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Image courtesy of Kojie-san and Nuffnang
What does it "takes" to be a "MAN"? Seems to be an easy question but realizing it is actually a tough question to answer especially on this modern world. So many things have changed and definitions vary from how society used to define it ages ago. Here are my viewpoint on this:

I think men of today first of all value RESPECT and EQUALITY. We might have perception before that men should be authoritarian or completely above women. However, valuing the change of times and the change in socio-economic relation of gender, I can say that today men have an open perspective and respect the possibility of other sex to have the same capability as man and respect one not by his gender but as a person. It may seem man getting weaker but actually this makes a man more stronger.

I believe man of today became more conscious about cleanliness and their health. You might have observed the boom of fitness industry recently and this is because men became more aware of the benefit of healthy living. If we used to know men to be just gaining weight and looking dirty and rough, the modern men realize that the standards changed. One would realize that he should be fit not only for him to look better on other people but also for lifestyle. Men of today became as one would say "vain" or at least value cleanliness. We can see it with men now having a certain line of products like Kojie-san. :) Now, if you're not clear then you're not in.

Image courtesy of Kojie-san and Nuffnang
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