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Image courtesy of  fanpop.com
A lot of spectators had been waiting for years for the sequel of  Batman after its epic The Dark Knight movie last 2008. One can never forget the amazing performance of Heath Ledger as Joker and the over-all directorial job from Christopher Nolan, who was snobbed by the Academy that year. Finally, this year's most anticipated movie is in the silver screen already. But is it really worth to watch or it is just a hype? Is this  the best Batman movie so far?

To be fair, a lot of people including me is expecting a lot from this movie. As I watched few months back its trailer, it was so good that I've wanted to watch its 1st showing day (or if possible even earlier). I'm actually worried though that this movie will not meet my expectation just like other movies in the past with great hype, trailers and yet bad full-length movie. Fortunately, The Dark Knight Rises really "rise" to my expectation. As a proof, I even watched it twice already and will not hesitate to watch it again.

Nolan did an excellent job and justice to the finale of this Batman's trilogy over-all. My heart is pounding fast and you can feel the emotions in the action scenes as depicted in the movie. All I can say, "this is how you end a great Batman trilogy". I felt though the first few minutes of the film is quite dragging that I'm getting worried it will be the same feeling until the end. Although, it is forgivable as I think this is part of the build-up that Nolan was planning as he intensify the story that you have to watch-out for. What I also like on this movie is that there's still a Nolan touch in it. If you were able to follow his movies, he is known in making unexpected twists and this movie is no exception. So, watch out for it in the movie! Aside from the directing and shots, what also helps is the musical score of this movie. I think it contributed a lot in terms of providing great drama and emotions to the movie.

In terms of characters performance, I can say a superb and great acting from the crew. I like Christian Bale's performance here as compared to the previous one. Anne Hathaway's character as Selina Kyle is amazing as well together with Joseph Gordon-Levitt as John Blake. I think they are the stand-out for this Batman series. For Tom Hardy as Bane, I think he is fairly good but Heath's performance as a Joker was really a big shoe to fill in. Although kudos to the creative staff for making Bane's appearance to be really scary.

Nolan and the rest of the cast and crew deserves a slow clap for this movie. I heard from my friends (since it didn't happen on the cinema where I watched it) that movie-goers in Manila clapped at the end of the movie. I cannot deny that this it is really good and they deserve not only a thumbs up but a clamoring applause. I just felt sad this is the end but at the same time so happy that Nolan gave justice to end it!

Do I need to wait after the credits?
No, unfortunately there are no extra scenes for this movie after its credits. :(

My Personal Rating: (5/5 Movie Popcorns)
A outstanding movie to end a great Batman trilogy!  
PS: If you will notice, a lot of the cast on this movie are also the faces you've seen from Nolan's blockbuster movie "Inception". See the cast and crew below:
From left to right: Director Christopher Nolan, actors Tom Hardy, Marion Cotillard, Gary Oldman, Anne Hathaway, Christian Bale, Morgon Freeman, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt
*Image courtesy of The Dark Knight Rises Facebook page

Here's the trailer in case you haven't watched it yet:

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