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Smart-Araneta Coliseum a few hours before Game 1
Volleyball has really come a long way already in our country. We usually see it played before just on the road ("larong kalye") but now it has become the newest favorite sport of Filipinos. No doubt that this is because of the level of excitement, drama and rivalry seen as this game played in UAAP.

Last March 2, 2013, Smart-Araneta Coliseum has been filled up by a lot of enthusiasts and volleyball followers how the crucial game 1 will unfold. I'm personally excited too and has been up all day and night looking at Ticketnet website just to ensure I can have good seats. I'm happy that I was able to watch the game live as it is really one hell of a game for both the men's and women's finals.

The game started with the men's finals between the 1st place NU and the defending champion and 2nd place FEU. The game seems to be favoring so much with FEU given the strong hits from Depamaylo, Faytaren, Avila, Dela Calzada, and Tonquin. That is even without their captain and setter De Ocampo who is still suffering from ACL tear. However, tables have turned and after Set 3-5 NU claimed victory with the leadership of Peter Den Torres. Watching NU come from behind is really amazing and their hits are really sharp and hard that FEU cannot really stop. It was truly a dramatic win for NU.

After the men's game, the most awaited rivalry and war started with DLSU Lady Spikers and Ateneo Lady Eagles. The crowd was really roaring especially when the announcer called Mika Reyes and Alyssa Valdez from both teams. 
DLSU Lady Spikers at the court
The first 2 sets, similar to FEU, was a very easy win for ADMU. They really surprised DLSU given they made Alyssa Valdez to be a middle hitter rather than an open spiker. DLSU Lady Spikers could not think of a possible remedy to stop the bleeding until the middle of the 3rd set. Fortunately, they were able to rise and conquer it to extend the game. The 4th set was quite a controversial set given this was so tight until the crucial mistake from Alyssa at 22-all score when she is still on the court making them 7 players for Ateneo. It led to an opening for DLSU to claim the set. The momentum was obviously with DLSU and they are very confident with their hits that ADMU cannot get back anymore even if they tried their usual strategy and putting Nacachi as the middle hitter. Gorayeb made a crucial decision on 12-6 score by putting Tiu and Ahomiro, which even hurt them as DLSU was able to close it for Game 1 victory at 15-6 score on the 5th set. Here's the game point score video I was able to record while at Araneta.

Truly UAAP volleyball was truly dramatic and very exciting. I'm sad I will not be able to watch Game 2 but hope everything will go as exciting as Game 1. Kudos to ADMU and FEU for putting a great fight during Game 1

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