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Meme showing usual scenario when you forgot to book your hotel early
Have you ever experienced that you want to have a last-minute staycation with your friends or family? Or perhaps, suddenly you need to travel immediately on a location? Or you are just like me who usually failed or book at the last minute for accommodation?
HotelQuickly app logo!
I bet one of the major problem you are encountering is where to stay? As they usually say, the rates go up as the date of your need came close. It is either you end up paying higher amount or worse end up with a crappy accommodation that will just leave you a traumatic experience.
Image screencap from HotelQuickly website

Well, good news as I was able to visit an interesting booth during the Blogapalooza event. It was called HotelQuickly

What is HotelQuickly?
What is HotelQuickly?
In a nutshell, it is a mobile application that provides last-minute booking a breeze with the lowest prices on the best hotels. You can book at most 7 days before your actual stay. You might be doubting just like me with this promise as I also had mine when the representative was explaining with me what their application is. I tried checking it myself to see if it is truly great.
Surprising but real
In summary, my experience can be described with the acronym QUICKLY, which stands for:

Q - Quality hotels
U - User Experience is great!
I - International hotels
C - Cheap rates without sacrificing quality
K - Kind 24/7 support  
L - Local destinations available 
Y - You will earn

Quality hotels
Upon downloading, I registered to the app via my Facebook account. I immediately tried to check the hotels that they have on their apps. I was hesitant initially that they might be only providing low-quality hotels that's why they can promise lower rates. Surprisingly it is not! As I was browsing for hotels in Makati, Philippines, the hotels that it provides are Makati Diamond Hotel, Astoria Greenbelt, Dusit Thani Manila. 
Some of the great hotels that you can book with HotelQuickly 

User Experience is great!
As I was trying out their application, I was amazed that it was neat and easy to follow. I am happy that it can also integrate with your Facebook account to register reducing the time needed to be able to enter. The application had a simple graphics and you can see which country you want to search for hotels. It can also check your location so it can provide a location based search of hotels nearby your location. Even a kid can book with the user interface they created.
What's in it for you when you register?

International hotels
If you are thinking that HotelQuickly is only for PH market. Well, you are wrong because you search hotels from 15 different countries around the globe. Here's the list of countries you can search for great deals:
International destination where you can book hotels via HotelQuickly app

Cheap Rates without sacrificing quality

I checked a sample hotel that is being offered in HotelQuickly and compared it to a known website for booking hotels at affordable rates. I was able to prove that HotelQuickly can save you a whopping PHP 1,719.02!
Cost comparison of HotelQuickly rate vs Known booking website rate

24/7 Chat support at your service

Kind 24/7 Support
In case you will encounter any issues or just have a simple inquiry, HotelQuickly comes with a 24/7 support for its users. You can contact them and great customer service during my interaction with them.

Local Destinations available
If you want to explore our beautiful country, HotelQuickly is a great app. It is not only limited to Metro Manila but it also offers rates to other destinations especially those which have great tourist spots to explore. I think this is a great feature and definitely boost and encourage a normal Juan to further see the beauty of our country. Here's a list of the local destinations where HotelQuickly has offerings:
Hotel Quickly PH destinations 
You can Earn
Once you have an account with HotelQuickly, you can even earn free nights on your next local destination. Just by simple inviting your friend to join, you already earn PHP 40.00 and even earn PHP 600 when they book a hotel. You can share it also on Facebook/Twitter once a month to earn 1 USD or with your contact (one-time) and earn PHP 200. Now, that is a great way to further enjoy this app. Your friend doesn't even have to book yet and you already earn. As of this writing, the top inviter in the PH is at #6 worldwide with 166 people invited and earning of PHP 21,190.22!  If you want get the PHP 600 credit, you can use my HotelQuickly promo code DCOVAR.
HotelQuickly promo code - DCOVAR

Over-all I was pretty impressed with this new application. I think this will really fit my personality who is always cramming on my trip to get a great accommodation and yet on a tight budget. I know a lot of fellow Filipinos will benefit and will have a less worry on their next travel. Kahitanoito.com definitely recommends this app!

Don't be stupid - Download HotelQuickly now! Kahitanoito.com approved!
What are you waiting for? Download it now on your Android or Apple device! Let me know your experience as well when booking your next trip with HotelQuickly! You may visit their Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram for more updates.


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