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We must have heard the saying "start the year right". I'm happy this 2013 I was able to do it with my perfect drinking pair, which happens to be the best dad as well! How we did it? It's for you to find out from the rest of my post! :)

My dad has been one of the greatest person I idolized since I was a child. I look up to him and really take into consideration all the principles in life he taught me. He is also my running buddy, my movie buff partner, my driving mentor and there's a lot of stuff to mention. He's always there may it be on the most important events of my life or just even simply on an ordinary day. As we are buying some grocery items in time for the New Year's celebration, I noticed new San Miguel beer variants on the shelf. My dad explained to me the difference and right there I grabbed the Cerveza Negra and Premium All-Malt for a try! (I promise to try San Miguel Super Dry next time)
Cerveza Negra - Not just a perfect drink but a perfect ingredient as well with its roasted malt and caramel taste!
A few hours before 2012 bid us goodbye, I suddenly remember about the Cerveza Negra and Premium All-Malt that we bought since this will definitely make the occasion more memorable experiencing for the first-time since we are used to with their classic Pale Pilsen or San Mig Light version. Although I realized, what will be a perfect pair for this drink with a consideration that it should be healthy since I also plan to be more fit this year.....Hmmm....

Alas! The masterchef or Gordon Ramsay in me emerge and think of a good idea why not "pair" this extraordinary drink with the food that we will then "match" with this new drink (quite complicated but I'll explain it more later). I'm not really good in cooking (definitely not a chef) but at least know some fundamentals of cooking. I then realize why not use seafood as a perfect "pulutan"/appetizer for this since it will be a healthier alternative rather than using pork/beef. I remember my dad's favorite dish during our recent travel abroad is Ika fry/calamari and cereal prawns plus connecting the color of squid's ink to cerveza negra = Eureka! A perfect combination for a new dish I invented...Cereal Negra Calamari

Want to know how I did it? Here's my video demo how you can also replicate my own masterpiece:

Here's a picture of the final product. Yummy right? What more if you were able to taste it! You can even sing "perfect combination" just by tasting it while drinking it with San Miguel Premium All-Malt. :)
My very own Cereal Cerveza Calamari - perfectly paired with San Miguel Premium All-Malt!

Top view of the final product!!!
My dad was very impressed with my great idea to use the Cerveza Negra as my beer batter plus the crunchy and absorbent cereal locks in the flavor of the roasted malt from the beer while adding that extra crunch. My dad told me that such inventive characteristics in cooking is something I inherited from my Lola, who is already in heaven.

After our Media Noche feast, my dad and I already started our extraordinary drinking experience at our home. We talked about how 2012 has passed and the great memories we treasured during that time. As we are eating my very own Cereal Negra Calamari, we then recall as well our travel in Singapore (connecting it with the cereal prawn), my business travels in Japan this year (connecting it with the Ika fry) and all the great events we joined as well and the new people we meet this 2012. 
San Miguel Premium All-Malt - A premium recipe doesn't just deserve just an ordinary drink
It's really an enjoyable drinking experience since we paired it with a San Miguel Premium All-Malt beer. It is as if we are drinking high class with the great flavor. The combination of our special appetizer with the Premium All-Malt complements each other bringing out a perfect taste. I think it's like my relationship with my dad, together we bring each other's strengths better. 
Adding some tomatoes and atchara are some other alternative sauce for this combination
Time really flies when you're having fun. We then realized we ate all the food and our beers are empty. At the end, I think it is really a perfect way to spend the first day of the year...starting it right. Right in the sense that I was able to still start my goal for eating healthy (seafood), to start a new experience with the new San Miguel Lifestyle Brew, to have a good conversation with my dad plus without having to spend much money. Who would have though you can experience such in the comforts of your home? Well, anything  can really be extraordinary, especially if you have the perfect pair with you...a perfect pair of food, drink and drinking partner! They really prove the statement:

“Good taste, great pairings with San Miguel Lifestyle Brews”
Well it wouldn't be much perfect without my drinking pair as well! 

This is really a good sign that 2013 will be not just an ordinary year for us!
(PS: We are not even using my recipe now as an appetizer but even as a viand during our lunch/dinner)

“Drinking experience that’s above the ordinary”

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