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Image courtesy of SM Cinema

The Twilight Saga now concludes with its finale in "Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2". A lot of Filipinos have been waiting for this movie to hit the silver screen, especially those who was able to really follow the story of this Stephanie Meyer's best-selling series. I know a lot of you might be wondering if it will be a great finale or "fail"-nale so fortunately I was invited to the advance screening of this movie to provide my perspective on it.

Before I proceed with my judgement on the movie, here's the synopsis (courtesy of SM Cinema) especially for those who weren't able to read the book or couldn't remember the part 1 of this movie:
The epic love story between Bella Swan and Edward Cullen concludes in this final installment of Stephenie Meyer's best-selling series. After the birth of Renesmee, the Cullens gather other vampire clans in order to protect the child from a false allegation that puts the family in front of the Volturi.
I must admit, I'm not that a heavy fan of this series as the plot was just purely romance of Bella, Edward and Jacob. However, I was impressed with this last movie of this franchise. I have seen the maturity of the story and the characters on this movie. I have seen improvement on the acting of Kristen Stewart on this movie as compared to her other movies where I have seen lack of emotions from her. Aside from her, I also liked the humor applied on this movie on some parts that really added a different flavor to the movie. I also liked the epic battle and definitely it is something that all Twilight fans should not even blink because it is really great. I must congratulate Bill Condon and Melissa Rosenberg for staging such great task of building that epic scene into the audience. I can still remember the audience in the cinema was really shouting and screaming with every punches thrown during the battle. It was really one hell of a fight to end the Twilight saga.

On the other hand, I think this movie also have some short comings as well. In terms of the graphics applied, I'm quite disappointed with the quality as it is very evident especially with the scenes of Bella and Edward in the forest and even when Renesmee was still a baby. I also think the movie was too short ( I haven't read the book so not sure if it is right) but nevertheless I think there are some aspects there that could be further emphasized.

My Personal Rating: (4/5 Movie Popcorns)
A great way to end this Twilight saga!
I'm impressed on how the Twilight ended with this movie. I think this is the best of all the Twilight series because of the great scenes on the movie. I initially thought that it will just be the usual Bella-Edward romance but this movie really made a different take and even guys will now enjoy this movie. 

Do I need to wait after the credits?
No, unfortunately there are no extra scenes for this movie after its credits. :(

PS: The MTRCB rating is PG13, so in case you will bring your kids on this movie please take note of some scenes that may be gruesome for young audiences. There are also love scenes on this movie but I think safely done by the director. If you're also interested to know if you can still see Jacob shirtless, well yes and that scene is also funny (watch it to find out).

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  1. Anonymous says:

    the reason why watched the movie is because of Jaycob Undress in front of bella's daddy. its funny but still hot

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