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I'm a fan of Mizuno products because their products are of high-quality. I've been running for more than a year now using my Mizuno Wave Rider 10, which I also bought on a discounted rate after participating on their Mizuno Run. I hope I can buy some good stuff this year as I prepare for their Mizuno Run Time Trials and also for our company Futsal competition.

Don't miss out this opportunity this December 4-6 at their BMG Center Branch in Magallanes Makati City. Here's the announcement from their website:

*Photo courtesy of mizuno.ph

Year End Sale 09

Posted: November 23, 2009

With only a few weeks left in the calendar, Mizuno revs up the savings with their Biggest Year-end Sports Sale fromDec.4 to 6, from 10AM to 8PM at the Roofdeck of BMG Centre Bldg, San Antonio St., Paseo de Magallanes Commercial Centre, Magallanes, Makati City

Sports enthusiasts will get to enjoy discounts up to 70% off on top quality products for golf, running, football, indoor, and baseball. For inquiries, call 7573160 loc 515 and look for Marianne Marquez

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This is not a new show that will compete with Cesar Montano. It is not as well related to the show of Boy and Kris every Sunday. Want to know more about this new buzz in town? See some details below:

What's the bee all about?
In the Broadway Musical Comedy, THE 25TH ANNUAL PUTNAM COUNTY SPELLING BEE, six young people in the throes of puberty, overseen by grownups who barely managed to escape childhood themselves, learn that winning isn't everything and that losing doesn't necessarily make you a loser. This hilarious tale of overachievers' angst chronicles the experience of 6 adolescent outsiders vying for the spelling championship of a lifetime. A quirky yet charming cast of outsiders for whom a spelling bee is the one place where they can stand out & fit in at the same time.

Before every performance, two audience volunteers are recruited to participate on stage as guest-spellers along with two invited celebrity guest spellers each night. Each new foursome guarantees a new set of hilarious and unexpected experiences - one night is just as unique as the one before it!

Want to know the cast?
Joel Trinidad as Doug Panch
Cathy Azanza as Rona Lisa Peretti
Noel Rayos as Mitch Mahoney
Pheona Baranda as Logainne Schwartzandgrubenierre
Johann Dela Fuente as Leaf Coneybear
Carla Guevara-Laforteza as Olive Ostrovsky
Lorenz Martinez as William Barfee
Felix Rivera as Chip Tolentino
Shiela Valderrama-Martinez as Marcy Park

How can I buy tickets?
If you want to buy tickets, you can visit their website to reserve your tickets and the instructions on how to pay them. You may also send an email to best.productions.09@gmail.com or contact Jasmin Beato (0927 6513458) or Charisse San Ramon (0917 9555010). Hurry limited seats available!

So mark December 6 on your calendars already! You must not let this great broadway musical just pass. I heard a lot of great comments about this show and I will watch this next Sunday.
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In my 22 birthday celebrations that I had, I just realized that there is something not good that happens during my birthday or days near my birthday. I can still recall when I was a kid, I only celebrate my birthdays at home because there is a typhoon. Amidst these unfortunate incidents, the special people around still make some effort to make it simple yet special.

As my birthday is nearing, I realized to make my 23rd year of existence different and special. I think of possible things to do this year and luckily great news was sent on my email. The email was about a plane fare promo and what makes it better is that the travel period includes my birthday. I realized that this was my time to make things differently so I grab the opportunity and book flights to HK/Macau. I realized it would be even happier to be with the people who were always there on my 23 years of bitter-sweet challenges in life… my family.

Our family never travelled together before in far places to do recreational stuff. I think the farthest we have been was in Bicol as it was the province of my mother. We also never travelled together via plane because we never go out as well frequently. My mom, dad and sister have never been outside of the Philippines, so having this trip also makes them very happy. I am really excited as the day comes nearer to my birthday that I forgot to plan out my entire itinerary.

Our actual departure date from Manila was during my birthday. I am very excited and at the same time nervous as I’ve never been around Hong Kong and most especially Macau. When I’m on business trip, I am just usually in-transit in HK Airport. I always wanted to go outside and know what’s outside but I don’t have a companion to be with. I said to myself that I will just go out when I’m with family. I am very grateful that my dreams are now turning into reality and we arrived HK Airport safely. I spent the entire day in Hong Kong Disneyland as if I am just 7 years of age. We were exhausted after the day but yet we were extremely happy on the turn-out of events in Hong Kong. Our next day in our itinerary will be Macau and I am quite afraid that it cannot meet the Disneyland experience we just had.

The following day we were all set to travel to Macau as many people say that there are beautiful places in that region. It was a bit challenging to travel from HK-Macau using the MTR and Ferry ride. It was almost 7pm when we arrived at Macau. I know my parents are so tired already after the long walk and travel plus the “wavy” ferry ride to Macau. We then decide to go directly to our hotel, which I don’t realized to be quite far away from the city proper. I can now feel that the jinx of unfortunate events is near the vicinity. I was not mistaken as when we arrived at the hotel, my credit card is not being accepted by the receptionist. I am not sure of the cause of it but still I have some dust of luck on my pockets as they allowed us to stay because the room charge was already credited on my credit card when I booked online a week before our arrival. The receptionist though told us that we cannot take something from the mini-bar given that my card is not working. I tried checking the money left on my pocket and I only have 30 HKD and several traveller’s cheque. I thought my problem on money can already be resolved but unfortunately it is not over. The hotel told us that they do not exchange traveller’s cheque and we can only do it over a bank, which is only open until 5pm. I think I am really born with attached misfortune. Since my parents were tired, we just decided to stay on our hotel room but then we were all hungry after the long trip. We cannot eat on the hotel within the hotel as well because of my credit card. I thought I can escape the bad luck that happened on my birthday but it seems not.

*My luggage with the 2 cans of Century Bangus Fillet

Just when I thought that the great trip I prepared is going to its downfall, I just realized how to still make things better. I just remember that as I was packing my luggage, I remember to bring some items from our food cabinet. I bring some food that can easily be eaten and yet light to be inside my luggage. One item that I ensured to on my luggage are 2 cans of Century Bangus Fillet Spanish Style. It was very fortunate for us to have these Century Bangus fillet because it is very handy and light on the luggage. Another thing that I liked on this product is that it has an easy to open lid which is not usually seen on normal canned goods. One would not need a can opener or sharp knife just to taste the goodness of the product as with a little force from your finger, the fillet can be eaten. I also like the Bangus fillet as it only contains 90 kcal and just 6g of fat per serving, which is still good for my mom who has hypertension. Eating every bite of the Century Bangus fillet is like having a taste of heaven on earth. Even if we did not have the money to eat on the hotel restaurant, we still felt that we have eaten on a 5-star dining place with the quality and taste of Bangus fillet and also in Spanish style. I can still remember how we enjoyed that night just eating the Bangus, which we really loved, while talking the fun twist that happened on this travel. We soon realized that the 2 cans are empty to the last drop but yet it filled our empty stomach with prima quality. My dad even exclaimed “Napabuti pa ang nangyari dahil naka-tipid na tayo, nabusog pa tayo sa masarap na pagkain”. The night ended well and we had a long rest on our hotel room watching movie together. The experience that night was truly priceless and I’m still teary eyed as I recall it.

*Pictures of me and my parents in Macau energized after a great dinner the night before

When we woke up the following morning, we felt fully energized and still full from the simple yet great dinner we had the night before. I think Century Bangus fillet brings back luck to our hands as when we checked with the receptionist, my card is already ok. We then go as planned and visit the different scenic spots of Macau. We really enjoyed our trip and still feel very energized to visit other sites. All things went well and we arrived back at Manila safely and with a big smiles at our faces. When we arrived, we can’t stop talking what happened in Macau and we then ensured that we always stock-up with Century Bangus fillet in our cabinet. We usually have “bangus fillet” merienda every week and we never stop loving Century Tuna Bangus fillet.

*Our food cabinet with Century Bangus fillet in stocks reserved for great merienda sessions

My Century Bangus experience does not stop there. After my trip, I also leave a can of this healthy fish fillet on my trolley so whenever I have to stay late, I can still indulge on the chef-made like quality of Bangus. Last time I had such late night dinner at office with Century Bangus fillet, I felt as if I was still with my family in Macau enjoying the experience in our hotel room. The bangus fillet also becomes my breakfast energizer whenever I had run and still keeps me healthy and fit to finish my races. Bangus fillet is the best thing that happened to canned foods.

*Me with my secret weapon in every race - Century Bangus Fillet

I hope my next birthday will be great again and I will make it sure by bringing cans of Century Bangus fillet on my bag. A can of it brings ton of happiness in every home.
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I’ve been planning for almost a month already to start a new hobby. I want something that can help improve myself and at the same time make use of my expertise. I must admit I have difficulty expressing myself in written communication but I’m quite good in computer related stuff. I then realized, why not start a BLOG.

I’m very certain already to start a blog but the next dilemma is what will be the focus. I cannot really think of specific focus since I have different kinds of interests. I like sports (running, badminton, frisbee, futsal, tennis, etc.), gadgets, software, food (yum yum), freebies, photography, movies and a lot more. Since I don’t want to be limited to a certain topic, I decided to have a blog on anything under the sun. I want something to blog about anything that will interest me at a certain point in time. I want my blog to cater to a large user groups and something that will really reflect my personality.

I named my blog kahitanoito since this is a blog about anything. The term “kahit ano” is also a very common response among Filipinos who are fickle or indecisive. You might observe that when you ask a Filipino on what food to order, most likely he will reply to you with “kahit ano”. Just like my blog, it is something that can discuss about any topic that is close to the hearts of Filipinos.

I hope you will enjoy my blog entries and feel free to let me know how I can improve it. I’m a newbie blogger around and would definitely love to hear some helpful pieces of advice from the experts. Hope to be part of the blogger’s events in the near future.

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