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You can really feel the summer heat today and nice that we can beat it with a cold refreshing drink like our favorite frappuccino. Oh well, with the high price of electricity you might need to cut out your favorite think like this. :(

Well no need to worry as on April 28-29, 2014 as Starbucks will have a treat for its customers. They will have 'Frappuccino Treat for Two' for their NEWEST blended beverage the Caramel Ribbon Crunch. If you haven't tried this flavor yet then this is your time to taste it. You can even now treat your date without putting a hole on your pocket. Avail of this special promotion from 2pm-5pm only at all Starbucks stores near you.

Mark it on your phone alarm or calendar so you won't forget it.

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I love watching war-themed movies or series/movies that involves the lead character to escape a prison cell or its enemy. I love the intensity and the adrenaline-rush it provides me as it shows how the plot unfolds even if I know if it just not real. :(

Well good news as Discovery Channel has a new series entitled MANHUNT with Joel Lambert. The show pits former U.S. Navy SEAL and escape and evasion expert Joel Lambert in a real-life, extreme version of hide-and-seek against some of the globe’s most elite military and law enforcement tracking units – the Philippines Army Scout Rangers, South Korean National Police (KNP) SWAT, Panama's anti-drug trafficking unit Servicio Nacional de Fronteras (SENAFRONT), Poland’s border guard, the Straz Graniczna, and more. The stakes are extraordinarily high as the seven-part original series puts Joel’s evasion and escape skills, and the readiness of these national hunter force agencies to the ultimate test.

To capture Joel, these highly trained tracking units can use any assets available to them in a real world manhunt, unlike Joel, who is provided with minimal supplies to survive – for anything else he needs, he must search for along the way. Armed with only a basic survival kit and his wits, Joel is dropped on location in the Philippines, South Korea, South Africa, United States, Poland and Panama with a head start. He then has up to 48 hours to reach a pre-determined extraction point that only he is aware of – while being pursued by a different hunter force agency each week as well as having to face treacherous terrains and deadly wildlife such as lions, leopards, rhinos and more – or risk being captured.

Last March 31, members of the media were invited on a special screening of this newest show of Discovery Channel. I was shocked to see the cinema with a number of Philippine Army Scout Ranges (don't worry they are not planning a coup attempt). The event was hosted by Rovilson Fernandez and he started the event by providing overview about the show. We are very privilege as Joel Lambert himself is on attendance and we were able to see the episode that was shot in the Philippines. Although, to be honest, it made me nervous as compared to other countries that Joel Lambert visited for the show, they have a lot of assets that they can use for tracking. I then thought if it has been wise decision that our Army Scout Rangers agree to take on the challenge. I don't want to spoil the episode but it was really a must-watch episode as I can feel my heart pumping faster as the show progressed and you will really be on your seat to know whether they can capture him or not.

MANHUNT WITH JOEL LAMBERT premieres on Monday, April 7 at 8:00 p.m. It also encores every Friday at 3:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m., Saturday at 5:00 p.m. and Sunday at 10:00 p.m. Here's the episode guide and be sure to mark it down on your calendar, most especially the episode shot in the Philippines on May 12. The big question, will our Philippines Army Scout Rangers capture Joel Lambert or will he put them on global shame? As per Joel Lambert, this episode is the hardest of all!

Episode Guide
Episode 1: Pre-Show, “Before the Chase” (April 7)
Kicking off the series is an inside look behind-the-scenes at MANHUNT, Discovery Channel's all-new action/survival series – and the dangerous conditions battled during production. Joel Lambert, an ex-Navy SEAL, takes on some of the world’s most specialised military and law enforcement tracking units, as he puts them to the tests and challenges them to try to physically capture him over a period of up to 48 hours. Shot in some of the most remote and exotic locations of the world, viewers meet each of the hunter forces and hear about the difficulties Joel experienced in trying to escape and evade each one. The making of the series proves just as challenging as severe injuries and near-death accidents plague the crew all while trying to capture this ultimate game of cat-and-mouse.   
Episode 2: South Africa, “Safari Survival” (April 14)
Joel is hunted across a private game reserve in South Africa as he faces off against one of the most specialised forces yet – the International Anti-Poaching Foundation (IAPF). With the reserve full of deadly animals such as lions, leopards, elephants, and rhinos, Joel must be hyperaware of both the hunter force behind him – and the dangerous game ahead. Comprised of ex-military and ex-poachers, the IAPF’s keen tracking skills allow them to spot even the faintest hint of Joel, without the aid of high tech assets. But when the IAPF finds a pride of lions on the prowl, the hunt changes to a life-and-death rescue mission to find Joel before he becomes a lion’s lunch.   
Episode 3: Poland, “Race to the Bridge” (April 21)
Joel has just 36 hours to escape and evade Poland’s elite border guard, the Straz Graniczna.  Over a distance of 25 kilometres, the border guard deploys all their assets, including thermal camera helicopters, all-terrain vehicles (ATV), motorcycles, tracking dogs and world class field units, in an attempt to intercept Joel before he reaches his extraction point. As the Straz Graniczna mobilises dozens of troops, Joel is forced to utilise all of his deception tactics – not to mention, make his way down a 20 metre cliff, and risk a daring truck ride – to attempt to save himself in this battle of Polish pride versus Joel’s rigorous training.
Episode 4: Panama, “Swim to Survive” (April 28)
Panama's elite anti-drug trafficking unit SENAFRONT has just 36 hours to track, hunt and capture Joel through the jungles of San Jose Island, situated close to 100 kilometres off the coast. Joel battles for his freedom through thick rainforest, rocky shorelines, and some surprising wildlife, while SENAFRONT unleash their full arsenal, using ATV patrols, boat units, and ground trackers to pressure Joel from all sides. But when Joel decides to use the natural terrain to conceal his trail, SENAFRONT turns the tables by using one of Joel’s signature moves against him.
Episode 5: Arizona, “Testing the Eagle” (May 5)
Joel faces off against the U.S. Army's Phantom Recon unit – a battle-tested group of trackers, supremely skilled in hunting down the most elusive of enemy targets. Their turf in southern Arizona is the harsh 75,000 acres of terrain surrounding Fort Huachuca military base, an area home to mountain lions and bears – and a much-favoured route of illegal immigrants and heavily armed drug smugglers trying to gain passage into the country. If Phantom Recon is not intimidating enough, Joel is also being monitored by a squadron of sophisticated unmanned aerial drones, whose cameras have locked in on his every move. With Joel pitted against both top-notch trackers and the latest aerial spyware, will his skills and endurance be enough to get him to a successful extraction before the “enemy” closes in? 
Episode 6: Philippines, “Escape the Jungle” (May 12)
Joel faces off against the Philippines Army Scout Rangers, with just 48 hours to escape the dense jungle. Over a distance of 25 kilometres, and with two trucks as their only assets, the Scout Rangers prove they are among the world’s best at jungle tracking as they utilise their unique skill set to stay hot on Joel’s trail. But the harsh heat and humidity of the Philippines jungle – and an unfortunately timed typhoon – push Joel, the hunter unit and crew to the brink.
Episode 7: South Korea, “Hiding in Plain Sight” (May 19)
Joel takes on the South Korean National Police (KNP) SWAT unit in a challenge like he has never faced before – an urban evasion. Situated on the heavily populated and highly trafficked tourist island of Jeju, Joel must alter his tactics to escape the KNP’s web of over 5,000 closed-circuit television cameras, in addition to their boat, air and mobile assets. Nothing is off-limits to Joel as he tries to avoid physical capture through the back alleys of the city. But when the pressure of the KNP becomes too much for Joel, he leads them out into the wilderness on a wild path of deception and near misses. 
Watch it and you will agree to my experience that this is really a must watch series!
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