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Are you an avid fan of adidas KOTR? I know you might be excited already for the upcoming adidas KOTR 2011 but you might still not familiar with all the things about the event. Avid or newbie, here's a compilation of everything you need to know about the adidas King of the Road 2011!
adidas KOTR 2011 Finisher Medal awaits runners during the race day
*Image courtesy of adidas Philippines
What is the adidas King of the Road (KOTR)?
Adidas King of the Road 2011 is a running championship held across five (5) countries - Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Philippines.
Each country is a qualifying leg towards the finals, which is held in the Philippines on 23 October 2011. The winner and runner-up of each country's 16.8km category win an all-expenses paid trip to the Philippines to compete with the best of the best in Southeast Asia.

When and where will the 2011 adidas King of the Road Philippines be held?
The adidas King of the Road Philippines will be held on 23 October 2011 (Sunday) at the Bonifacio Global City. 

What are the race categories available and how much is the race entry fee?
The race is divided into the following categories:
·         5km Men's Open – 1,050
·         5km Women's Open – 1,050
·         16.8km Men's Open/Closed – 1,300
·         16.8km Women's Open/Closed – 1,300
·         21km Men's Open – 1,050
·         21km Women's Open – 1,050

Why is the international championship race distance at 16.8km?
With the championship race distance at 16.8km, you’ll be able to complete 2 marathons (84km) over five (5) countries with adidas KOTR 2011.
Colorful race bibs to match the KOTR 2011 theme of "Colours"
*Image courtesy of adidas Philippines
What’s the theme for this year’s KOTR?
KOTR features a different theme each year, and this year’s theme is entitled Colours. This is represented through the variety of different coloured adidas singlets participants will don. The multi-colour showcase is meant to demonstrate the vibrancy of the sports scene across Southeast Asia.

Just how big is the adidas KOTR race?
An estimated total of 40,000 runners are expected to pound the pavement across Southeast Asia.

How do I register?
You may register in three different ways.
1. Regular registration
       Register online at www.adidaskingoftheroad.com at your convenience
       Only Visa and Mastercard credit card/debit cards are accepted
       Receive an email confirmation once registration has been processed
2.      2. Free Run promo
       Be one of the first 100 participants per store to register and get a guaranteed slot (and guaranteed singlet size in the color of your choice) in KOTR 2011
       Get 50% off your registration fee when you purchase Php5,000 worth of adidas running products or register absolutely free when you purchase adidas running products worth Php7,000
       Those who avail of this promo will  be getting their race kits sent to their preferred address via carrier
       Promo period is from June 29-Aug 31, 2011
3.      3. Prepaid Registration
       Beginning August 22, you may avail of the KOTR Prepaid Reservation Form giving you the chance to pre-register for the KOTR 2011.
       The KOTR Prepaid Reservation Forms gives you the chance to reserve a slot by paying in cash at selected KOTR doors. 
       As you receive your KOTR Prepaid Reservation form, you will receive your very own Reservation Code. The Reservation Code is a unique code that corresponds to a race slot. Only cash payments are accepted.
       The purchase alone does not register you for KOTR 2011. You still have to log on to the website and register as soon as possible as the purchase of the Prepaid Reservation Form guarantees only that your race slot is reserved, not your singlet size.
       The purchase of the KOTR Prepaid Reservation Form is on a first-come, first-served basis.
       KOTR Prepaid Reservation Forms are available from August 22 to August 31, or while forms last. Registration ends August 31, 2011.

 Avail of the Free Run Promo and the Prepaid Registration at the ff participating stores namely: adidas in 1) Alabang Town Center 2) Gateway Mall 3) Glorietta 3 4) Greenbelt 3 5) Greenhills  6) Newport Mall 7) Powerplant Mall 8) Robinsons Place Ermita 9) SM MOA 10) SM North Edsa 11) Shangri-La 12) TriNoma, and 13) RUNNR Bonifacio Global City and 14) RUNNR TriNoma.
Registered runners gets a free KOTR Bag when claiming race kit on Oct. 10-12
*Image courtesy of adidas Philippines
When and where can I collect my Race Kit? 
Registered participants are invited to gather at the KOTR 2011 Kick-Off Assembly from Oct 10-12, 11am-11pm at the NBC Tent, Bonifacio Global City, where race kits containing singlet, timing device, and other race paraphernalia will be distributed and a variety of activities awaits everyone. It is necessary to bring a copy of the confirmation e-mail from the organiser and a valid ID upon collecting the Race Kit. 

Last-minute race kit collection may be done on the actual Race Day on Oct 23 at the event grounds from 3am-4am only. To claim race kit, please present confirmation email and a valid government-issued ID. Those who have availed of the Free Run Promo get their race kits shipped to their mailing address for free. 

What is the time of the gun start?
*Assembly Time: 3:30am – all runners  7th Street (START Arch)
5:00 AM
5: 30 AM
16.8K WAVE 1
5: 35 AM
16.8K WAVE 2
5: 50 AM
5: 55 AM
6:00 AM

What is the KOTR Ipico Card? 
IPICO's dual-frequency, shoe-mounted RFID tags are easy to use, quick to collect and adidas’ top choice for the adidas King of the Road 2011.
The Ipico system works using a shoe-mounted plastic tag that is approximately half the size and similar thickness to a credit card. The tag is tied into the shoelaces and each time it passes over one of the blue Ipico timing mats, the tag ID and exact time of passing are recorded in the Ipico Elite reader box and transferred to KOTR’s timing software for processing.

It is important that the tag is flat and tied to the shoelaces correctly throughout the event.

This custom made KOTR Ipico Card is yours  to keep and can be used for the following adidas KOTR races for 2-3 more years. Leave the finish line area and keep this KOTR Ipico Card as your KOTR souvenir, a great piece of memorabilia to display along with your finishers medallion.

How about hydration and safety? 
The KOTR will have water stationg installed every 1.5km along the race path, ensuring every runner to hydrate as necessary. In total, there are 14 water stations, 14 Powerade stations, and strategically located at the 21k race route are 2 sponge stations, and 1 banana station.

On first aid, the KOTR is fully equipped with first aid teams to attend to runners needing assistance. There are a total of 15 ambulances, 15 medic stations, and 11 medics roving on bicycles. There will also be marshals – police men, traffic aids, and radio communicators manning various points at the race path. 

I hope these stuff will help you prepare for the upcoming KOTR 2011. See you on race day and hope we all finish with a smile on our faces with our colorful singlets. :)

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When you think of mobile calls, internet you can usually associate these with pre-paid. I think for our country the introduction of "pre-paid" concept to the market has been very helpful for a lot of Filipinos and business alike. Well who would have thought that we can even have such concept in running. The most anticipated run of the year, adidas King of the Road 2011, is also going prepaid to accept more runners to join this fun run.
Image courtesy of adidas Philippines
Beginning August 22, you may now availof the KOTR Prepaid Reservation Form giving you the chance to pre-register forthe adidas King of the Road (KOTR) slated on October 23 at the Bonifacio GlobalCity. KOTR Prepaid Reservation Forms gives you the chance to reserve a slot bypaying in cash at selected KOTR doors.

Visit registration booths in participating stores namely: adidas in 1) Alabang Town Center 2) Gateway Mall 3)Glorietta 3 4) Greenbelt 3 5) Greenhills 6) Newport Mall 7) Powerplant Mall 8) Robinsons Place Ermita 9) SM MOA10) SM North Edsa 11) Shangri-La 12) TriNoma, and 13) RUNNR Bonifacio GlobalCity and 14) RUNNR TriNoma. Choose the category you want tojoin, ranging from 5k, 16.8k, and 21k. Pay the race fee in cash—P1,050—for both5k and 21k, and P1,300 for 16.8k, then receive your KOTR Prepaid ReservationForm, which indicates your Reservation Code. Only cash payments are accepted. TheReservation Code is a unique code that corresponds to a race slot.
  • Immediately log on to www.adidaskingoftheroad.com to register
  • Go to the Philippines tab and click on Registration
  • Read and accept the Terms and Conditions then click VIP/Prepaid Registration
  • Key in your Reservation Code found on your KOTR Prepaid Reservation Form and follow registration steps as instructed
  • Receive your confirmation email after a successful registration
The purchase of the KOTRPrepaid Reservation Formis on a first-come, first-served basis. The purchase alone does not registeryou for KOTR 2011. You still have to log on to the website and register as soonas possible as the purchase of the Prepaid Reservation Form guarantees onlythat your race slot is reserved, not your singlet size. The Prepaid ReservationForms are limited per store. If a certain category has run out in one store,try visiting other adidas stores. Should you wish to register and payonline via Visa/MasterCard credit/debit card, there is no need to visit thestore, simply log on to www.adidaskingoftheroad.com to register, read and accept Termsand Conditions, then choose Individual Registration.

Please note that no computerstations are set up in the stores. Log on to the website to register from anycomputer with Internet connection. KOTR Prepaid Reservation Forms are availablefrom August 22 to August 31, 2011, or while forms last. Registration endsAugust 31, 2011.

For news and updates on KOTR, visit www.adidaskingoftheroad.com and the adidas Philippines facebook fanpage.

Thanks to adidas for bringing this prepaid reservation form available. This will surely enable more participants to join the event and run with. More participants means more fun!!!

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Image courtesy of Globe Tatto FB page
The power of social media really jumped into a different heights in our society today. It has been a new venue to be of greater influence to a larger audience even to people you don't even know from all parts of the Globe. Filipinos has also been in forefront in utilizing the power of social media to share their passion and create a mark in the global space. I personally have some of my top influential social media personalities which has been my source for great information about my passion and shares same or even different views from me. They have been very influential as well as I'm a "newbie" blogger and hopefully be able to reach their ranks in the future.

I might not be able to thank them personally but good thing Globe has come up with Tatt Awards to recognize top social media personalities in our country. I think the word "Tatt" Awards is very appropriate title as this award will be given to those who made a "permanent" mark on our own ways. Good job Globe for coming up with this venue to recognize our idols.

I personally want to join this but I think I'm still young to compete with some of my idols. Hopefully in the next few years, I can be more influential to my readers and be nominated by my folks. For now, I think I will be supporting my "Tatt" picks to be awarded this prestigious award. Here are my picks for the different categories:

I chose Ms. Lea Salonga because I really liked her post last January 29, 2011 entitled "Let Us Pray". I agree on her post about a call to action and having a change mindset of not just relying on faith but what we need is action as well. Her post is really though-provoking and a must-read for every Filipino. She is also brave enough when she put up this post as it might be taken against her but good thing it was nicely written.

I also voted for her as the BallBreaker because for me her post is positive challenge that we should be up to, which is in line with my vision as well.


I voted for Divine Lee on this specific category. I'm not really into fashion but looking at the different nominees, I liked her style and take on fashion and also her wit on her site.

Aside from this, I think I'm quite bias on her because she is the girlfriend of a friend back in college, Vic. :)


I heard UP Dharma Down performing since our college days and I like the music style of the band. It's just easy going not too heavy plus the good lyrics on their songs. I also can relate on their songs and the message that I think they would like to relay to their listeners.


I'm an avid follower of Professional Heckler and even my relatives in the US is a great follower of his blog. I never knew Loi and I'm surprised that he is the man behind the blog that I have been following for a long time now. I think he truly deserve this award as he has a good way of making humor out of things and play on words. I must say he is a genius making those stuff on this blog. If I'm sad and bored, his site is the first URL that I visit to lighten up my day! Truly deserving to win this award!


I met Robbie during last year's Top 10 Emerging Influential Bloggers and I feel honored to have met him. A true artist and really creative dork that's why he is very fitting to receive the award. Just seeing his blog makes you think that he really deserve that vote!


This is the most difficult category for me to decide. I met Carlo, Abe, Jayvee and Mark before on previous gatherings and events. Their blogs has been a source of information especially that I also love gadgets and technology. If I can just vote for all of them I would but in the end I voted for Mr. Carlo Ople.

I decided to put my vote for Carlo because I like his personal take on things related to the items reviewed. I also love him extending his influence for other new bloggers like me to be given opportunity to attend events as well.


She is one of the artist that I instantly followed right after I created my twitter account. I'm not really into twitter but I like how she organized here thoughts in less than 160 characters and present her view about it. I think we also have the same viewpoint on things that's why I like following her tweets.


He is one of the people who rocked the Youtube and Facebook world with his entertaining videos. It is very hard to make a video and much more to get people's attention to see your video and share it further and Mikey was able to do it. I think his humor really captured Filipino hearts that's why a lot subscribe on his videos in Youtube. What also sets Mikey apart is that he is just not a one-hit-wonder and you can see he continuously upload videos every now and then...really a testament his dedication on his craft.


I'm an advocate of sustainability and saving our natural resources. I think it's an easy choice for me to choose Save Philippine Seas as my vote for The Advocate. The battle for the environment is very challenging and I commend Anna's team to still use social media to influence others in saving the environment.


It is also hard to pick The One but I vote for Abe or Yugatech. You might be thinking why I chose him while I pick Carlo on the Tech Junkie category. I have this decision because I might like Carlo's take and opinion in terms of technology but Abe on the other hand has this good influential skills and shaped the ecosystem of social media. I personally was influenced by his views especially on technology which makes me decide to place my vote on him for this category.

Now you know my "Tatt" 10 picks for Globe Tatt's award. I might have different vote from you but end of the today I think all the nominees are winners on their own. I think being just nominated on this first ever award is already an honor. Personally, I would like to thank them for giving life and increasing social connectivity of people in our country.

Hope to be able to attend the awarding ceremony and know who will get the awards. Congratulations already to all the nominees!

For those who haven't voted yet, you can go to the Tatt Awards portal at http://tattoo.globe.com.ph/tattawards so you can see the full context of the awards and also vote for your favorite nominees. Your vote counts as it will comprise 10% of the total score for judging. So make that vote count! Feel free to share as well your Tatt 10 picks!

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*Credits: Images of the finalist are taken from Tatt Awards website
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