have an improved distance. How about you, what distance will you participate?

Here are some more pictures during the event:

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Finding a new home is really hard, but even making it a good place to come home is harder. I can attest to that given I'm also having that problem recently. I thought finding the house is already difficult but even the interior and designs to put inside is even harder especially for me not having an artistic side to home decoration and houses.

I was very lucky that there's a store that I can go to that I have all the items that I will need to fill my house with...Mandaue Foam. My mom is very happy with the store and she really trusted it and will go all the way at the Las Pinas branch to purchase great buys on their store. 

If you're looking for great buys, here are some of the items that I can recommend or like:
Shoe Cabinet - Image courtesy of Mandaue Foam website
We personally have this shoe cabinet at home during our first visit in Mandaue Foam. I like this shoe cabinet because it is very unique and doesn't require a lot of space on our room. I believe this will be really good as well especially those dwelling on condo's and still want to organize their shoes is very practical manner. Aside from that it only costs Php 5300!

Square Ottoman with Storage -  Image courtesy of Mandaue Foam website 
My second favorite is the Square Ottoman with Storage. I just saw it now and will definitely ask the friendly crew from Las Pinas branch to buy me one. I like it because for me with a lot of things, the cabinet will not fit for my things. I think having this multi-functional Ottoman chair with an additional storage inside is a great find. Aside from that, it is also very economical with at just Php 1,900. I might buy one for my sister as well.

Bench with Storage -  Image courtesy of Mandaue Foam website 
My family and I have been looking at a bench that we can connect with the Master's bed. I think this is the bench we are looking for plus what is good is that we can place things inside it for additional storage.For sure my parents will love to have this at their room.

As you can see, I picked the things which are very practical and good buy. I think with this modern age, every piece of furniture in the house should be multi-purpose and such chairs and benches with storage inside is a good buy. Now, it is not that hard to put things at your home. Since it is just "Your home, your imagination"  with the help from Mandaue Foam. Here's a TVC from them to show you how:
Mandaue Foam’s newest TV commercial

How about you what's you pick on Mandaue Foam line of furniture or items to offer?

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Image courtesy of  fanpop.com
A lot of spectators had been waiting for years for the sequel of  Batman after its epic The Dark Knight movie last 2008. One can never forget the amazing performance of Heath Ledger as Joker and the over-all directorial job from Christopher Nolan, who was snobbed by the Academy that year. Finally, this year's most anticipated movie is in the silver screen already. But is it really worth to watch or it is just a hype? Is this  the best Batman movie so far?

To be fair, a lot of people including me is expecting a lot from this movie. As I watched few months back its trailer, it was so good that I've wanted to watch its 1st showing day (or if possible even earlier). I'm actually worried though that this movie will not meet my expectation just like other movies in the past with great hype, trailers and yet bad full-length movie. Fortunately, The Dark Knight Rises really "rise" to my expectation. As a proof, I even watched it twice already and will not hesitate to watch it again.

Nolan did an excellent job and justice to the finale of this Batman's trilogy over-all. My heart is pounding fast and you can feel the emotions in the action scenes as depicted in the movie. All I can say, "this is how you end a great Batman trilogy". I felt though the first few minutes of the film is quite dragging that I'm getting worried it will be the same feeling until the end. Although, it is forgivable as I think this is part of the build-up that Nolan was planning as he intensify the story that you have to watch-out for. What I also like on this movie is that there's still a Nolan touch in it. If you were able to follow his movies, he is known in making unexpected twists and this movie is no exception. So, watch out for it in the movie! Aside from the directing and shots, what also helps is the musical score of this movie. I think it contributed a lot in terms of providing great drama and emotions to the movie.

In terms of characters performance, I can say a superb and great acting from the crew. I like Christian Bale's performance here as compared to the previous one. Anne Hathaway's character as Selina Kyle is amazing as well together with Joseph Gordon-Levitt as John Blake. I think they are the stand-out for this Batman series. For Tom Hardy as Bane, I think he is fairly good but Heath's performance as a Joker was really a big shoe to fill in. Although kudos to the creative staff for making Bane's appearance to be really scary.

Nolan and the rest of the cast and crew deserves a slow clap for this movie. I heard from my friends (since it didn't happen on the cinema where I watched it) that movie-goers in Manila clapped at the end of the movie. I cannot deny that this it is really good and they deserve not only a thumbs up but a clamoring applause. I just felt sad this is the end but at the same time so happy that Nolan gave justice to end it!

Do I need to wait after the credits?
No, unfortunately there are no extra scenes for this movie after its credits. :(

My Personal Rating: (5/5 Movie Popcorns)
A outstanding movie to end a great Batman trilogy!  
PS: If you will notice, a lot of the cast on this movie are also the faces you've seen from Nolan's blockbuster movie "Inception". See the cast and crew below:
From left to right: Director Christopher Nolan, actors Tom Hardy, Marion Cotillard, Gary Oldman, Anne Hathaway, Christian Bale, Morgon Freeman, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt
*Image courtesy of The Dark Knight Rises Facebook page

Here's the trailer in case you haven't watched it yet:

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Image courtesy of SM North Edsa

The Sale Compass leads us Up but definitely prices are LOW with the upcoming Great Northern Sale. I'm from the South but will definitely be going here to find and grab some good finds. Imagine getting a bargain of 70% discount on some selected brands. As what they promised "Major Discounts Everywhere You Look", now that's a big challenge for shopaholics around.

What are you waiting for? Ensure you plan ahead and book your calendar on July 13, 14, 15 as these 3 days might not be enough to grab the best deals around SM North Edsa. The deals are hard to resist plus its a good time since salary is coming on these days. See you there!

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