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my nTrust Sonnet - derived from Sonnet XLIII

"Save the best for the last" - I think a lot of Filipinos have been an advocate of this saying that's why we usually do things at the last minute. I must admit I am myself that's why I submitted my entry till the last minute possible! Although, sometimes people misinterpret this quote and people rather end up cramming. I think we even mastered the "art" of cramming already within us. Unfortunately, this caused long ans snake-like lines on our usual everyday transactions. Here are some day-to-day experience I and even you can relate:

Waiting at the bus stop and squeezing yourself with the people loading and unloading the bus on an early morning. Have you been on this situation as well?
This photo was taken at the bust stop at Bicutan Interchange  while people were lining up for the bus to arrive.
If you want to avoid long line-ups go to nTrust.com.

If in the bus people are squeezing, well raise it to the nth power with the queue on the limited LRT or MRT station we have in the metro,. The line doesn't end there as even inside the station you have to queue on the long line of people making all the acrobatics possible just to be inside the train cart. Can relate?
This photo was taken at the bust stop at Shaw Boulevard MRT station while people were lining up for tickets and also to enter inside the station and line again to ride it .
If you want to avoid long line-ups go to nTrust.com.

How about the long queue on ATM machine or banks? Especially like today where it is a payday and all the ATMs are out of cash and the surviving machines have long queue as if it is the line of Nutri-ban in the 80's or line of NFA rice during the 90's. 
This photo was taken at the bust stop at an ATM machine in Shari-la Mall while people were lining up for them to deposit/withdraw money from their bank.
If you want to avoid long line-ups go to nTrust.com.

I know many of you can relate with these situations. I think only girls with a long line of suitors with seeing such a queue of people. I really hate to WAIT:

  • W - Wasted opportunities. Imagine, you could have made your deal with your new business or bought a new item but since you have to wait you weren't able to get that deal that you wanted. I had experience before that I wasn't able to get my papers processed because I was late by a few minutes. Just a few minutes matters a lot.
  • A - Action intense moments. One might want to watch the upcoming Ateneo-Lasalle game tomorrow. But since you waited on the ATM to withdraw and line up again on the ticketing station, all tickets are sold-out and you will miss seeing the live adrenaline pumping game between the 2 rival schools. :(
  • I - Interest free transactions. Aside from the fact that you are spending a lot of adenosine triphophate (ATP) in short energy waiting, you are even paying fee for most of the services especially when you Remit money to the Philippines or Send money to the Philippines. In this age of digital world, it is very common for such payment be done online but it is also costly even within your own bank you are even charged just be transferring money. 
  • T - Time lost spending time with my loved ones. Instead of you having that quality time with them or hearing the good stories that they have with their experience from school or office, you can't because you have just lost this opportunity waiting on a long line either commuting or with your financial transactions.
Image grabbed from the screen showed as you take the tour on nTrust after being a Citizen!
Well wait no more as we have this new global online service that lets you send and receive money to or from your friends and family in a host of currencies in any amount, at anytime, anywhere ... nTrust. Why trust them? Here's my amateur music video to let you know why:

It's very simple as spelling out n-T-R-U-S-T why you have to be a Citizen on nTrust nation. Here are some of actual realistic benefits of it:

If you're still wondering how to transfer money to the Philippines, here's a simple video that will show you how:

More of these videos with such tutorials on their Youtube account or visit their website www.ntrust.com to know more.

So now, why wait? Try out nTrust, today!
Try out nTrust, today!  

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