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I saw the blog post from Globe about their latest contest to prove why Greatness starts @ home. I then realized that nothing feels better than to be at the comfort of your home. This is the safest place you can be with and comfortable to express what you feel and show who you really are. Our home has been a pivotal venue and transformed me to the person I am now. What's at home that molds me at home? It's simple...my parents.

My family taught me the great values and most importantly the worth of education. I grew up not on a silver platter but my parents both work hard to ensure that we have the best education. As early as my pre-school years, they already informed me that I need to value my education as this is the only thing that they can left with us given we don't have great sum of money. They worked hard and night and my parents even had to do "sidelines" at their work just to earn extra money. Amidst being busy with work and worries about how to earn additional money for the family, they still ensure they have time with us when they are at home. They even spend sleepless nights as well especially when they help train us for contests or during quarterly exams. I realized at an early age that I really have to make my part to show I appreciate their efforts by ensuring that I give them good grades at school. As much as possible, I really strive to be at the top to be able to get discounts on my tuition or if possible no fee at all. 
My picture during Graduation day!
During my college year, my parents faced a great trial when their company closed down for business during the recession. I know then that they are afraid how they can still support my education. Fortunately, I was able to get a scholarship at one of the best universities in the country. I can see from their eyes then when I told them during our simple dinner at home about this great news. I really put a lot of effort to ensure I can make it good at school  so I can make my parents happy. 

During the end of my last term in college, my parents are so excited to hear that I'm graduating. They know how dedicated I am at school that they expected that I have honors during graduation. However, I told them  that I wasn't able to make the cut for honors. My nanay initially was so sad to hear about it seeing all my efforts but at the end she is happy together with my tatay to hear that I will still be able to graduate from a prestigious university with all their efforts as well. During the graduation day itself, they were so surprised that aside from seeing their son receiving a diploma I was even awarded with Latin Honors and a special award for community development. I saw the tears from my nanay at that time upon pinning my award and surprise that they never expected. I really did it intentionally as my early Christmas gift for them for all the efforts. 
Me with my family during our recent trip at Korea
Now, that I'm working we still stay together at our home and spend time together talking about what happened with us. Although I might be spending late hours at home or outside of the country due to business travels, I still found happiness with staying at home with my family. Simply proving that "greatness starts @home".
Greatness Starts @Home via http://tattoo.globe.com.ph
*This is my entry for the Greatness Starts @Home promo of Globe.
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I'm proud to be a Nuffnanger and I'm really happy to hear that they're celebrating their 5th birthday / anniversary. They have been very monumental with my career in blogging and I want to celebrate it with them. Here's are some of my pictures and pictures with my Nuffnang:

Lastly, I would like to thank the following sponsors (Churp Churp, Fitness Punch Out, Borough, and Jack TV) of the upcoming event for making Nuffnang's 5th Birthday possible!
Nuffnang's 5th Birthday Sponsors

Hope to be part of the list!!! :)
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Cupcakes from Max's Corner Bakery
Inspired by the Filipino’s remarkably sweet and thoughtful nature, Max’s Corner Bakery ingeniously launched its most romantic line of desserts, a wide variety of indulgent and heart-warming delights for the season of hearts. 
Photo courtesy of Max's Corner Bakery
To make the celebration even more memorable, Max’s Restaurant is inviting couples and family members to spend sweet, unforgettable moments with their loved ones on Heart’s Day. Sweet conversations can be best enjoyed while sharing their favorite meals, like Max’s sarap-to-the-bones Fried Chicken, and classic Filipino dishes Sinigang, Crispy Pata and Kare-Kare. As a heart-warming gift from Max’s, diners will receive a box of melt-in-your-mouth pastry bites  by Max’s Corner Bakery for a minimum spend of PhP 1,500 from February 10 to 14. Taking the excitement to the hilt, Max’s Corner Bakery’s best-selling delights have also taken on a new form. All of its scrumptious cakes will be heart-shaped in time for the season! Customers can surprise their loved ones with Max’s Corner Bakery’s Heart-Shaped Cakes as a sweet token of their affection. Other sweet Valentine gift suggestions are available at selected Max’s Restaurants nationwide from February 1 – 29. Time to troop to Max’s for a memorable Valentine celebration!
Photo courtesy of Max's Corner Bakery
For news that will melt your heart, log on to www.maxschicken.com or visit Max’s Restaurant Facebook fan page. Click on www.facebook.com/maxscornerbakery to sign up for Max’s Corner Bakery’s fan page.

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Want a lovely date without "sparing" a lot of money this season of love? Good news for us as Reyes Barbecue recently launched a new crave-worthy product  – Barbecue Spareribs – a hefty chunk of pork ribs marinated in Reyes Barbecue’s secret sauce and generously basted while being grilled to juicy perfection!
*Image courtesy of Reyes Barbecue
It is already a complete meal for our date as it is served in the traditional Reyes style with two Java Rice, two Peanut Sauce, and two tangy Atchara, the new product also comes with two glasses of Ice Tea – a complete, filling meal for two, for only P320!

“Filipinos love eating grilled pork because of its juiciness and tastiness, so we developed a product for grilled pork lovers that we believe would make their eating experience enjoyable! In addition, we took this one step further by packaging our new product as a meal for two to share – complete with drinks!”  statement coming from Mr. Frank Reyes, Reyes Barbecue Founder.

Enjoy Reyes Barbecue’s new product this coming Valentine’s Day or any day you are celebrating anything with friends, officemates, family and loved ones. It’s the perfect meal to share! For groups – enjoy the Barbecue Spareribs even more with Reyes Barbecue’s new Molo Soup, Noodle Bilao Platters (Pansit Canton, Spaghetti, Garlic Sotanghon) and Choco Merengue for dessert.

Check out the new Barbecue Spareribs in the following participating Reyes Barbecue stores: SM Mall of Asia, SM Bicutan, SM Marikina, SM Las Pinas, SM Bacoor, SM Marilao, SM Supercenter Pasig, SM Baliwag, SM Pampanga, SM Clark, SM Tarlac, SM Naga, SM Lucena, Alabang Town Center Foodcourt, Emerald Mansion Ortigas Center, UP Ayala TechnoHub, Nuvali Evozone, Pavilion Mall Sta Rosa, Shangri La Plaza Foodcourt, Robinsons Galleria, Venice Piazza McKinley Hill The Fort, Waltermart Makati, 168 Mall Foodcourt, 168 Mall 5F Phase 5, Cash& Carry Mall Foodcourt, Pacific Star Building Foodcourt, Puregold Shaw Foodcourt , Divisoria Mall Foodcourt. 

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Empower is a verb which means to give power or authority to. It can also mean to enable or permit. In all these definition, what then empowers a man?
Bench Empower Show! Pre-Event Pic
Last Saturday, kahitanoito was cordially invited on the BenchTM Empower show/event at SM Mall of Asia Atrium. When I arrived at the venue, the entire atrium is full of crowd that I could hardly fit to enter the registration area. Thankfully I was able to make my way with the flood of spectators at the venue. I felt so honored to be seated together with other known media people but more importantly few inches away from the man himself of Bench, Mr. Ben Chan. I was just too shy though to ask for picture with him. 
The man behind Bench just a few inches away from me
After a few minutes of arriving at the venue, the show already started. The show was hosted by the famous Grace Lee, whom is quite famous recently after the PNoy's confirmation that he is dating with her. However going back to the show itself, the eager crowd is very excited what Bench has prepared to its loyal customers. A lot of fans of Mr. Dingdong Dantes is also around to support as he is the main star of the show. Grace didn't stayed much as she knew that the crowd wants to start the sizzling show.
DJ Grace Lee hosting the event!
As soon as the first model went out on the runway, the crowd already started to feel the temperature rising. The models showcased some of the great men's clothing line of Bench. I like the collection that was worn by the models that day. I will love to wear them myself especially those casual clothes. The girls on the crowd though cannot stop from cheering the guys as they model around and as time passes by, the mercury is expanding fast with the stage getting hot with all the models going out. Hope I can have such physique in the future. :)
1st Batch of Bench models\

2nd Batch of Bench models\

The crowd gets more excited as the models go out of the stage one more time and now naked and only wearing the Bench pants plus one more thing that empowers them...Bench Empower
Bench models setting the temperature up in SM MOA!

The models go at the center of the stage and sprayed themselves with the cologne all over their sizzling and toned body. It was like a Bachelor Bash as the girls named it as these guys sprayed themselves with the cologne. It really sets the stage with a scent of an empowered man. See complete pictures on the slide below:

If you think that's all of it, then luckily for the all the people out there it is not. The moment they have been waiting for is then revealed when their lead endorser and well-known celebrity Dingdong Dantes appeared on stage. He was wearing a black leather jacket and waved to his fans. They thought that was only it and the show will end already with that. Fortunately, once again, he prepared a quick dance number for the crowd and lastly took off his jacket showing his shirtless body wearing only his Bench cologne on top. He even sprayed his entire body with the cologne that wowed the crowd. It was then a great finale as they said it.
Dingdong Dantes!
Dingdong spraying all over his body the newest Bench cologne
It was indeed a successful event that night. The girls are truly happy with the show but also the guys happy that there's now something that can help empower them to be really a "man". Congratulations to BenchTM for a great show indeed!
Dingdong putting the stage on fire!
Dingdong throwing his cologne to the fans during the event!
I heard that Bench will have another great show this Saturday with their international celebrity endorser, Lucy Hale. Don't forget to watch this show at SMX Convention Center at 4PM. Hope I can attend it too.
Dingdong smiles to his fans for a successful show!
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*Image courtesy of AXN Asia
There's a famous quote that "It's sweeter the second time around". I think AXN is proving this quote to be true by kick starting the line-up in the beginning of the month is the highly-anticipated return of singing reality competition series The Voice Season 2.

The Fresh Real Talent Show - The Voice Season 2
You might missed the great reality singing show with its unique blind audition but good thing they're bringing it back. Premiering on February 6, 2012 is Season 2 of The Voice, offering aspiring singers the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be mentored by celebrity coaches. Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine, Cee Lo Green and Blake Shelton return with their sizzling chemistry and their trademark red swiveling chairs to judge contestants solely on their vocal talent and not their looks. If more than one coach turns to pick a particular singer, the tide turns and the choice of coach goes to the singer. This season, show producer Mark Burnett has added more rounds of blind auditions and each of the coaches’ teams will be expanded to 12 singers each.
*Image courtesy of AXN Asia

The ante is certainly upped in terms of the diversity and quality of the contestants this season, with Aguilera bagging ‘everything from an opera singer, powerhouse MC to soul singers’ on her team. What is interesting is that savvy contestants who are in demand now know how to play the game, and have taken the opportunity to push the coaches a little further and wrangle for commitment to be kept for a few rounds.

If you're wondering where are the products of Season 1, they are now very successful as well after their stint in the show. Season 1’s contestants have done well for themselves so far; winner Javier Colon has released a new album in collaboration with Natasha Bedingfield and his coach, Adam Levine, while first runner-up Dia Frampton has also launched her album with the help of coach Blake Shelton. Other contestants – Beverly McClellan from Team Aguilera and Vicci Martinez from Team Cee Lo have also begun recording after the show ended.

Talent-spotting aside, be sure to keep an eye out for new songs from the coaches themselves! After all, Season 1 was the launchpad for Shelton’s ‘Honey Bee’, a country chart-topper, as well as the Maroon 5-Aguilera single ‘Moves Like Jagger’ which hit No. 1 on the Hot 100 list. And as Aguilera teased, look out for the ‘kickass’ opening performance by the coaches this season!

The Voice Season 2 premieres on 6 Feb 2012, Mon at 10.55pm
Viewers are invited to visit www.axn-asia.com for the latest update on their broadcast schedules or follow them on Twitter @axnasia for more info

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*Photo courtesy of Coca-Cole President for Happiness Facebook page
February is not only the month of love but seems to be a month of freebies. I just saw this from their Facebook page that Coca-Cola will be giving FREE COKE tomorrow (February 4, 2012) from 1:30pm to 4:30pm only. It's a blow-out of Coca-Cola to their loyal customers who have been there for 100 years already.

In order to avail of this treat, you just go to any participating establishment and queue up at the counter between 1:30pm to 4:30pm and they will already get 1 8oz of regular Coca-Cola. When I passed this morning to a nearby 7-11 store in our area, it is already filled up with decoration for this event tomorrow. I'm really excited already and would love to experience the happiness courtesy of Coca-Cola.

Here's the list of participating stores as listed on their FB page:

Mang Inasal, Red Ribbon, 7-Eleven, Goldilocks, Hen Lin, Shopwise Soda Fountain, Green Mango, Floyd’s, at Andoks

Avenetto Pizzeria Ristorante, Scottland, Inc., The Spa, Pollo Loco (ground floor Mega Mall), Moshi-Moshi, KVGKCC Inc. Real Thing Diner, Festival Mall Food Court, Star Mall Food Court, Tongyang, Mexicali, Agave, Ma Mon Luk, Q.C. Sports Club

Biggs – Gen. Luna, Buddy Pizza, Graceland III, Graceland-Pacific Mall Food Court, Graceland 7, Benzon Burger, Sta. Teresa College, Pacific Mall Food Court, Biggs – Legaspi, Graceland – Benjos-Tabaco Legaspi, Kisonis Enterprise, Sienalos Bakeshop Restaurant, Romeros Bakery Foodhouse, Enchanted Kingdom

CEBU – Harbour City Group, Orange Brutus, Flame It, Manila Foodshoppe, Moon Café, Sunburst TAGBILARAN – Alturas Foodmix/ICM Foodwalk, BQ FastfoodBACOLOD – Chinkys, Chicken Deli, Café Bobs, LSEAILOILO – JD Bakeshop, Ocean City

DAVAO – Gaisano Grand Tagum Food Court, Victoria Plaza Fastfood, Pritong Manok Outlets, Astro Shoppers OutletsGEN. SAN. – Gaisano Grand Food Court Koronodal, Ace Centerpoint Fastfood, KMCC Food Court, Isulan Central Plaza Food CourtCDO – Gaisano City Food Court, Limketkai Food Court, Gaisano Malaybalay Food CourtZAMBOANGA – Mindpro Citimall Foodcourt, Gaisano Ozamis Foodcourt, Gaisano Mall Iligan FoodCourt, Gaisano Capital Pagadian Food Court

Don't forget to mark your calendar for this once-in-a-lifetime event! :) See you at the line tomorrow!

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adiZero Rose 2.5 + miCoach = Perfect Basketball performance

Who said you cannot give a rose to a man? Well, if it is adiZero Rose 2.5 that you will give him then he will surely love you for it, especially this season of love!
adiZero Rose 2.5! Released today at Php 6,995 only

Adidas Philippines launched last week at the Moro Lorenzo Gym of Ateneo De Manila University of the newest basketball shoes to rock the market this 2012. Basketball stars (JC Intal, Ronnie Magsanoc, Ryan Gregorio), celebrities (Andrei Felix), famous DJs (Rico Robles, Nikko Ramos aka DJ Tyler) and members of the press attended the event to see what is the buzz about the newest adiZero Rose 2.5. Aside from that, we also played a friendly basketball match to really test the shoes at competition level. 
My adiZero Rose 2.5 :D

In terms of the shoes, it weighs even lighter than your average soda at 11 ounces. The adiZero 2.5 is the fourth signature shoe made especially for MVP Derrick Rose. The newest shoe can give any player the next level of speed and support. The adiZero Rose 2.5 is the lightest mid-cut signature basketball shoe Derrick has ever worn.  Here are some high-level specs of it as well:
Rose on the tongue of the shoes!
  • Signature Details - The adizero Rose 2.5 features a top down Google Earth view of Derrick’s Englewood roots embossed into the toe box and upper. The map view is a continuation of the “Cleared for Take-Off” theme of the Rose 2 and represents a view from high above.  Signature details include “ROSE” on the tongue and three stripes branding on the back of the shoe to emphasize his speed on the court.  The sockliner features an infrared color and Derrick’s signature as a nod to his motivation and inspired play on the court. Derrick’s jersey number “1” is also featured on toe.
  • Upper - Inspired by the adiZero Crazy Light, it features a premium SPRINTFRAME execution and enlarged SPRINTWEB area to reduce weight, add support and allow maximum motion control. The GEOFIT memory foam collar provides optimum comfort and fit.
  • Outsole - Uses adiZero Crazy Light outsole traction system and has varied engineered thickness to ensure maximum grip in high wear perimeter zones, and less thickness and weight in low perimeter zones like the midfoot
A view of the miCoach menu!
Aside from the shoes, we were also fortunate to try out the miCoach SPEED_CELL. You might be wondering that you only use miCoach for running but interestingly it is also great for measuring your performance as you play your favorite sport like basketball. The adiZero Rose 2.5 has a special slot to put your miCoach SPEED_CELL, which can turn your shoe into the ultimate digital training tool by letting you track and upload performance data including speed, maximum speed, number of sprints, distance, distance at high intensity levels and time. The on-board memory stores all your measurements during your game or training for up to seven hours and then wirelessly transmits the on pitch performance data to your tablet, PC or MAC. You can also create an avatar and share your stats with friends on Facebook, introducing  a fun and competitive edge to training the stats.

Players during the game are really at their all-time high proving the great impact of the shoe to their performance. At the end, Team 3 had their adrenaline rush to the extreme with all the great play, unbeatable defense, anti-gravity shots and shots beyond the rainbow arc. DJ Tyler of Team 3 even had 3 straight 3-points during the finals game. The winning team received a Php 60,000 worth of gift certificates from adidas. See pictures on slide show above.
Team 3 - Champion of the D.Rose 2.5 tournament with their giant check

Adidas also recognized the players with top speed, distance, intensity and sprints which was accurately recorded using the miCoach SPEED_CELL. The winners each receive a medal and gift certificates as well from adidas. There's even 1 player who got all 3 awards during the event with his great performance during the day.
Winners of the miCoach SPEED_CELL challenge

VERDICT: RECOMMENDED! I got the white variant of the shoes and I must say that I really like it. I love the design even the black variant is also great. I also like its mid-cut especially for me who is not that tall. I can also wear it even outside of the hard court and still be stylish with its great design and color combination. In terms of performance, given its "very" light weight one can really feel the difference in terms of speed when using the shoes. I also like the shoes as it is very comfortable and not that heavy or tight. Aside from that, it would really be best to couple it with the miCoach SPEED_CELL to measure your performance improvements. I think its great that adidas innovated to make their basketball shoes home of their SPEED_CELL and not only for running.  If you have the money, you can buy both Home and Away look just like D. Rose. 
Derrick Rose with his adiZero Rose 2.5!
I know you might be wondering where to buy and how much the shoes are. The adiZero Rose 2.5 Home & Away colors retail at P6,995. Fortunately, it is available starting today (February 2) at the ff stores: adidas doors located at Trinoma, Greenbelt 3, PowerPlant Mall, SM Malls, Abreeza Mall Davao, Gaisano Malls, Ayala Center, Marquee Mall, Festival Mall, Eastwood, Glorietta, Alabang Town Center, Resorts World, and Gateway, Toby’s, Pro Line, Olympic Village, Unisport, Titan, Sole Academy, Sports Central, Tiong San Harrion, Baguio Country Mart, Lee Super Plaza, Magic Club, Sports House KCC, and Orange Power Network Gaisano. 
The adiZero Rose 2.5 features

adidas will also be launching exclusive colorways (below) of the adiZero Rose 2.5 in adidas stores located at Trinoma, Greenbelt 3, Powerplant Mall, SM Malls and at Titan. 

Year of the Dragon - Jan 23, 2012 (Out Now)
Home - Feb 2, 2012
Away - Feb 2, 2012
Dear Mama - Feb 9, 2012
All Star Weekend - Feb 17, 2012
adidas miCoach Speed Cell

For more information, visit www.facebook.com/adidasPhilippines.

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