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Starbucks Coffee Appreciation Festival 2017

Our favorite coffee brand has prepared an event for us coffee lovers. If you've been wondering how some of their coffee tastes and with the different techniques they have, then this is the event you've been waiting for. Prepare your taste buds for an experience of the different coffee blend as you visit their different booths inside and their very pleasant staff will demonstrate the process you can get to ask questions. 
How to get inside?

Here's a summary what to expect:

What: Starbucks Coffee Appreciation Festival
Where: Glorietta 2 Activity Center
When: June 10-11, 2017 (12nn - 8pm)
How: Just present your Starbucks card and you will be given a passport to enter
Why: Aside from getting free coffee samplers and knowledge of your coffee, you can receive some free exclusive merchandise (exclusive coaster and pin) if you visit the 6 booths inside. See some pictures below:
Starbucks Coffee Appreciation Festival 2017 - Coffee Process

Starbucks Coffee Appreciation Festival 2017 - Messages from the fans who visited the event and their fave coffee

Starbucks Coffee Appreciation Festival 2017 - Staff having some demo

Starbucks Coffee Appreciation Festival 2017 - demo for Latin American beans

Starbucks Coffee Appreciation Festival 2017 - Coffee bean from Africa region

Starbucks Coffee Appreciation Festival 2017 - My passport with all the stamps of their 6 booths

Starbucks Coffee Appreciation Festival 2017 - amazing entrance display

I enjoyed this event because I was able to taste the different coffee beans and distinguish their differences. As a matter of fact, I got inspired to buy (not sponsored) my own coffee press during the event with the experience so I can brew my own. It cost me this small one for Php 795 (thanks to Ria from Starbucks for the help) with free 100g Columbia bean to start my experience. They are also offering city collectible tumblers inside.
My new personal coffee press and free 100g coffee bean purchased the event for only Php 795
So what are you waiting for? Hurry and try this coffee experience and share with us your favorite too! 
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Image courtesy of Random Minds

While a lot are excited with the upcoming concerts happening in April, we should not forget that another hit band will be visiting Manila... its the GOO GOO DOLLS! Me and my girlfriend can't wait to witness their concern from Manila and definitely our Iris will be wet as we might be teary eyed when we see them in person. I will definitely Slide all my other appointments just to see them. Here are some details:

  • What: Goo Goo Dolls Live in Manila
  • When: February 11, 2017, 8PM
  • Where: Araneta Coliseum
  • How: You can purchase tickets at www.Ticketnet.com.ph. Prices below:
  • Image courtesy of Ticketnet Online
    • VIP: 7000 (reserve seating)
    • Patron: 6000 (reserve seating)
    • Box: 5000 (reserve seating)
    • Upper Box: 3000 (free seating)
    • GA: 1200 (free seating)
    • PS: If you have Citibank credit card, then you can get 15% off on your tickets! :)

Hope there will be a meet and greet for us to see them more closely. If you don't have plans yet for Valentines, then this can be an early treat for couples out there.

See you on the concert!
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