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I guess you have seen on TVC lately the video of Anna, where he dump Derek amidst the boy's effort for her. I'm really shocked to see the video of Anna as all I thought that she will respond positively to the unique way of Derek to get noticed. If you haven't seen the video, here it is:

However, good thing with the fast connection on Derek's home his parents and sister was able to see the response of Anna and console Derek on it. It must really be hard for a young boy to heart broken on an early stage, which I can also relate to. However, with a family very supportive like Derek, he can be able to overcome the situation.

If I were Derek, here are my tips for him to overcome the situation:
  • Don't be too affected - I know it might be hard but the more you think of the situation you will get more depressed. It might really be possible that what you want is not what you get but for sure there's a better purpose for it.
  • Family - Having a family by your side can really help one recover well. He should always talk freely with them and they to him as well to give him proper advice on how to cope with the situation better. A per PLDT, the strongest connections are at home may it be family support or internet connection.
  • Pray - For sure He will listen even on such problem. In His time, it will come. 
For all the girls out there; if you think though that you deserve Derek better than Anna, then let him know. You can be Derek's new 'Anna'. If you want, then go to www.dereksnewanna.com and submit a video entry why you should be Derek's new Anna. Well, you will not just be the next Anna, you can also Samsung Ultrabook and be part of the next PLDT myDSL commercial. See that's a treat!
Image courtesy of Nuffnang Philippines!
Join now and mend Derek's broken heart and win not only his heart plus a lot more prizes!

If you want to recall all the videos of Derek and Anna before. Here it is:
Derek's original video

Anna's response to Derek's video

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