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The summer heat is already making its presence felt in the metro recently. Every time you go out you can feel the sun 'grilling' you to the extreme. It's the same hot sensation that you don't like when your friends are putting you on a hot seat and 'grilling' you with controversial questions. There's only one 'grill' that I truly enjoy and that is the crackling sound of a grilled food. (yum)

I grew up excited most of the time waking up on a Sunday. Aside from it is the day of worship that we go together as one family in the church, it is also the day my family prepare us the best meals since everyone in the family is present. I'm a lover of grilled food may it be from a simple barbeque we can find in nearby place in the village or to the creme dela creme grilled steaks from resto. That's why whenever my family decided to cook grilled meats, I will suddenly have selective amnesia in relation to my diet plans and just concentrate on waiting my grilled meats. I can still remember how the crackling sound of fat as it touches the blazing charcoal is like music to my ears. The smoke coming from the grill provides an illusion to my eyes of a priceless food yet to touch my pallette...just uttering these words make me hungry.

I suddenly want to prepare grilled dinner this coming Easter Sunday. If I were to prepare, I will definitely prepare a Chicken ala Pobre. I chose chicken as my meat because my family is now health conscious and chicken will be the better alternatives so everybody can still indulge with our all-time favorite ala Pobre. I remember my Dad doing his 'experimental' recipe of ala Pobre before to marinade the meat for grilling and how he will still spend hours to prepare the mixture. Fortunately, even an amateur like me will not sweat doing the grill ala Pobre style with McCormick Steak a la Pobre Seasoning Mix. If you don't know what is this, then read below:

Image courtesy of McCormick via Nuffnang PH
“A la Pobre”, which means “of the poor”, is a funny name for a dish rich in taste and flavor to add on your favorite grilled meat or beef, pork and chicken with McCormick Steak a la Pobre Seasoning Mix.  The distinct taste of garlic, soy sauce and other special herbs and spices is captured to provide you the exact taste of “a la Pobre” cooking style
I have great trust with McCormick because this brand have been part of our kitchen arsenal since my childhood days and I know McCormick is really the flavor expert! Each pack of McCormick Grill Mates Seasoning Mixes (Pepper Steak, Hickory Smoked, Cajun, Steak a la Pobre, and Korean BBQ) gives you a wonderful blend of authentic McCormick herbs and spices. McCormick brings passion to flavor just making the grilling sound of your meat more with melody, the smoke further amplifying the vision of the food, providing an intense aroma to make you taste the food with just smelling it and especially it can make your food taste like coming from a Michelin star resto -- making your 'A la Pobre' now 'A la Sosyal'

I know you might be salivating already just reading my post. If you want to experience it for real with other grill lovers like me then be a part of the McCormick Grill Nation on April 7, 4pm onwards at the Bonifacio High Street! This event by McCormick tries to bring families and friends together and especially on a Sunday when all of the family are together...no better way to enjoy it on the outdoors tasting the great grilled foods further improved by McCormick Grill Mates Seasoning Mixes. 

Be a part of the McCormick Grill Nation on April 7, 4pm onwards at the Bonifacio High Street!
What are you waiting for? Mark your calendars already on April 7 and text your family members to make themselves available for a nice grilling activity. See you there on April 7!

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