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MH Training Combine Activity Area

Last February 7, I attended the Men's Health Training Combine activity that was held at Chelsea Blue pitch in Makati. My dad and I arrived there at around 7 am and there are a lot of participants on the pitch. I did not know much to expect and I bet a lot of you might be wondering if it was really a good activity similar to the traditional fun run that a lot of Filipinos are getting into. Let me share my experience on it.

Before we started, we went to the registration area to claim our kits filled with great goodies and paid the registration fee of Php 700. The kit contains bib number, black shirt, finisher shirt, arm sleeves, towel, and Men's Health magazine. After we had our shirts and number on, we went already to the starting point and have some of my vital signs be recorded on my sheet, such as weight and body fat %.
One of the warm up exercises that my dad did
The starting point was some warm up exercises. Even if I was doing quite a number of exercise before the routine, I was quite challenged by the warm exercises that we did. After 5-10 minutes, we then proceeded to the different stations. On each stations, you are given 2 chances or trials as they may say to gauge your performance. The stations/challenges are as follows:

  • Vertical Jump - On this routine, you have to jump as high as you can within your position and the vertical height is being measured by a device.
  • Med Ball Pass - While kneeling, you just have to throw as far as you can a medicine ball and the distance will be measured.
  • 40-yard Dash - This is a normal sprint where you will run as fast as you can and your time will be recorded.
  • Figure of 8 - For this activity, you will have to pass through 2 cones on a figure 8. There are 2 trials here, where one will be measured if you are going through your left side and the other one on the right.
  • Shuttle Run - For the shuttle run, I initially thought that it was just like the 40-yard dash but it was so exhausting. After doing 5 rounds, I was out of air. Thanks that there are Gatorade stations nearby and also banana and egg given to participants.
Here's a copy of my assessment (not so good though):
My MH Training Combine Score Sheet

After doing all the challenges, you need to undergo several exercises to improve your scores on the different challenges. We were able to do some throw of medicine ball vertically and also some jumps with hurdles/ladder to improve our jump. It was too bad I have to go early so I wasn't able to finish and provide the other exercises we did.
Me and other participants doing the post exercises
Over-all, I had a great time on this MH Training Combine event. It was a new activity from the normal fun run or the annual Urbanathlon event that MH also sponsored. I was happy with this given the advent of body weight exercises that I'm also doing lately. I hope so on the next MH Training Combine, the organizers can be able to tailor-fit the post exercise routines the participants will take depending on the result on the different stations. It will also be good to know if the scores that we have is within the normal range or we need to improve and set goal on that. I hope it will not just be an annual event for Men's Health to organize. My dad and I hope to join the succeeding MH Training Combine event.

PS: Me and my dad has not been sponsored by Men's Health for this post. The bloggers of this post paid personally to join this event.

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