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Cadbury Dairy Milk has been one of my favorite chocolate brand. It my sweet relief to know that in the anticipation of the Christmas season they are launching three flavors for us to grab. Well since Christmas is the season of giving, I think it will be better for me to give these 3 special and exclusive flavors to the 3 special girls of my life. 

Photo courtesy of Cadbury Dairy Milk

I'll give the first flavor of Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate Mousse to my first ever girl -- My Mom. This classic flavor really encapsulates the sweetness of my mom. Its light and airy chocolate-flavored cream enveloped in classic milk chocolate shell just reminds me how she took care me when I'm down and at the same time make things lighter with me when the world seems so heavy.

Photo courtesy of Cadbury Dairy Milk

The second flavor is for the girl that I grew up with since childhool -- My sister Phoebe. The Black Forest variant of Cadbury Dairy Milk has the smooth sensation but it comes with real chocolate cookies and red jellies. It’s definitely crunchy and chewy – perfect to keep you company during the holiday traffic madness! I think describes my relationship with my sister. We have crunchy times as well but at the end of the day she is very sweet and will keep me company through ups and downs.

Photo courtesy of Cadbury Dairy Milk

The last flavor is definitely to my dearest love -- My girlfriend Ange. Cadbury Dairy Milk French Vanilla is your perfect pair this Christmas just like Ange who is my perfect pair not just for Christmas but each and every day. :) I can imagine the city of France and the simplicity of Vanilla with her that if she is not with me around, definitely Cadbury French Vanilla could be the closest thing I could have to remind me of her. 

Cadbury Dairy Milk Black Forest, Cadbury Dairy Milk French Vanilla, and Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate Mousse are available in 180g packs for a suggested retail price of P180.00. Hurry and get all flavors – available until supplies last! #FreeTheJoy this Christmas with Cadbury Dairy Milk! 
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