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Finding a new home is really hard, but even making it a good place to come home is harder. I can attest to that given I'm also having that problem recently. I thought finding the house is already difficult but even the interior and designs to put inside is even harder especially for me not having an artistic side to home decoration and houses.

I was very lucky that there's a store that I can go to that I have all the items that I will need to fill my house with...Mandaue Foam. My mom is very happy with the store and she really trusted it and will go all the way at the Las Pinas branch to purchase great buys on their store. 

If you're looking for great buys, here are some of the items that I can recommend or like:
Shoe Cabinet - Image courtesy of Mandaue Foam website
We personally have this shoe cabinet at home during our first visit in Mandaue Foam. I like this shoe cabinet because it is very unique and doesn't require a lot of space on our room. I believe this will be really good as well especially those dwelling on condo's and still want to organize their shoes is very practical manner. Aside from that it only costs Php 5300!

Square Ottoman with Storage -  Image courtesy of Mandaue Foam website 
My second favorite is the Square Ottoman with Storage. I just saw it now and will definitely ask the friendly crew from Las Pinas branch to buy me one. I like it because for me with a lot of things, the cabinet will not fit for my things. I think having this multi-functional Ottoman chair with an additional storage inside is a great find. Aside from that, it is also very economical with at just Php 1,900. I might buy one for my sister as well.

Bench with Storage -  Image courtesy of Mandaue Foam website 
My family and I have been looking at a bench that we can connect with the Master's bed. I think this is the bench we are looking for plus what is good is that we can place things inside it for additional storage.For sure my parents will love to have this at their room.

As you can see, I picked the things which are very practical and good buy. I think with this modern age, every piece of furniture in the house should be multi-purpose and such chairs and benches with storage inside is a good buy. Now, it is not that hard to put things at your home. Since it is just "Your home, your imagination"  with the help from Mandaue Foam. Here's a TVC from them to show you how:
Mandaue Foam’s newest TV commercial

How about you what's you pick on Mandaue Foam line of furniture or items to offer?

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