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Presenting my Quatro Pasta ala Hotpot Style!

I have been thinking of what will be my personal recipe. I decided that my recipe should be something different yet still something that maximizes the flavor of the WeiWei Hotpot ingredients. When I think of WeiWei, I then thought of Variety,  Easy-to-Cook and definitely superb Taste! To have a different twist, I then decided to go away from "soup" style and decided to make a pasta since it is also one of my favorite food. I was inspired by Quatro Formaggi pizza so I thought of why not have my dish with a "quatro" style by incorporating different noodle flavor so anyone can mix and match it with the hotpot ingredients that comes with it. Here's my take on the dish:

Quatro Pasta Ala Hotpot Style
My main ingredient - WeiWei Hotpot Special
WeiWei Mushroom balls
- WeiWei Hotpot Special Pack
- 4 pcs. WeiWei Mushroom balls (diced)
- 4pcs. 50g. Fresh Noodles (Carrots, Ube, Spinach, Malunggay)
- Olive oil
- Soy sauce
- Oyster sauce
- Garlic
- Sugar
- White pepper
- Salt
My Quatro Fresh Noodles (L-R: Spinach, Carrots, Ube, Malunggay)
Optional ingredients for garnish:
- clear gelatin
- spicy peanuts (crushed)
Hotpot already cooked!
1. Using the same procedure with normal WeiWei hotpot cooking instruction, boil 1.5-2.0L of water.
2. Add the hot pot soup base included in the pack and also all the ingredients included on the pack for around 7 minutes.
3. Once the hotpot ingredients are cooked, remove the ingredients from the boiling soup base.
4. Cook the pasta one at a time on the same soup base for 1.5 minutes where the hotpot ingredients were cooked. This is done so that the flavor will be emulsified on the noodles as it being cooked. After 1.5 minutes, remove immediately the noodles and drain with running water to stop the noodles  from further cooking. Set aside the pasta.
5. Mix olive oil (4 tbsp.), soy sauce (4 tbsp.), oyster sauce (1 tbsp.), garlic (1 clove) on a small container. Add sugar, white pepper and salt to taste.
6. Saute the diced WeiWei Mushroom balls in olive oil until golden brown.
7. Add in the sauce mixture (see step 6) and 100 ml of soup base used earlier to cook the hotpot and noodles.
8. Continue mixing while the sauce started to simmer or until the sauce has been further reduced to half its volume.
9. Add in the pasta cooked earlier and mix with the sauce for around 2 minutes.
10. Serve the pasta together with the hotpot ingredients.

1. Get around 200 ml of the soup base and mix with a clear gelatin powder and bring the mixture to almost boiling point.
2. Transfer the gelatin and soup base mixture on a container and let it cool down for a few minutes.
3. Once the mixture has been cooled, you can put it into a freezer so it can solidify.
4. Once the gelatin mixture solidify, dice the mixture and put it as an alternative topping for the noodle dish.
5. You may also add in crushed spicy peanuts for added flavor and texture on the dish.
6. If you still have soup base broth, you can use it as a coulis for the dish for added flavor and appearance.

Final product pictures:
My finished product

My finished product

My finished product

My finished product

My finished product

My finished product

My finished product

My finished product

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Wei Wei Hotpot Special Pack

A few weeks ago, I was able to share to you about Wei Wei (see my post here). I was given the privilege to try out their product and experience myself at my home if I can also replicate the same hotpot goodness I enjoy on restaurants at the comfort of my home.
Wei Wei Hotpot Special contents

I was given a single pack of their Hotpot Special set containing 1 pound of imported freshly frozen ingredients. The pack contains variety of different hotpot ingredients and also a soup base. Thus, no need to have a stock and wait for a long time to have a soup base to complete the experience.

Here's the video on how to easily cook using the Wei Wei Hotpot special:

Part 1:

Part 2:

After only a few minutes, (abracadabra) I was able to produce vibrant looking hotpot special. I had to share it with my family and they enjoy munching every single one of it. It is also a fun activity on trying out single one of them and amazed at how each one has their distinct flavor. Any person will definitely find their favorite one from all of the choices. 

My Wei Wei Hotpot End Product!

My Verdict
Definitely HOT! I can definitely say that I will recommend this Wei Wei hotpot. It is very flavorful at the same time very easy to cook. Even novice cook or chef-wannabe can start from this hotpot dish. Just drop and pop in your mouth the end product.

I'm so excited to already experiment on my own take with the hotpot special. I will upload soon my recipe and end product for you to enjoy. Watch it out on my blog. 
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