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My National Breakfast Day coupon!
I read from my fellow blogger friends about this event happening today and I want to try out the experinece. I woke up as early as 4am today as I'm very excited to experience the National Breakfast Day courtesy of McDonald's. I'm not a morning person but have to wake up early to ensure I can still make the 1st 1000 customers of my nearest McDo Store. 
Staff from McDo Chino Roces branch giving out our coupons
We tried visiting the McDonald's Chino Roces branch near the Makati exit of Skyway ramp. I'm very impressed as they accommodated us even if we chose the drive-thru option. There's already a friendly staff waiting for us and asked how many are we inside the car. We were then given the coupon (above) and went straight to the counter to claim our warm and delicious Egg McMuffin. Yum! We have our food in just a minute!
Our muffin!
I tried checking how things went for dine-in and take-out customers of the branch. I'm very happy to see that  the McDo staff are very prepared for this event. The managers and McDo representatives are at the entrance very happy to greet and give your coupon. They even have prepared line if the queue gets long but it was not used anymore since the staff are very efficient and they were able to quickly receive orders and give muffin to their beloved customers. I have seen how happy the customers are when they received their free McDo Egg McMuffin. Some (even me) requested that their promo becomes daily already. Hehe!
McDo Chino Roces branch started to be filled with customers joining the National Breakfast Day!

Well, I can definitely say that McDo really started my day right filling up my body with a delicious muffin. It's really great that my sacrifice to get up really was rewarded by McDo. This definitely started my day and even week right. Kudos to McDo for their successful National Breakfast Day. March 18, 2013 has become remarkable and memorable to a lot of Filipinos. Net, I agree with their mantra "Hooray for Today"!

Hope next time I can be invited by McDo on their succeeding events so I can share it with my readers as well.

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