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Since 2009, I've been an avid runner and joining fun runs left and right. I joined these runs aside from helping the cause of the run but also to further improve myself. I wasn't able to manage my weight over the past few years coupled with an ankle injury contributed my weight gain. Fortunately, I found running as my anti-dote to help me gain back the strength and endurance and most especially the physique that is ideal for my body structure.
Me during the running events

I have always joined fun run usually for 5K or 10K distances because I easily get tired and my feet gets uneasy even at the 3K mark. Aside from the pain I'm feeling because of my previous ankle injury, my feet gets uncomfortable with the fit of my current running shoes. My inner-arch is usually swollen after every fun run because my shoe is quite too tight at this region. Aside from that, I felt that is quite heavy after long run. I'm not really like the usual Kenyans in speed so at the remaining kilometers of the run, I can feel the great weight of my shoes. It is as if I'm lifting weights on my feet because of its design. At the end of every run, I usually have to put cold compress on my feet  and take anti-inflammatory medicines so I can endure the pain.  My performance also does not improve because it seem my injury just even gets worse with the shoes I'm wearing.
Me and my sore feet
Since I'm committed to continue my goal to be fit again, I tried searching for a shoe that can really help me with my goal and at the same prevent injury and run with a better PR record. I have been hearing about adidas Energy Boost and it was love at first sight when I saw it at the adidas Store. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get my size when I was on the store. :( 

However, heavens intervened and my uncle, who has the same shoe as mine, was able to lend me while he is on vacation his adidas Energy Boost shoes...and it started to changed my running. I can summarize its impact on my running from it's name:

B - Better Performance Speed
As compared to my previous running shoes, I felt that the Energy Boost has provided me better speed when running around our village. I think it great weight and material has helped me improved my strides to be able to run faster. Also the revolutionary  technology  allows  small  energy  capsules  in  the  soles  to  store  and  unleash energy more efficiently with every stride, thus improving my over-all running speed. 

O - Optimal  Fit and Comfort
I did not find any difficulty with this shoe. It is very lightweight and fits perfectly with my feeet. As I experienced during my practice runs, I did not feel the sore that I used to have whenever I run for a long period of time. I think the upper feature of adidas Techfit technology, helped a lot in providing optimal comfort and support to the entire foot while in motion.

O - Out of Injury
Even I just had a recent injury before trying this Energy Boost, I could not feel the impact on my feet. I don't need to wear my ankle support since the adidas innovation that goes  beyond  the  revolutionary  midsole technology helped a lot on preventing my injury. Aside from that  it has special mid-foot support frame that minimize roll for more stability. The outsole  is also there to reduce wear in key soles areas and an external heel counter to maximize the heel fit and comfort

S - Superior Cushioning
What I really looked before for a shoe is cushioning. I want that even after running a long run, I can still feel as if I'm stepping on cotton. I liked how light to my feet every step I made with this Energy Boost. It helped that the innovation on it  is centred on proprietary cushioning material,  BOOST™,  that  allows  the  runner  to  feel  a  continuous  energy  return.  

T - Temperature Independence
Especially on a hot climate like our country, it would really matter to have shoes that is temperature interdependence. I experienced for running 5-10K and the hot is already at its peak, the shoes is really absorbing the heat. In using Energy Boost, amidst it having black in color, I could not feel that boiling temperature on my feet.

I'm really happy that I was able to try this boost. I hope of buying my pair as soon as my size arrived. I hope the adidas staff will call me soon so I can already purchase it and really plan how to "boost" my performance. I'm now excited to go beyond my usual 5K/10K run and hopefully at least go with my first 21K soon. :)

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