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Last October 23, several bloggers were invited to play bowling. I sign-up for it since I really love to bowl even if bowling doesn't like me. I love to play bowling when I was kid at Cubao with my cousins and I even remember asking my parents to enroll me for a bowling clinic. Going back to the event, I thought this will be just the usual bowling experience but I was surprised when the organizers sent us this video below:

Now, that interests me because it is bowling to the next level. I am really excited to try it out together with other bloggers. On the day of the event, I belong to Group H (I think) with Melody, Iris and Marnell. We were then briefed of what "Funky Bowling" is all about.
"Funky Bowling is a new and more fun style of bowling. Bowlers will be challenged to play differently as they will be given cards that would dictate how they are supposed to bowl for each frame."
The Funky Bowling Cards contain the following instructions (and some videos from the event):
  • Frame 1: Have someong stand in front of you, legs apart. Roll the ball through their legs.
  • Frame 2: Wear the blindfold and use the ramp to bowl
  • Frame 3: Bowl backwards between your legs
  • Frame 4: Bowl while on your knees
  • Frame 5: Bowl between your legs
  • Frame 6: Spin in circles five times and then bowl immediately
  • Frame 7: Sit indian style and roll the ball
  • Frame 8: Sit on the floor and bowl by pushing the ball with your feet
  • Frame 9: Lie down and bowl
  • Frame 10: Moonwalk in slow motion then bowl immediately
After 10 frames, I'm very happy to share that we are FIRST from the last (hehe!). We really enjoyed the game we forgot we are in a competition (excuses). I really recommend this activity for family and even for groups who wants to relax or have it as a teambuilding activity. It will be a sure hit.

If you want to try this out, SM Bowling Centers has four branches located in SM City Cebu, SM City Fairview, SM Mall of Asia ans SM North Edsa and boasts of the country's most luxurious and contemporary bowling centers today. This October 30 to November 2 will be the launch of their "Funky Halloween Bowl" where surely, all bowlers will get to experience fun and excitement. Here are the dates to remember:
  • October 30, 2010 - SM Mall of Asia and SM City Fairview
  • October 31, 2010 - SM North Edsa and SM City Cebu
Here are some other pictures from the event:

You can check their facebook fan page SM Supermalls Bowling for more updates on SM Bowling events! If you also want more stories like this, then don't forget to "Like" kahitanoito Facebook fan page!

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Image courtesy of Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Facebook fan page
It's trick or treat season once again! But in Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, they are just giving an awesome treat. The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Halloween treat is a just a 1-day event this October 27, 2010 (7pm-9pm). In order to get a FREE Regular Pomegranate Frozen Swirl, you just have to yell "TRICK OR POMEGRANATREAT!" during the date and time specified! You don't have to wear any costume or baskets to receive this freebies. Now, not only kids will enjoy the Halloween season!

The promo is available in Greenbelt, Trinoma, Alabang Town Center, Midtown, Four Seasons, Rockwell, Eastwood, Greenhills Promenade, Bonifacio High Street. Please take note that only 1 Pomegranated Frozen Swirl per person. :)
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Image courtesy of Yoshinoya Philippines

BUY 2 TAKE 1 JUMBO PLATES - NO coupons required.
1.      Buy 2 Jumbo meals.  Customers MAY CHOOSE ANY Jumbo meal for FREE.
2.      Valid for dine in and take out only.
3.      Promo duration:  October 25 - 31, 6pm onwards
4.      Not valid for bulk order ( bulk order = 10 orders of B2T1)
5.      Not valid with any other promotion
6.      Valid on all branches
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*Image courtesy of Starbucks Philippines facebook fan page

Starbucks Philippines Facebook fans are having a great treat of Crème Brulee Macchiato this October 26-28, 2010. Once you order a Crème Brulee Macchiato (hot or iced), they will treat you a second serving of Crème Brulee Macchiato absolutely FREE by just telling the barista a secret pass code "I am a Starbucks Philippines Facebook Fan". Isn't that easy? 

This treat is a way of thanking the 400,000 fans of Starbucks Philippines page. Please take note though that Crème Brulee Frappuccino™ is not included for this promo. :)

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The most anticipated movie of the year (Social Network) is coming and PLDT myDSL is giving us the opportunity to watch it in advance! Here is my analogy for their contest:

“The Social Network is to Facebook, as PLDT myDSL modem+wifi is to BEST High Speed Internet Connection Experience especially for every Filipino

Here are the features of the PLDT myDSL:
Here are the reasons why I love the myDSL:
  • No heavy IQ required - It is just plug and play and you are already in a new dimension of the cyber world. If you are used to with your regular myDSL modem, then this should be a no-brainer for you.
  • No strings attached - With the new PLDT myDSL modem+wifi I don't have to limit my mobility. With my gadgets with me around the house, I can connect even if I am 25 meters away. That's what you call mobility!
  • Share a wifi, Win more - If you have a high-speed plan with PLDT myDSL, then even if you have other siblings at home who connects to the internet then it should not be a problem. One should not wait too long to update their status message on their wall on the different "Social Networking" sites like Facebook as all you in the house can update it easily.
  • 4 is more - Well if you are not yet satisfied with the offerings above, PLDT myDSL even extend it further by its 4-port hub! Imagine Mommy, Daddy, Sister/Brother and you can connect at the same time! Now, you can sing the song about brushing teeth differently "Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, How's many are your Facebook friends online?"
  • Support me anywhere - With PLDT myDSL remote troubleshooting feature, you don't have to worry that your crops in Farmville will dry or your dishes in Restaurant City will be over-cooked. You feel safe that there will be a remote troubleshoot to help you on the way. It's like you 911 in PLDT myDSL.
  • It's Amazingly Cheap - When you though everything that I discussed will be for the blue-blooded royalties only, then you are totally wrong. The myDSL feature is for everyone with their great amazing deals. You can spend as much as Php 1,500 versus having a seperate modem and router! Now, who says Juan Dela Cruz cannot afford a high-speed internet. You just have to be wise and choose myPLDT DSL modem+wifi and you can have the connection without hurting your pocket!
Now, what are you waiting for? Go to your nearest PLDT outlets/center and avail of this PLDT myDSL modem+wifi NOW. Hurry, before the other rush and be like a zombie to go and grab one as well!

I so much love the movie Social network that I have created my own version of the poster. See below:

Here's the trailer of the movie as well for you to have a glimpse of what I'm excited about:

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*Image courtesy of McDonalds and Nuffnang
Let's do the "twist" again and rejoice as our favorite McDonald Twister Fries is back! Although it is just for a limited time only, I know many fries lovers are happy to hear this news. I just passed by this afternoon a McDo store but failed to notice that it is already back. I just do hope they will have the Twister Fries for good or at least they bring back their "Shake Shake Fries", which I truly enjoyed last September when I was in Malaysia.

The latest twister fries can be ordered ala-carte or with their their McFloat drinks. I think they are promoting their "Twist and Chill", which is a combination of Twister Fries and their Green Fizz Sprite McFloat. Here are the prices according to their mcdelivery website:
  • Twister Fries: Php 58.00
  • Twister Fries + Regular Green Fizz Sprite McFloat: Php 79.00
  • Twister Fries + Monster Green Fizz Sprite McFloat: Php 89.00
  • Twister Fries + Regular Coke McFloat: Php 75.00
  • Twister Fries + Monster Coke McFloat: Php 85.00

So what are you waiting for? Grab your twister fries before the limited time period runs out. Remember there are no more minimum orders at McDeliver. Just a fixed delivery charge of Php 40 and you are all set to be with your Twister Fries again. I'll grab myself one in a while. :)
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There are unusual things that when combined together makes a perfect pair e.g. milk and coffee, patis and calamansi, ketchup and mayo and many other things. Well KFC also have that idea and they come up with a nice surprise with their newest Chicken Flavor...KFC Chili Lime! Building on everyone’s favorite chicken, KFC came out with a bold and unexpected chicken bursting with flavor. KFC combined two familiar flavors, chili and lime, for an unlikely combination that just tastes so good. 
"The Chili Lime Chicken is marinated in special Chili Lime spices, then breaded and deep-fried for a crispy bite, and finally sprinkled with another dose of Chili Lime flavor. It’s a fusion of spicy and zesty flavors in one refreshing bite and finally sprinkled with another dose of Chili Lime flavor.  It’s a fusion of spicy and zesty flavors in one refreshing bite."
I was so excited when I got an invite for the event and really curious on their newest flavor. Until the last minute, I could not think of their newest flavor even with the clue on their invite that it is connected with color red and green. My initial guess is Red pepper and Mint but it is just weird that it may taste like a toothpaste. Fortunately, KFC is so innovative to surprise us with their newest treat. When the marketing manager of KFC unveiled their newest flavor, I began to have worry if it will really be a hit especially for die-hard Original recipe lovers like me. 

When I received my serving of KFC Chili Lime, I noticed that it is similar to their KFC Hot & Crispy chicken in terms of texture with the added aroma and flavor of lime. You can see from this photo the generous chili and lime flavor coating the chicken. I have my hesitations at first that the flavor will just be on the surface but they proved me wrong. I tried eating the meat of my Chili Lime and I'm impressed as the flavor can still be distinctly noticed. The feeling was great having a great combination of two opposing flavors bursting on your taste buds. I like how you have the alternate feeling of sour and spicy every time you bite. I did not notice that I enjoyed it and finished my serving. What surprised me the most is that I was able to finish it without dipping it on their world-famous KFC gravy. I think most Filipinos can relate how we love the gravy of KFC that sometimes becomes our soup alternative already. In having KFC Chili Lime, you would not even have to take a visit to refill your gravy as the chicken flavor well compensates it. :)

My Verdict: RECOMMENDED! I really enjoyed the experience when eating my KFC Chili Lime. I think KFC stores should allocate more of this on their stores as this will be a sure hit. I hope though it can be on their warmer for long and not for limited time. It is also well recommended for those who want to experience more spice to their usual Original recipe but not as spicy as compared to their Hot & Crispy flavor. What's even great with this is that you can order your KFC Chili Lime starting October 13, 2010 at NO ADDITIONAL COST from the current price of their chicken. I actually like my experience that I want to have myself on their video booth during the event, but unfortunately the queue is quite long and I have to go. If ever I will be invited by KFC to have my video taken, here's my testimonial for my KFC Chili Lime experience (I  hope you like it!):

"Nothing beats the ORIGINAL (recipe)? I don’t think so. KFC Chili Lime just proved me that it is wrong. KFC Chili Lime is a fusion of 2 exciting flavors in 1, like a match made in heaven! It is that good you don’t even need a gravy. It is truly a MUST TRY Chicken Experience for all!"

So, what are you waiting for? Go to a KFC store near you to try it before it’s gone

PS: The latest innovation from KFC was introduced to the public via a big launch held at the Blue Leaf Events Pavilion in McKinley Hill Village, Taguig. As a big treat to loyal KFC fans, they were all invited to guess the flavor of KFC by putting their guess as their Facebook status and tagging KFC Philippines on their Facebook wall. Participants with the most creative answers were invited to take the first bite of the KFC Chili Lime.
Hosted by Chico and Delamar of RX 93.1, media personalities and guests were entertained with games, activities and music while enjoying mouth watering KFC Chili Lime.  It was one fun-filled and refreshing event for all KFC fans. 

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10-10-10 Fuel Promo standee
There's a fiasco with everyone with October 10, 2010. It is very special since it's a "almost" once in a lifetime to have a date of 10-10-10, not unless you are still alive on October 10, 2110. I am also excited about this day because of several events around being offered given the special date. :)

Days before I already planned my schedule for this day. I have already prepared myself to join my fellow blogger for a dodgeball competition, accompany my youngest cousin for Robinson's model search and also go for the 10 pesos per liter sale of Caltex Philippines. I am quite excited to join the dodgeball competition because I'm fond of joining new sports and I would like to try if I can excel on it. 

It was exactly 12:00 AM  of the much anticipated date and I'm still wide awake. I started listening to RX and Magic to know the branches where I can fill up my car with the 10 peso-fuel. The songs over the radio are quite good that I did not notice I'm already dreaming and the next thing I know, it was already 11:30 AM. :(

Too bad I wasn't able to witness 10-10-10 at 10:10:10 AM and worst is that I wasn't able to catch-up the list of branches for the Caltex promo. I already saw notes that the sale has been running for some branches starting 10AM. I also received a note on work that needs me to standby at home. Thus, I will not really be able to go-out to accompany my cousin and at the same time join the dodgeball tournament. At that moment, I though the universe already unite to make my 10-10-10 so imperfectly well. I'm really frustrated with the entire situation and how such planned day became so messy.

My car being followed by others being the 1st car
Alas, a spark of light emerged from the darkness. My customer suddenly cancelled my meeting so I can now go out. Unfortunately, it is too late for me to join the dodgeball tournament since it is quite far from my place. I then decided to pull my dad to head at Caltex Ireneville station since I heard that it is one of the branches for the fuel promo. We rushed to the station hoping that we could still be accommodated but with the chain of misfortune, we were informed that they just finished the promo and it started since 10AM. The crew told us to try if their Alabang branch will have a promo but he is not sure.

My car being 1st on the line!

We were almost going back home and accept that 10-10-10 is not really for us. I then follow my intuition and check a Caltex station in Alabang. My dad actually wound not want since we do not know what specific branch to go but I told him that we just try. Since the day already went unwell then why not just try it. We are not actually not good in directions and have no idea where is the nearby Caltex branch and we just pass by a branch near Filinvest, in-front of Home Depot store.

We were surprised that when we arrived a van also just arrived and a group of people wearing HSBC shirt went out. I then realized that it might be the staff of HSBC and Caltext for the promo. We immediately parked near the van and asked if they are with the 10 peso promo. Fortunately, they are the staff for the promo and they haven't started  yet on that. We noticed the cars started to flock on the branch. Since we are near the van where the HSBC staff parked, they decided to start the queue for the promo with our car. I am very happy that we are Car #1 for the promo. Here are some of our pictures during the promo:

HSBC/Caltex staff putting a marker on my car

My car badly needs a full tank of unleaded fuel

Caltex staff filling up my tank!

Caltex staff strictly managing the queue

The long queue at Caltex Alabang

A landscape shot of the queue during the 10peso Caltex+HSBC event

It was a relief that after all the adventure, I was able to fill-up my tank with 28.480 liters of Caltex Gold, which would cost me on a normal day Php 1217.52. I had a happy feeling that it only costs me PHP 280.00. In times of economic crisis, having such promo is really a relief. I never knew that things will still run great after all what happened in the morning.
Almost 30 liters!

My receipt showing that I just paid 280 pesos for 28 liters of fuel! Yipee!

A picture with HSBC/Caltex staff
I almost thought that everything will be done after that. I treated myself with a new haircut on our way home to make my day really a perfect one. However, I think what caps off my day yesterday is I officially launched a new blog a few minutes before 10-10-10 expired. I don't want to reveal yet the name of this new blog but it is a special interest blog. I hope you will like my posts there and be able to generate influence to us Filipinos. Leave a comment to guess the name of my new blog and I might give you a prize as well. :)

Fuel discount, adventure with family, new haircut and lastly a new blog...these are the things that makes my 10-10-10 sooo perfectly well! :)

If you have other great 10-10-10 stories/photos to share, you may join Azrael contest here and win prizes from him. 
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A perfect 10 treat from Caltex is happening on Sunday, October 10, 2010 (10-10-10). It's an amazing deal for all HSBC cardholders out there as they are offering Php 10/liter of any Caltex fuel type (maximum of 30 liters) on their participating branches. See the complete details below:

October 10 2010 marks the greatest fuel sale of the year, as CALTEX in partnership with HSBC, comes up with the most amazing deal specially intended for its loyal enthusiasts.

The Surprising Offer!
HSBC cardholders get to pay only PHP10.00/liter, up to a maximum of 30 liters of any CALTEX fuel type (i.e., Gold, Silver, or Diesel).

Who Qualifies?
Other than being a Caltex patron, cardholders* must use his/ her HSBC credit card in the fuel purchase. Marshals are also assigned in the area to screen the cardholders based on the following:
·         must present a valid HSBC credit card;
·         must be present in the queue within the specified time as announced on radio and shown at the on-site timer during the event; and
·         can only avail of the offer once during the event.

When and Where?
The fuel sale will happen on 10-10-10! Listen to RX 93.1 or Magic 89.9 and wait for the DJ to announce what time you should head on to 10 participating Caltex stations within Metro Manila.

Spread the word to your family and friends!

* The qualified cardholder will continue to earn a 3% rebate on the transaction subject to the existing terms and conditions of the Caltex Rewards + Rebate Program. In case the transaction is rejected due to whatever reason, the cardholder will not qualify for the Php10.00 per liter benefit and shall be required to pay the full price.  In such a scenario, HSBC reserves the right to determine a replacement qualified cardholder.
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*Image courtesy of Procter and Gamble Philippines
Procter & Gamble Philippines has a big surprise to its consumers starting today (October 8) until November 7, 2010. They have declared a 15% National Price Off on 10 Brands! This activity is part of their way to thank their valued customers for staying strong in the market for 75 years already. The brands on sale are Ariel, Tide, Downy, Safeguard, Joy, Head & Shoulders, Pantene, Pampers, Whisper, and Olay.

What are you waiting for? Rush to your nearest supermarkets and groceries to avail of this awesome promotion! Don't forget to spread the news to your friends and family about it as well.
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*Photo courtesy of I want Jollibee! Jollibee On-Line Delivery!
Who said that we should only be proud of being a Filipino every Independence Day or when a Filipino athlete/ beauty queen wins competition? Well, Jollibee wants to hear why you are so proud to be a Pinoy and why you love their lasap pinoy Jollibee Yum. The best answer every week will win Php 5,000 worth of Jollibee gift certificates and premium items and the grand prize winner will just take away a brand new latest model Apple iPhone (I assume, iPhone 4) plus Php 5,000 worth of Jollibee gift certificates.  See the official promo mechanics below (as posted on their fan page notes) :

Jollibee I YUM On-line Contest Promo Mechanics 

  1. To join, click "Like" in the I Want Jollibee! Jollibee On-line Delivery! Facebook fan page wall and enter your statement on why you’re proud to be Pinoy and why you love Jollibee Yum. To ensure that your statements are properly monitored, type "I YUM" before your statement.
  2. Statements containing profane, lewd or other similarly offensive language shall be disqualified from the contest.
  3. Participants may enter as many statements as they want.
  4. Participants must be at least thirteen (13) years old to participate. Winning participants will be required to present a valid ID with proof of age in order to claim their prize.
  5. The contest is open from October 4 to 31, 2010.
  6. There will be four (4) weekly winners and one (1) grand prize winner. Following are the weekly cut-off periods: 
    • Week 1: October 4 -10
    • Week 2: October 11 – 17
    • Week 3: October 18 – 24
    • Week 4: October 25 -31

    Weekly winners will be chosen only from entries submitted within the weekly period. Entries submitted beyond the weekly cut-off period shall be considered for the succeeding week’s draw date.

    Weekly winners shall be announced on the following dates:

    • Week 1: October 15
    • Week 2: October 22
    • Week 3: October 29
    • Week 4: November 5

    The grand prize winner shall be chosen from among the four weekly winners. The grand prize winner will be declared on November 10.
  7. Entries will be judged based on the following criteria: Creativity, Nationalistic Appeal and Substance.
  8. Weekly winners shall receive P5,000 worth of Jollibee Gift Certificates and Jollibee Premium Items. The grand prize winner shall receive the latest model Apple iPhone plus P5,000 worth of Jollibee Gift Certificates.
  9. The names of the winners shall be posted on the I Yum Facebook fanpage. Winners will also be notified via Facebook message on how to claim their prizes. Winners will be required to submit the following personal details to the I Yum Facebook fanpage team: Name, Address, Contact Number and E-mail address.
  10. Employees of Jollibee Foods Corporation and their subsidiaries, affiliates, advertising and promotional agencies and their relatives up to the second degree of consanguinity or affinity are disqualified from the promo.

What I like about this contest is that it is not a "Liking" contest, which will just be abused by users with dummy accounts, and at the same time it let you refresh on how proud you are to be a Pinoy. Kudos to Jolibee for having this contest. What are you waiting for? Join now!
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