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Blogapalooza 2013 logo from When in Manila

One of my most memorable blogging event that I attended was the Blogapalooza years back. It was one of the events wherein a lot of bloggers like me was able to interact and find the businesses that would like to seek the help of bloggers to promote their products and at the same time also mingle and meet new bloggers during the event. I was so happy that they developed again the Blogapalooza event this year and was fortunate to be part again of this year's list.

When I arrived at the event, I was amazed as how they were able to put up the event. Fortunately, we have a lot of space this year for the different companies to set-up their booth for bloggers to visit. I was able to take a look at the different booths and what they can offer and how can us bloggers can help them.

When I arrived, the program is already starting at the main stage. There are stand up comedians who performed and the event was filled with laughter with their humor. There's also from Writer's Block who shared her experience and tips as a online publisher and how she is now earning. This gave a spark of inspiration especially to those who wanted to pursue a full time career online. She even left us with a nice quote "An idea is just a dream until you write it down, then it is a GOAL"

My favorite part of the talk was courtesy of Jason Cruz. He is a great speaker indeed and for new bloggers his talk would really be helpful. He gave his take on what are the things we should do to be successful in blogging and how we can "associate with a brand". Here are some of his tips for us; 1. Have a good company culture, 2. Be relevant on a day to day basis, 3. Expectation from blogger should be realistic. I really liked his talk as it really inspired me to be a better blogger and build a relationship with a business starting that day. :)

After Jason, the stage ignited further as Karen Bordador shared pieces of advice as well from her experience on online publishing. I was actually surprised that her bubbly attitude during the talk made the discussion light and engaging (On top that she is very nice to look at stage). Her talk was followed by the very famous DJs of Boys Night Out. They shared their new "Podcast" program and how social media emerged through these past few years.

After the talks from the different resource speakers, the different companies also were given a chance to showcase their company or their products. Staff from Chooks-To-Go, Mind Museum, Grab Taxi, PLDT Home, Smart, Wheatgrass, Hungry Juan, Gurkka.com, ZipMatch, Enjoy Philippines to name some.

At the middle of the show, audience were suddenly interrupted as some "groups" tried to hack the event. Well, good thing it is just a planned performance that turned into a mob dance. Really cool stuff.

During the event, the organizers also organized a donation drive for the victims of the recent Typhoon Haiyan that hit the country. They set-up some "Pink Piggy Banks" at the venue to encourage bloggers like me to share their small fortune to our brothers to help. The organizes also matches the donation of the bloggers that end up amounting to around 70 thousand pesos worth of donation which was then hand over to a representative from World Vision, who also shared her experience as she was stranded in Tacloban during that time. Here is the video of her narrating her experience during that time:

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