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Posted by kahitanoito - - 4 comments

My Surviving Caramoan bandana!

Last Sunday was a great experience for me to join a mini-Survivor challenge. I have been an avid fan of Survivor and upon knowing that Jack TV will have their Surviving Caramoan challenge, I sign-up immediately. I have been long waiting for September 16 for the qualifying challenge for this.
A challenge of Skill, Strategy and Stength - Surviving Caramoan
The day has come and I just made it in time. All I know is that there will be 5 challenges that awaits me. I have been thinking that it would just be easy challenges but to my surprise its not. At the line waiting for my turn, I'm already thinking if I can make it since some participants before me are more physique than me. Good thing I never let these fears overcome me and told myself to at least try. I became more nervous to know that each stage has a time limit and if you failed to complete it then you cannot move on to the next challenge. Here are the challenges but was I able to experience it all?
A Jungle Jumble Challenge
A Jungle Jumble Challenge
1. Jungle Jumble - The objective of this challenge is to test our mental ability to solve a puzzle pieces which will show the logo of Survivor Philippines and Jack TV. Of all the challenges, this is where I am more confident. I know I'm smart and will have no sweat in accomplishing this task. Although when I was the one doing the task I somehow rattled since the puzzle pieces have been jumbled so well by the facilitators. Good thing still I was able to finish it with decent time. Moving on to next round.
Crate Transfer Challenge
Crate Transfer  - The crates that I have to transfer
2. Crate Transfer - I saw this similar challenge especially on the last Survivor One World although the crates here are smaller. I was shocked that I need to completely transfer 10 crates on the other end in less than a minute. 
Crate Transfer  - My bruises during the challenge
Crate Transfer  - My bruises during the challenge
My strategy was to transfer 2 crates at a time to be more efficient. The first 4-6 crates are quite easy but due to physical stress of running back and forth plus the weight of the crates I became tired lifting the last 4 crates. Some crates slipped my arms that it even scratched my arms but still finished it in less than a minute. 
Truck Wheel Lift Challenge
3. Truck Wheel Lift - The challenge will test physical stamina of the players to lift a truck wheel for 30 seconds. I was worried if I can complete it since even lifting it from the ground the wheel is quite heavy plus the bruises I just had with the last challenge. As I lifted, I just closed my eyes and waited for the faciliatator to say its done. Whew! Good thing I was able to hold on to that wheel.
Ball Balance Challenge
Ball Balance Challenge
4. Ball Balance - The challenge is to keep 3 balls on the flat wooden plate for a minute with the plate not touching your arms and only the palm of your hand. This is very similar to the exact challenge played during the first immunity challenge of Survivor One World that Troyzan won. In TV, it seems to be quite easy but doing it is very hard. As soon as I placed the 3 balls in the plate, I'm only given 5 seconds to stabilize the ball and I need already to release my hands and the time will start already. During the first few seconds I was struggling with the strong winds at the MOA area not cooperating with me. Oh well, I was amazed to still have a good balance to overcome it and make it to the next round.
Gory Grubs Challenge
5. Gory Grubs - On this challenge, we have to eat 3 kinds of gory foods; which are 2 pig/cow eyeballs,~6 pieces of fried worms, and 2 big chunks of raw brain. I had a strategy to just drink up water every time so I won't taste it but to my surprise I am not allowed to drink water until I completed eating it all up. I first ate the eyeballs and had time chewing it with my braces and almost throw up since I have to swallow it in large portions still. The fried worms are quite easy for me but the most challenging is the last 2 chunks of brain. Just the smell of it will let you throw up big time so just imagine eating 2 pieces of it. I first take 1 piece and I'm really having hard time to swallow it and I'm almost teary eyed since I'm preventing myself from throwing up. I only have 15 seconds when I pick the last piece of brain and really think that it is impossible already to complete it. I closed my eyes and talk to myself though that I have sacrificed already much completing the first 4 challenges and not completing the last task is just so disappointing. So I really face my fears and chew the brain quickly and swallow it immediately clearing it up during the last few 5 seconds. After saying clear, I immediately drink the water in the table but still the taste of the brain remained there even on my fingers.
Surviving Caramoan Registration Center
Over-all, it was one hell of a good experience for me. I do hope to register some good time on the challenges and was able to convince the judges so I can make it to the actual challenge. I really do hope to be part of it more for the experience and say to myself that I was able to be like a Survivor castaway. I'm really crossing my fingers to be included on the 10 participants.
Performers take on the stage to have a great closing of the challenge
Kudos to Jack TV for making the challenges really Survivor-like and never expected they will really pull up such similar tasks already. I'm excited to know who will make it. I'll let you know if I will make it.
My bandana and Survivor Philippines towel + Jack TV earrings for joining 

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4 Responses so far.

  1. Anonymous says:

    May result na ba sa top 10? Did they contact you for the interview? We are also waiting for the result... Thanks!

  2. Hi!I saw their post that they announced the winners already (see this link https://www.facebook.com/solar.jacktv/posts/441025109281134 ). Unfortunately, I didn't make it as well. I was also not interviewed in case there is. :)

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi, hindi rin ako napili, pero nag post ako ng video. Nkkpagtaka mga babae nakuha. See my video in jack tv. Sana lang di tayo nadaya sa time.

  4. Anonymous says:

    kapag bumili ka ng Sun Broadband..at natapos mo yung challenge.. dalawang slot yung ibibigay sa iyo... so it is possible na nakapasok ang mga babae..

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