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Why would I swap for a Foton? WHY NOT!

Yes, you read it right. My answer is 2 words WHY NOT. Well, it does not end up there. It does have a deeper meaning. Let me show you some reasons why I would dare to swap my old car and Foton (put-on) my money on this car.

W - Wide space 
MPX ensures enough space and seats
Photo courtesy of foton.com.ph
Especially for us Filipinos, we love to bring our friends and family together on our car and even at that small time frame travelling we make quality time with them. With Foton, it would be now possible for everyone to have this luxury as this car maker especializes in creating cars with huge sizes. Now, it wouldn't be a problem anymore for an ordinary Juan to fit his family on a sedan if they Foton. Since it is large enough, Filipinos can also be environmetally friendly with this car as one can implement car pooling given the huge space it can accommodate. For most Filipinos, who also use their vehicle to generate income, Foton will also be a big plus with its size comes additional passenger it can bring to every route.   
H - Heavy-Duty
Thunder showing heavy-duty looks
Photo courtesy of foton.com.ph
In buying car, I invest a lot of my hard-earned saving to purchase one. In that sense, it will be important that investment like cars should be something that will last over time. It will be a sad to see that what you invested will just be put into waste if the car will usually break down or will easily not be of usage with its useful life. It will really be important to get a car that is heavy-duty.
Y - Yield Extra Income
LCV showing enough seats if you want to use it as UV Express business/school service
Photo courtesy of foton.com.ph
Foton can now claim the line "Di lang pampamilya, pang-negosyo pa". With the line of vehicles from Foton, if I would like to get a car that will also be used for business, then it will not be a problem. It's Passenger Vehicle line will have an array of variants that can fit the need whatever extra business you are thinking to be an additional usage for your car. The Thunder and Blizzard variant has a great pick-up design while their MP-X and View variants will be very usable for UV Express type of service or Bus Service. Juan like me should not be practical investment nowadays and should maximize the value of my investment. Foton will really be a good fit for this. 
N - Nimble
Blizzard staying true to its name
Photo courtesy of foton.com.ph
Cars are invented so that one can travel from place to place. Why would you settle for a car that has limited capacity or wouldn't get you up to speed. Good thing as I look on the specs of Foton it seems that I will not have this problem. With it's 2.8L CRDi engine, for sure my car will be able to leverage on our Skyway. It is even better than my old car right now which is running just on a 2.0L engine. I'm now excited to test drive this car and see how I can feel the blazing speed that even Usain Bolt will be amazed. 
- Outstanding (Not only in Cost but Quality as well)
MPX interior is really superb and good
Photo courtesy of foton.com.ph
Over-all. I can summarize that Foton is good company maker I can choose to replace my old car. Sometimes, we are just 'hyped' with brand names and that goes even with cars. I'm actually amazed with Foton to be another brand in the market which made me think to be a good choice to replace my old car, which is now causing me just additional expenses and drinking up gasoline with every ride. Aside from that, it also has the exterior and interior features that is present with the leading car makers in the market such as electronic mirrors, automatic dimming rear views, reverse sensor, remote control power windows, leather seats radio and CD player, Audio Input (good for connecting my iPod). You can even get Foton Smart Tracker or Smart Navi to make it really superb. On top of that, safety is also not left behind with this car, you can feel that you are really safe with its 3-point  seatbelts, dual airbags system and drum/disc brakes to name a few. If that does not convince you, you will also be impressed with how the car looks like. Who would think it is priced competitively. 
Foton Smart Solutions to even make your car digitally advanced
Photo courtesy of foton.com.ph
T - Trade-ins accepted! 
Trade-ins accepted
Photo courtesy of foton.com.ph
What is even good, I don't have to worry find a buyer for my old car. It is very convenient that Foton can accept trade in. Just imagine how hassle free it will be for me and other car owners to purchase a car without worrying how to dispose your old one. One should definitely take advantage of this offer during their Big show.

Click image to go to http://foton.com.ph
If I still don't convince you yet, then better Join Foton’s Big Show 2013′s Grand Launch at the World Trade Center on October 25 and witness the launching of the new Foton View Traveller, and also groove with the FOTON Dancing Wheel Loader, which is the first in the Philippines. Get a chance to trade-in your old vehicles from October 26 to 27 avail of BIG DISCOUNTS and BIG REWARDS when purchasing FOTON vehicles at the event. Receive amazing giveaways just for coming and you get even more when you test drive our passenger vehicles or attend our forums and trainings. No entrance fee!

I know I was able to convince you already. Here's a simple video I created to convince you more... Share this post with you family and friends (they can even register to test drive here  http://bit.ly/FotonContest) so they can also be convinced "Why Not" get a FOTON today. 

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