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Starbucks White Chocolate Pudding Variants
*Image courtesy of Starbucks Philippines Facebook page

You may not have heard it yet but there will be a Buy One Get One Frappuccino drinks today at Starbucks for their new frappuccinos. They are offering it only today, July 16, 2013, from 2pm - 5pm. Please take note though that the promo is only for the Dark Moccha White Chocolate Pudding and Green Team White Chocolate Pudding. What's good with this offer is you don't need to print out any voucher or coupon and you can just walk-in at their store to get this deal! 

If you're wondering if it their new variant is good. Well, I have been waiting for this flavor to arrive in the Philippines. I first tasted it when I was Japan last year and my favorite is the Dark Moccha White Chocolate Pudding especially for my moccha addict taste buds. What I like about their White Pudding Frap is that it adds a different texture from your usual frap experience. I believe a lot of Filipinos will love it especially it is really a good pair with the classic Starbucks Frap. If you haven't tried it yet, then this is a better timing to enjoy it twice the fun. You can even try both drinks given their promo later.

If you're wondering the price of these White Choco Pudding Frappuccinos, you can avail the Starbucks Dark Mocha White Chocolate Pudding Frappuccino  Php 190 (Tall), Php 200 (Grande) and Php 210 (Venti). Their Starbucks Green Tea White Chocolate Pudding Frappuccino is available at 10 pesos less with their previous variant with a prices of Php 180 (Tall), Php 190 (Grande) and Php 200 (Venti).

Bring your friend and experience this promo later. See you at the queue!
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Want to Win a Lenovo Ideapad from ePLUS.ph?
Image courtesy of www.eplus.ph

If your answer to the question is YES, then join this very easy promo from ePLUS.ph site. Don't worry you don't need to purchase anything or try out just to win this prize. Isn't that a great deal? Here's the simple mechanics to win this:

  1. Register at www.eplus.ph
  2. Go to DEALS AND MORE > e-PLUS Deals
  3. Click BUY NOW! (deal priced at Php0.00)
The promo is set to run until July 25, 2013, 11:59PM. The winner will be drawn via electronic raffle draw.

What are you waiting for? Surf the net and go to www.eplus.ph!
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I am a great follower of the US version of the show and really enjoyed the different challenges on all the seasons of the show. I was really thrilled when I first saw in AXN that they will be having a franchise of the show in Asia with Tony Fernandes as the counterpart of Donald Trump. 

If you're wondering, I wanted to apply for the show. I already downloaded all the forms but forgot to work on it given you need to work on 10-page long form. Seeing the selected contestants, I then realized I might not be near their expertise. Last week, we were very fortunate to be invited to meet the Filipino contestants for the Asia version of the Apprentice franchise...Celina and Jon!
Celina and Jon during the event.

The 1st Apprentice Asia Winner is from the Philippines?

I know you been wanting to know if either Celina or Jon won the competition. Unfortunately, they cannot disclose it just like with Amazing Race Asia event before. During the event though, we have a private viewing of the first episode of the show. I was able to watch this pilot episode and I'm very thrilled seeing all the contestants of the show even before the event. The first episode of Apprentice is really something to watch out as you can see already the dynamics of the contestants within the team and the potential conflict. I'm for Team Mavericks but unfortunately they loss the first challenge. :(

After the private viewing, we were able to know further the person behind the contestants we can see in the show with Celina and Jon. Celina Le Neinder, at first, I thought was not a Filipina because she looks like a foreigner like Alex. However, seeing her in person really made me see the Filipina in her. This 29 year old Davaoena is really a lovely lady but you can sense from her aura a very competitive person. Jonathan, on the other end, worked as a Marketing Manager from a multi-national company. Even without seeing  him, I have seen him on the first episode to be really a very competitive person and someone who can defend himself to Mr. Fernandes during the heated board room debates on who to be fired.

During our Q&A sessions with Celina and Jon, we were able to know more about their experience and their preparations. I was amazed to hear their journey to be part of the show and how they were able to beat more than 3000 applicants around Asia. I was able to ask personally about their strategy going to the show. Both Celina and Jon was able to share that they don't have a specific strategy going to the show. What amazes me though was how they informed us that they joined the show not for their own pride but also to represent our country. Jon and Celina told us that unlike their other competitors, they ensured that Filipinos can be proud of them with joining the show. Jon even shared that he even wore a Philippine flag pin during the middle episodes to show how proud he is as a Filipino. He even told us that this helped him as his lucky charm especially if he is having difficult discussion defending himself against Mr. Fernandes. They were able to show how Mr. Tony Fernandes is also a great boss and would really provide "constructive" criticisms because he really cared the interest of his employees.

We really had a fun night chatting with Celina and Jon during the event. It really made me appreciate the show more and will definitely follow all the episodes of the show. If you want to see the exciting episodes, you can watch it every Wednesday, 9pm, at AXN Asia Cable Channel. When you watch the show, please don't forget to use hashtag #AACelina #AAJon #TeamPH and #TheApprenticeAsia . Please also vote them on the AXN Asia website at http://www.axn-asia.com/programs/apprentice-asia/AAindex. Btw, Thanks to Papa John's Philippines for hosting the event.
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Are you already "all-in" for the upcoming adidas KOTR 2013? If not that much, especially those who will be running 10k/16.8k for the first time then this post might be helpful.
KOTR 2013 - all in for the Philippines

Hopefully you are especially those who are running the 16.8K distance. I know it is quite a change that we don't have 3k or 5k categories this year but that also challenges us to heighten up our game. The decision to run a longer distance than what you’re normally used to could be something that happens over night, but the drive and the passion to succeed is one that happens over a long period of attempts and possibly even failures. It’s true, one of the biggest challenges some runners face is increasing their distance. My dad can attest to that as he never joined a fun run with more than 5k as his distance. He is even a better runner compared to me but he is just not that used to long distance running. So are you also like my dad who would like to know how does one step up their game from running 5K to 10K or even 10K to 16.8K? Here are some simple ways to ease into running longer distances:

Pre-Run Regimen
Conditioning your body is vital when preparing for a race. A good warm up can be what separates you from having a good run or a great run. Stretching before and after running helps loosen up muscles to prevent strain and injury. 

Train your mind
Running may be mostly physical, but it is also somewhat a mental challenge. Half the battle is understanding your obstacles, not just to help you cross the finish line, but to complete the race with a smile on your face. Discipline your mind, and your body is sure to follow. 

Take a break
When you’re training, whether it’s for a marathon, 10K, 5K, or even your first 3K, taking breaks is crucial. Your muscles need time to build and repair themselves. Rest is critical for your body to recover to its full potential.

Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!
It’s no secret that you’ll be sweating all throughout your run. Although some runners opt for sports drinks and gels, water is enough to keep you from dehydrating for shorter distances.

Strong and Steady
It’s not enough to be consistent. You have to be efficient as well. Start running at a comfortable pace, or as some like to call it, a conversational pace. Run constant short distances 3 or 4 times a week, and the actual distance you’re preparing for at least once. Don’t push yourself too hard, but instead slowly increase your speed or distance. 

“There is not one exact surefire way to train for a race, whether it’s your first, your fifth or even your hundredth. It’s a different experience for every person, and we at adidas, just try to provide opportunities for people to come together and run”, says Adrien Semblat, Brand Activation Manager of adidas Philippines.

Step up your game and pick up the pace with adidas King of the Road 2013 happening on July 7, 2013. For more news and updates on adidas King of the Road 2013, visit adidaskingoftheroad.com/ph and www.facebook.com/adidas, or follow the conversation with #KOTRPH2013 

Supporting this year’s race are sponsors Summit Water, 100 Plus, Sennheiser, EO Optical, adidas Bodycare, L Timestudio, and Century Tuna.

See you at the race day!

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