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Are you artistic or love have a hidden talent in designing things? You might want to look at this new contest from our favorite brand, Giordano. It is similar to their last year 20th Anniversary contest but now their theme will revolve on "World Without Strangers". There will over-all 15 winners for this contest, where the top 7 designs will be featured in an upcoming Giordano collection. Please see the contest mechanics below:
Poster of Giordano Typography Tee Design Contest (Click to enlarge)
Giordano Typography Tee Design Contest Mechanics
  • Theme: World Without Strangers
  • Submission of designs: March 21, 2011 to June 30, 2011
  • Announcement of Winners: July 31, 2011
  • Top 15 Tee Design Exhibit: Date to be Announced
1. The Giordano Typography Tee Design Contest is open to all Filipino men and women age 15 and above. Designs must revolve around the theme: “World Without Strangers” adapted to men’s or women’s style or unisex orientation. Designs should strictly be a Statement Tee or a Typographic Tee or a combination of both.  Body colour of the shirt may vary but the design itself should be limited to a maximum of 5 colors. The submitted designs must be original, not previously released or used by any other entity.

2. Submitted designs must be done in electronic format either by Adobe Photoshop or Macromedia Freehand format.

3. Contestant must sign the waiver [you may view here]together with the entry design. By signing the waiver, the contestant agrees to the Terms and Conditions of the contest, governing rights and procedures. Waivers are available in all Giordano stores nationwide and on the Giordano Philippines Official Facebook Page.

5. A contestant can submit up to a maximum of three (3) designs. The contestant can opt to submit his or her designs in two ways:
  • a. Submit in any Giordano store nationwide
  • b. Mail entries to 
    • Giordano Marketing Dept.
    • 170 F. Blumentritt corner Gen. San Luis,
    • Brgy. Tibagan, San Juan City
  • All entries must be placed in one short brown envelope:
    • 2 Colored Print Outs of the design
    • 1 cd containing a soft copy of the design (psd, ai, freehand)
    • 1 Photocopy of a valid ID with signature, and birthday
    • Signed waiver
Incomplete entries shall be considered not valid. Deadline of submissions is on June 30, 2011

6. Criteria for Judging
  • In Choosing the Top 15 Finalist:
    • Originality 50%
    • Creativity/Execution 25%
    • Relevance to theme 25% 
    • Total 100%
  • In Choosing the Top 7 Winners:
    • Originality 40%
    • Creativity/Execution 25%
    • Relevance to theme 25% 
    • Facebook Popularity (the most likes) 10%
    • Total 100%
7. From all entries, Giordano Philippines and the participating judges shall narrow the selection to eight (8) semi-finalists and to the top seven (7) finalists. 
  • 7 Major prizes for the top seven finalists of Php 25,000 Cash plus Php 5,000 worth of Gift Certificates 
  • 8 Consolation Prizes for the semi-finalists of Php 10,000 Cash plus Php 5,000 worth Gift Certificates

Top 7 winning designs will be featured in an upcoming Giordano collection. Winners will be contacted as to when the winning designs will be launched in the stores.

T.F.B Incorporated/Giordano Philippines shall shoulder the 20% Tax for prizes exceeding P 10,000.00. The gift certificates are transferrable but not convertible to cash.

8. Announcement of winners will be on July 31, 2011 through the Giordano Philippines Official Facebook Page and major newspapers. Winners shall be notified through registered mail and telephone.

9. Prizes not claimed within 60 days shall be forfeited. Redemption Center for GMA winners will be at 170 F. Blumentritt corner Gen San Luis St. Brgy. Tibagan, San Juan City. For Provincial Winners, redemption shall be arranged for depending on the nearest Giordano Store. Winners may claim their prizes upon presentation of a valid ID and the registered mail notice.

10. Employees and their relatives up to second degree of affinity are disqualified from joining the contest.

My POV: Why you should join this contest?
  • It's easy to do
  • No purchase necessary
  • Long lead time to prepare
  • Great prizes to win with a lot of winners
Hurry! What are you waiting for? Start squeezing your creative juices and join this awesome contest from Giordano and you might not know your t-shirt design will be sold in Giordano stores soon. 

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World Water Day logo
Normally we think the month of March is just about the month of Graduation, summer season and fire prevention month. Ironically, we might not be aware, that we also celebrate the World Water Day during this month. Today, March 22, actually marks the 19th year of this celebration and one of the key focus is on the importance of freshwater and advocating the sustainable management of freshwater resources.

Drinking eight glasses of water regularly remains a challenge for many of us today. Although health professionals have been repeatedly emphasizing the importance of this practice, the preference for other beverages like flavored juices or carbonated drinks continues to grow at unprecedented levels.

Unknown to many, there are so many advantages that come with drinking pure, clean water everyday. In celebration of World Water Day this month, people around the world are being called to spread the good news on the benefits of drinking water and the importance of preserving  sources of potable water all over the world.

The World Water Day is a global movement that started in 1992 after a recommendation at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) was made to designate an international day to celebrate freshwater.   The United Nations General Assembly responded by designating March 22, 1993 as the first World Water Day and has since then being celebrated on the same day each year. Every year, the global celebration has managed to widely promote the importance of the sustainable management of freshwater resources and improve water situation in different parts of the world. See the complete general information on World Water Day on this document.

This year, Tupperware, a global brand and one of the most avid supporters of the World Water Day worldwide, once again affirms its commitment in instilling the value of freshwater to the public. As one of the world’s most trusted brands, Tupperware has always been committed to creating smart product solutions that promote sustainable management of water around the world.

In celebration of World Water Day,  Tupperware shares important information on why we all should get into the habit of drinking pure, clean water using Tupperware Water Solutions, a range of water bottles and containers that are durable, high-quality, and eco-friendly.  
Tupperware Eco Bottle

  • Boosts health. By carrying a Tupperware Water Solution with you all day, you will be reminded to drink the minimum 64oz or 2L of water required daily. Proper hydration helps regulate body temperature and eliminate toxins. Drinking water regularly also helps decrease appetite, burns fat more efficiently while helping maintain stamina and reduces fatigue. What’s more, drinking water everyday allows body cells to better use valuable nutrients and minerals.
  • Saves time and space. Using a Tupperware Water Solution helps save space   otherwise used for storing disposable bottles. Moreover, it helps conserve time and energy spent for shopping and transporting disposable bottles.
  • Saves money. Using Tupperware Water Solution is considerably less expensive than purchasing bottled water every day. You can save up to P20,000 per year simply by drinking the recommended eight glasses of water a day using a Tupperware Water Solution product filled with clean drinking water, instead of bottled water
  • Helps save the environment. Using Tupperware Water Solution is a great way to help protect the environment. It helps prevent billions of disposable bottles from ending up in landfills where they will take an estimated 1,000 years to biodegrade. This also saves billions of barrels of oil used per year in the manufacture and transport of disposable bottles for global consumption. Furthermore, opting to use Tupperware products lowers energy consumption and prevents emission of millions of tons of carbon dioxide created during manufacture of bottled water from increasing the world’s “Greenhouse Effect.”

Tupperware 2L Fridgemates Water Bottle

To help the public get into the habit of drinking water, Tupperware introduces the Eco Water Bottle, reusable, durable and ergonomically designed drinking bottle that provides a sustainable and economical water solution while promoting a healthy lifestyle. Made from safe, non-toxic material, the Eco Water Bottle can be continuously refilled, minimizing the need for disposable bottles. Whether at home or on the go, its 2L capacity assures you achieve your daily recommended water intake by consuming the contents of 1 Eco Bottle, plus a refill of it. It also conveniently fits in backpacks and gym bags, so you can drink water anytime, anywhere.

Tupperware Beverage Bottle
Aside from the Eco Water Bottle, other Tupperware Water Solution products include the Giant Tumblers and the Beverage Buddy, which are perfect water carriers for picnics and other outdoor gatherings; the Tupperware Beverage Bottle, which features a removable bottom cap that can be used as a drinking cup and with a flip-top seal that ensures hygienic use; and the Fridgemates 2L Water Fridge Bottle which helps ensure that you and your family get clean drinking water all the time.

Start the habit of drinking water today and discover how you can improve your health while doing your share of preserving water resources to protect the earth.

I personally believe we should all act and save the water resources that we currently have. We are the steward of this planet and it is our responsibility to make good use of the resources nature has provided to us and protect it for the generations to come. We should start in our own little ways to save water and at the same time nourish ourselves with the nutrients it can provide our body. With Tupperware at hand, one will have an efficient way to conserve water (at the same time energy) and enjoy nature's gift to mankind.

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Image showing the epicenter of the earthquake today via inquirer.net a few minutes after it was felt.
It was 6:37 PM today when Filipinos across the metropolis felt that big shake. A few minutes later it was confirmed that a 5.7 magnitude was recorded in the Richter scale. I personally did not felt it as I was outside the office taking my early dinner but unfortunately my officemates was alarmed and frightened of the situation. Filipinos was still fortunate about the situation that we did not faced the same circumstance as Japan where thousands are confirmed casualties of the unfortunate forces of nature. 

Earthquake news released in the net in less than an hour
In light of the situation, Filipinos was still able to communicate via social networking sites like twitter, Facebook and via blog sites to share their experience and educate other people from other parts of the world of the situation. It then sparked an idea on my head that we can leverage technology on such times of crisis not only for information dissemination but also as an opportunity for us to reach help. The earthquake fortunately was not as destructive as of Japan but if it was then we would need a reliable tool that can still let us be connected to such technology anywhere and anytime...like broadband technology.

Broadband technology has been a promising and widely used wireless connectivity tool all over the globe, especially in our country. It might be famous for corporate people who needs to be always connected for their work related matters or for individual who just wants to be connected to the internet. I just think we can use broadband technology in the future in times of disaster or calamities that could come our way. Here are some of the ways it can be of great help for us:
  • Emergency response  - In times of such earthquake, phone lines and DSL connection might be down due to infrastructure that has been destroyed. In such cases, we can rely on broadband connection to get connected in the internet and possibly connect to emergency response unit on your area.
  • Information Dissemination - Such times we need to be informed right away of this natural calamities. We need to know if there could be a possible tsunami on the way to your area. We should utilize the technology around us to inform others about the situation. I personally found it useful to be informed about the earthquake that happened earlier because of it but having a broadband connection on the go will enable you to share data ahead of time
  • Share and Help - Social media has been an instrumental to also reach out and help our fellow brothers from any parts of the world who are in need. Time is of the essence and we should act quickly to provide necessary help in our own little ways. One can set-up while on the road a directory of centers (e.g. Red Cross, DSWD, etc.) who can provide shelter affected by the community. NGOs and volunteers can also use wireless connectivity via broadband technology to share the venue and schedule of relief operations where one can volunteer into. We might be faced with catastrophes but we should never be down but instead look at it as an opportunity to be an enable of help to others. I personally have been able to help after the typhoon Ondoy and devote time packing relief goods that will be delivered to the affected families. I was able to know about it because of the information on the internet while on-the-go. I might not have provided monetary help but the effort in ensuring we have goods to deliver has for sure help give hope to our fellow brothers.
Me helping at the relief operations for Ondoy victims
I know we must not panic but at the same time we should always be prepared. In line with this, we should invest in ensuring we have such tool to be connected anywhere and anytime if such forces of nature will strike us. If planning for a broadband connection, you should go already for a tried and tested to be reliant even in such times of disaster, like Smart Bro. I think it is the best time for you to invest on having their 2 amazing SMART BRO Unlimited Home Broadband Plan 999 or 1995 depending on your needs. You will not only get a stable signal and consistent surf speed with Smart Bro but also the following features (see the video below as well):

  • Free All-in-One Printer - Another tool that can help you print directories of people to contact in times of crisis, labels for your first-aid kits and other relevant information in times of crisis.
  • Free Calls & Texts with SMART Gold Lite Plan 300 for 6 months subscription - We might not have enough time to boot our laptops in times of help but with such alternative tool to call out for help or at least send message to your loved ones that you are safe can be extremely valuable.
  • Free 1 month broadband subscription - Money is of the essence in times of difficulty. Having such free subscription for just a month will already ensure of extra security to be connected without already hitting my wallet.
The Smart BRO Unlimited Home Broadband Promo has started last March 4, 2011 and will run until June 4, 2011. Don't miss out this opportunity as the offer may not happen again so you have to grab the opportunity now. It is better to be prepared especially with all the things happening around us. If you have further inquiries about the promo, you may visit the nearest SMART Wireless Center or any SMART BRO accredited agents. The promo is per DTI-NCR Permit No. 1871, Series of 2011.

Per DTI-NCR Permit No. 1871, Series of 2011
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A glimpse of an outstanding finale from the Philippines! Proud to be a Filipino
It is the last week of the 2nd Pyro Musical Competition last Saturday (March 12, 2011) at the SM Mall of Asia. I'm very excited to attend the last night of the competition because it is when the judges will announce the winner after the 5 weeks of magical show on air. I wasn't able to cover Week 1 and Week 3 but I have my favorites as well.

Australia presentation started while on my way to MOA :(
I left Makati at around 5PM as per my experience it has been quite hard to commute going to SM MOA whenever there is a Pyro Musical competition. I thought I will be early this week at the venue since I left early and at the same time there has been a tsunami scare the night before (I do pray for the victims of the Japan earthquake and tsunami). I even tried to check on alternative route just to be at the venue early ... but my plans did not succeed. I am still at Buendia cor Chino Roces Ave. and the vehicles is already at a stand still. Normally, you can reach Buendia LRT station in around 20 minutes or less but that night it took me more than an hour. The problem does not only stop there as when I reach Buendia station to find the mini-jeep going to MOA, it is full. Actually, the street is full of people looking for a ride going to MOA. Good thing luck is still on my side as I'm walking past a passenger van going to MOA, one of the passengers went out so I was able to get her seat.

Great fireballs from AU!
The entire Roxas Boulevard is still congested with a lot of vehicles going to MOA that night. I am really depressed that it is already past 7pm and I'm still far from MOA. I am already in the corner near the Toyota branch near MOA and Heritage Hotel when I the fireworks display of Australia already started. People commuting drop off from and started walking to witness the great fireworks. I have no choice but to also walk since the street is full of people as if it is EDSA revolution once again. I am actually impressed with the presentation of Australia. Too bad I wasn't able to hear the music played with their fireworks but according to my father who is already at the venue, the choice of music was also great. I like Australia's fireworks which appear to be small at first then fade and suddenly will burst like a big ball of fireworks. The fireworks look gigantic and it is of different variety. Their presentation was quite long that I was able to reach SM MOA already when their presentation ended.
A snapshot of MOA's crowd that night
The winners was then announced minutes after I arrived at the venue. I am very excited to hear if my bet, which I think you know from my earlier blog post, make it to the top 3. Here are the winners:

  • Champion: CHINA (Liuyang Jinsheng Fireworks, Co.)
  • 1st Runner Up: UNITED KINGDOM (Jubilee Fireworks)
  • 2nd Runner Up: JAPAN (Tamaya Kitahara Fireworks, Co.)
I actually would have thought Japan is better than UK but none the less I think they both deserve to win. I also thought Australia can be able to make it to the top 3. I personally haven't witnessed China's performance but I heard it was really good. Too bad I miss their presentation.

One of the things that excites me to watch this week's Pyro Musical competition is the presentation of our country, Philippines. I do not know if we have the same capability already to compete with the performances of other participating countries for the event. I am having thoughts on my mind of the possible music that they will use. The audience is also very eager to watch the performance and some even wave or hold a Philippine flag to support Platinum Fireworks presentation.

Great opening bang from PH
The moment that all we've been waiting for started. My heart is pumping very fast the second they started their first fireworks. I was really surprised with the opening salvo when they have their fireworks rocketing in the air not only in front of us but also from left and right of our place. They were able to utilize the "foot bridge" of MOA to further light up the sky and amaze the entire crowd. The presentation was so good that I'm smiling all throughout their presentation while taking pictures of their magnificent display. I also love their song choices as they ensure it is something that people can relate and at the same time build momentum of the highlights of their presentation. One of the favorite song of Filipinos on that presentation is Katy Pery's Fireworks, where the crowd even sang while watching the great display. I love the dynamics of the fireworks as it is synchronized with the beat of the music. The presentation was also very long that it made my long walk to MOA really worthy. I must say that if only Philippines was included in the competition, they will definitely have a place in the top 3 (not being biased). :)

I will really miss the Pyro Musical event every Saturday night. I really enjoyed my first year covering this event and hopefully I can be able to cover it again next year. I just do hope I will be able to see all the presentation of the participating countries. I would like to thank SM Mall of Asia, Christian and most especially Melo for the invite every Saturday. I truly appreciate the opportunity given to witness this event. See you again on the 3rd Pyro Musical competition. :)

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Image courtesy of Adidas Philippines
Today, international sporting goods manufacturer adidas unveil its latest global brand campaign. This is the first time that the company has created a campaign leveraging the adidas Sport Performance, adidas Originals and adidas Sport Style sub-brands, ensuring that it is the most diverse and all-encompassing glimpse into the brand ever.

When you love your game, whatever the game, you put your all into it. This is what brand ambassadors from football stars Lionel Messi and David Beckham to NBA star Derrick Rose and pop icon Katy Perry to the adidas skateboarding team and many more have shown. Basically, the campaign showcases adidas’ distinctive presence across and into different sports, cultures and lifestyles fusing the worlds of sport, music and fashion.

"all adidas’ is the biggest campaign we have ever executed. Its creative concept brings together the diversity of the brand under one strong roof. From the court to the catwalk, the stadium to the street, we are giving an authentic statement with credibility only adidas has.” explains Erich Stamminger, member of the Executive Board responsible for Global Brands. “In the past ten years we have successfully extended the adidas brand into three powerful sub-brands with adidas Sport Performance, adidas Originals and adidas Sport Style. Now we are proud to be able to show the breadth and depth of the adidas brand in one global brand campaign.”

“This campaign captures the very essence of adidas. The all-embracing passion for the love of the game is the connection we have with our consumers. As an athlete, you go ‘all in’ to surpass your limits. As an artiste, you go ‘all in’ to break new ground. As a fan, you go ‘all in’ to support your favourite team. And as a brand, we go ‘all in’ to support you in what you love,” said Marcus Chew, adidas Senior Manager, Brand Communications and Sports Marketing, Area SEA.

The “all adidas” campaign takes place throughout 2011 in a mix of environments from sport to music, lifestyle to fashion with different elements rolling out over the year. There’s definitely more to come, watch out for more details that will be posted on http://www.facebook.com/adidasPhilippines.

As an athlete, you go ‘all in’ to surpass your limits. 
As an artiste, you go ‘all in’ to break new ground. 
As a fan, you go ‘all in’ to support your favourite team. 
And as a brand, adidas goes  ‘all in’ to support you in what you love.

I personally like the new campaign of Adidas being "all in". I'm a big fan of this brand and its nice to see how they came up with their newest campaign. I love how they were able to feature adidas as a brand not only for sports but for all condition, may it be just for recreation, party or a simple attire that can really make you stand out from the rest and yet be comfortable so you can all in to pursue what you desire.

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