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iPhone 6s Rose Gold variant

The much anticipated launch of iPhone 6s is happening today in the Philippines. A lot of telcos and stores had their own promotion or grand launch of this event. I know a lot of Filipinos have been looking forward on this date and most probably some has put a mark on their calendar so they will not be able to miss the event. A lot of girls would definitely be drooling to have this phone because the iPhone 6s variant will be having the Rose Gold color, which is the latest variety from the iPhone line.

My sister has been so excited to have this phone being an iPhone lover she is and much more the Rose Gold will really complete her favorite color. If you will take a look at her room and all her personal items, you will never have any doubt that her favorite color is on the shade of pink, which the Rose Gold will be the best match. Very timely, her phone contract is about to end next month and she has been dropping us hints that we can give her as a gift this latest iPhone on her birthday this coming Saturday (November 7). I'm too hesitant to buy her this gift as for one it is quite pricey and not sure where I can buy it without to worry that I might be fooled or with questionable support/warranty.
iPhone 6s promo advertisement of Uber and Smart

Good thing, I was able to read an email from Uber and also saw a similar post on Smart Communications Facebook page about an exclusive promotion to purchase the latest iPhone 6s Rose Gold variant hours before others can get it from store. To be honest, I was really hesitant with the promotion even though I am an avid fan of both Uber and Smart. I even thought of just lining up on a store that offers similar promotion. It was bad timing though that I had late night meetings and I know going to that store might just end up not being able to purchase the highly coveted Rose Gold variant for my sister.

Luckily, I remember the promo of Uber and Smart. A few minutes before the clock strikes 12 midnight, I already have my Uber app open and kept on refreshing to see if there are already the pink cars on the map. It was already 30 minutes past 12 but still I can't see any pink cars. I almost thought that the promo is not true but suddenly I saw this!
Finally a pink car appeared on the map!

Alas, I saw the pink car and it is just less than  minutes from where I am earlier at BGC. I did not waste any time as I know a lot of other customers had been wide awake to find it. I was crossing my fingers as the "requesting" status is still showing up. Fortunately, I saw that I was accepted and a few minutes later representative from Smart gave me a call to confirm some details.

I waited for a few minutes on my location and across then suddenly I saw across the street the car that will bring me the phone. To my excitement, I crossed the road and the staff from Smart went out of the car to meet me. They shook my hand as if I won a grand prize and taking my pictures. They told me I'm the 1st ever customer to purchase in BGC area. They just reconfirmed my details and also the payment method. In less than 15 minutes, they already provided me the phone! Yey!
Me with the representatives from Smart Communications as they handed my the iPhone 6s phone + freebies

Well, it does not stop there. I was informed that I can truly pay it in 12 month with 0% interest. Yes, that is not a typo error, it really zero interest for 12 easy payments. If you think that's all, I saw that the phone comes with a free Smart Nano Sim so my sister will definitely not worry about buying a new SIM card (definitely she will switch now!). The next big surprise is that they gave me Php 2,000 worth of Rustan's Gift certificates! On top of that, I got an exclusive UBER t-shirt as well. Now, that is what you call a "promo" and "freebies".
iPhone 6s plus a LOT of freebies courtesy of Smart and Uber

I am really happy with my experience tonight. Imagine, I was able to purchase the most prized phone today in the Philippines without me going to the hassle of falling in line for hours and much more it was delivered to where I am. I even saw that for other customers, Jasmine Curtis and Kiefer Ravena/Alyssa Valdez delivered the phones personally. Too bad they are not in BGC but could not complain more as the Smart and Uber BGC team that delivered the phone compensated it with an AWESOME customer service. The entire experience was truly a cloud-9 experience that it motivated me to blog it right now. 

I do hope my ate will appreciate our gift for her 30th Birthday. If you are reading this, please do keep it as a secret for now. I told her a white lie earlier (as currently she is in Bataan for a medical mission) that the phone was already out of stock and next batch will be arriving next month, which she responded with this message:
message from my sister when I told her a white lie that I failed to buy her the phone so I can surprise her

I could not wait to see her reaction when we gave this gift to her on Saturday. I will update this post to show you her reaction. 

Perfect combination: iPhone 6s + Smart

Thanks once again Uber and Smart Communications! It was really an wonderful AMAZING experience. I was able to have a hassle free transaction and "Live More" by attending to my other personal priorities as well. Congrats once again and for that you earn brownie points from me!

PS: Just a wishful thinking, I know Jasmine is doing surprise to visit some lucky Smart subscriber (and sometimes give phone). What a joy will it be if she or any of Smart endorsers like Kiefer/Alyssa will be able to surprise on her 30th birthday personally. Well, it might be too hard but maybe video greeting this Saturday will do. Just a wishful thinking...

**Please be informed that this is NOT a paid post and the blogger is not any way connected with Uber or Smart. The iPhone 6s was purchased out of personal expense and this post is pure sharing of personal experience.

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