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Image courtesy of Nokia Philippines

Undeniably, Dads are the biggest movers in our lives. They inspire us to stand on our own feet and teach us the value of respect, responsibility and determination. This Father’s Day, give your dad a new gadget that complements his greatness – the Nokia Lumia 920, a breakthrough smartphone with innovative and functional features. Every dad nowadays will truly love getting this present. Still not convinced why dads will love this phone? Here are some reasons to tell this is the perfect gadgets for your dad. daddy, papa, pops, tatay, itay, ama, etc.

The first Windows Phone to carry Nokia’s PureView imaging technology, and a pioneer of wireless charging and PureMotion HD+, Nokia Lumia 920 is sure to give your father the best mobile experience. Now he can easily treasure those magic moments with you or even with his apos already.

For the sentimental dads, capture special family moments with the Nokia Lumia 920. With its PureView technology – Optical Image Stabilisation and Carl Zeiss lens, you are sure to have bright, blur-free photos and videos in any light condition. Also, create perfect group photos with the Smart Shoot app. It allows you to choose the best pose and combine it with the best faces of each one in the picture.

Relive moments and view photos or videos with Nokia Lumia 920’s HD display. One of the best touchscreens ever seen on a smartphone, it makes all colors clear and vibrant, and has the highest sensitivity that responds to the fingertips even when it is covered up.

On-the-go dads can locate their out-of-town work destinations or easily plan the next family vacation with the help of Nokia Lumia 920’s HERE City Lens. Know what’s around you by simply holding up your phone. The HERE City Lens automatically overlays the best shops, restaurants and points of interest right on the smartphone’s display.

If your tatay is a go-getter and works long hours, he will love the revolutionary design of Nokia Lumia 920. Charge it up without plugging it in. Just put it on a wireless charger and you’re good to go. There are also several Nokia wireless chargers available to allow users to fully enjoy this unique feature.

Image courtesy of Nokia Philippines
The Nokia Lumia 920 is also packed with great apps that dads will surely enjoy. For dads whose kids use them as drivers, tease your kids to pay you up every time you drop them off at school or at their hangout place with Dad’s Taxi. This useful app records distance and its equivalent cost. But instead of cash payment, why not agree on a household chore for every peso in the meter. This is really one cool app that my tatay will also surely love.

Feed on dads’ inner bookworm with Amazon Kindle. With thousands of e-books available for download on the Nokia Lumia 920, dads can relax and read books practically anytime and anywhere.

Image courtesy of Nokia Philippines

And stay connected and talk in real-time with your dad wherever he may be on a business trip whether in the province with Skype. Especially on his special day, you can easily greet him through Skype’s free live chat or video calls. 

All of these innovative features of Nokia Lumia 920 were recognized by numerous award-giving bodies, including the Engadget Readers’ Choice Smartphone of the Year 2012.

The greatest man in your life truly deserves only the best, just like the most innovative smartphone that can keep up with his demanding lifestyle. The Nokia Lumia 920 is available in all Nokia Stores nationwide. It has an SRP of Php24,850. Surely, this is way too cheap to reward all the pieces of sacrifice did for you. What are you waiting for buy this now at your nearest Nokia Stores nationwide.

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