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America’s Best Dance Crew (ABDC) Season 3 winners – Quest Crew – will be dancing their way to the hearts of Filipinos in a series of concert this December.
*Image courtesy of Eastwood Mall
Armed with unmatched energy and magnetic charisma, the crew members captured the heart of Americans in ABDC back in 2009. Now, it’s time for Filipinos to witness their awesome moves and grooves at the Newport Performing Arts Theater, Resorts World Manila on December 3; at the Eastwood Mall Open Park on December 4; and at the Venice Piazza at McKinley Hill on December 5.

The concert will be a homecoming of sort for the group, having Filipino members. They are: Aris Paracuelles, Daniel Ryan “Ryanimay” Conferido, Dominic “D-Trix” Sandoval, and Brian Hirano.

Quest Crew is a family of close friends with a common love for dance and the arts. Accomplished dancers, each with their own specialty and style, they bring to the stage a great mix of humor, musicality, high-flying and eye-popping tricks, innovative choreography, and personality that consistently brings audiences to their feet. The group gained international popularity after winning the dance contest and has landed them in different dance concerts and appearances in Europe, Australia, and Asia.

Joining the international dance group in the concert series are Young JV, 23rd Awit Awards Best New Performer of the Year; Amber Davis, Urban Music Awards Best Female RnB artist; and Philippine All Stars, 2006 and 2008 winners of World Hip Hop Dance Championships.

So if you love to dance, be sure to catch Quest Crew as they perform in Manila for the first time. VIP seats will be given to special ticket patrons but general admission is free!

This concert was made possible through the help of McDonald’s, Pik-nik, The Bar, and Carlo Rossi; and media partners Channel V, the official Music Channel, Star World, Fox TV, Philippine Daily Inquirer, Businessworld, Herword.com Magic 89.9, 99.5 RT, Spot.ph, and Pep.ph. For more details, you can www.eastwoodcity.com or call 0917-838-0111.

If you failed to catch their performances or want to refresh your memories of their great locking styles, here's a video of them as posted in Youtube by imthefreakinbest.

I really do hope I can catch them live and attend their press conference. I'll share you if I will be able to join them.

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*Image courtesy of National Book Store Facebook fan page
For all Comics lovers out there, Christmas surprise from your Santa book store, National Book Store (NBS), is giving a lot of freebies this coming December 5, 2010. You can get a lot of freebies like free comic book, free sketch from a top graphic novel artists, win prizes, 20% discount on graphic novels and get a chance to win a sketch by Leinil Yu. You don't even have to spend a single centavo just to get some freebies on this event. Here's a summary of this event:

  • What: National Book Store Free Comic Books and MORE Event
  • Where: National Book Store Power Plant Mall
  • When: December 5, 2010 (2:00 PM  - 5:00 PM)
  • Why: A lot of freebies just by being there, which includes:
    • Get a FREE comic book!
    • Get a FREE sketch by top graphic novel artists!
    • Get a chance to win prizes by just showing up...no purchase necessary!
    • Get 20% OFF on all graphic novels at the event only
    • Get a chance to win a sketch by Leinil Yu with any graphic novel at the event only!
Save the date (December 5, 2010) and don't miss this event! :) I hope I can drop by to attend this event as well.

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*Image courtesy of www.missearth.tv website

In line with the vision of my blog to help uplift the spirit/hope of the Filipino nation, I hope we can express our support to our fellow countrymen competing right now in Vietnam. It will just take you less than a minute of your time to further make our Ms. Philippines (Kris Psyche Resus) to win the Ms. Photogenic and hopefully the Ms. Earth 2010 crown amidst having it in another country this year. I hope she will have the support just like how we did it for Efren Penaflorida and Venus Raj. Here's how you can help her:

It is just a simple process and I hope we can show our support for Psyche. You might know me to be not a fan of online voting but I'm taking it aside for now to support not only our countrymen but a good person as well. I have been able to interact with Psyche just last May for Nestea Hot Camp and she is very nice person whenever I saw here every week during the camp (During that time even she still not a contestant for Ms. Earth-Philippines). I really do hope she win! Let's vote and watch her bring home the crown!

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One of our favorite clothing brand, Giordano Philippines, is giving out a treat before November ends. They have a 5-day anniversary sale which is up to 25% OFF from November 26-30, 2010. What's great with this sale is that they even included on the sale new arrival items. You don't have to limit yourself with old styles just to buy products on sale. :) Here are more pictures of the sale and it's summary:
  • What: Giordano 5-Day Anniversary Sale (Up to 25% OFF)
  • When: November 26 - 30, 2010
  • Where: Giordano Stores
  • Why: It's a great treat especially it includes some new arrival items and its Giordano!
Hurry rush to your favorite Giordano stores to avail of this promotion!

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The Refresh Your Gear Promo might be over but Adidas prepared another one for all those who are not into non-athletic Adidas merchandise or shoes. They are giving up to 60% DISCOUNT from the original price of their Porsche Design products, Originals Products and Stella McCartney. Please take note that you CANNOT expect sports performance / athletic products during this particular sale. Adidas mentioned that they accept major credit cards during the sale. Here are the summary of the sale:

  • What: Adidas Special Sale (Up to 60% Off)
  • When: November 17-20, 2010 (10AM to 8PM)
  • Where: Adidas Head Office - 38F Robinsons Equitable Tower, ADB Avenue Corner Poveda Street, Ortigas Center, Pasig City
  • Why: They offer 60% discount on Porsche Design products, Originals Products and Stella McCartney
    • NOTE: Sports Performance/ Athletic products during the sale
    • Major Credit Cards are accepted
I hope you will have some great finds here in time as you start your Christmas shopping. :) I was able to check their sale last time and they are quite organized that they did give out numbers to customers and they align with people if the venue is already full of people ( and just advise them to come back).

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I don't normally want to post negative write-up on my blog but I have been receiving some comments from my readers about the incident that happened last Saturday regarding the 50% and 60% sale of 2 mobile companies (LG and Nokia). As a blogger, I don't just post sale announcement and as much as possible try my best to go to these sale events that I post. I do that because I believe I also have the responsibility to my readers to tell them whether the sale is really a great deal or not. I did not line up during the event but a relative of mine got interested to purchase one after reading my post. 

My cousin was there when the mall just opened and he told me that it was really unorganized. People run to the 4th floor of the mall expecting they will be the first people in the line but to their surprise there are around 20-40 people who are already there lined up. How can people suddenly be there when the mall just opened? Not unless they locked themselves up the previous night or better yet they were employees of an establishment of the mall and used their employee IDs to get inside even before regular customers can. I was informed by my cousin that these people who are there in line were really employees of some establishment. The frustration doesn't end there as the line of customers have not been organized well by the people who should be responsible. When we arrived at the mall to check my cousin, we found him at a lump of people in front of Samsung store without a clear line. People also began to swarm around the LG store thus really creating a great mess. I was informed that in only a few minutes after opening, the queue of customers end up until the ground floor already. 

I don't think Nokia and most especially LG can blame the customers being angry after they announced that they are ending the sale already. To be fair with Nokia, I think they are more organized as compared to LG during that day (at least in SM Megamall) but also heard some problems at the start of their sale. In LG Sale, people are already screaming to boycott LG and screaming BOO at the announcer because of the whole fiasco.  I believe if it was just organized and expectations were set at the start, then the whole thing will not end up that way. If these companies just want to sensationalize this sale, I hope this is not at the mercy of these people where some even came from the provinces just to support their sale event.  

Here are some of my constructive criticisms that hopefully can be heard and will be implemented in the future by other mobile networks or any other companies planning to set-up such massive sale event:

  • Organize the event well - I heard the security are not that well informed about the event and I haven't seen much manpower from the companies to help organize the people. Don't tell us that you don't expect a lot of people to come because as the organizer of such event, you should always prepare for the worst thing possible.
  • Provide numbers/stubs - I think all the confusion on lines and other items could be prevented if a priority number was given to the customers on queue. If LG knew that they only have 30 units to sell, then they could just release 30 numbers to the first 30 VALID customers and tell the other people that all units are taken. In that case, people will not line up anymore and wait for hours waiting for nothing. If this strategy was just implemented, the usual "singitan" could have prevented.
  • Be fair to all customers - I think LG/Nokia should never allowed those employees of the mall who were inside the establishment to purchase the devices on sale. It is very unfair for those customers who lined up at the heat of the sun outside of the mall just to wait for the opening. I actually think it could have been better if the sale event was held not in a mall where such unfair acts can be done. If it is only the venue possible, then I think it could have been better if both companies just designated a specific entrance on the mall where they can line up while waiting for the opening of the store. Companies can then hand-out numbers right from there. In this case, people will not have to run for their life going to the store.
  • Security enforcement - I saw security personnel started to be around the perimeter when the people started shouting already. I'm not sure who's fault is in here but I would expect that these companies should have called them early on so the lines were organized and angry customers can be calmed down.
A lot of people are frustrated about the entire fiasco of the sale. I am also disappointed on how things were done. I don't think these people deserve such treatment and should not be abused for the sake of making the event "success". The success of a sale event is not judged by the number of people who came but I believe it should be on the number of "HAPPY" and "SATISFIED" customers after buying a great deal from an event. In that case, I believe the sale event last Saturday is a failure. Good thing violence did not occur or else things could have been worse. I hope everyone should take this as a lesson.
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Its November 15 today and we should start the week right. What a better way to start it by booking a reservation at Thunderbird Resorts for a great discounted rates, which is exclusive to Facebook fans. I was able to stay at their Rizal resort and I had an amazing experience (watch-out for my post). Here's the mechanics of their promo:

Here's how to avail of our special rates today!

  • Like Thunderbird Resorts Facebook Fan page
  • On November 15, 2010, log on to Thunderbird Resorts Philippines Facebook Fan Page and get special room rates (Offer is valid today only, 8am to 5pm):
    •  Rizal  3,500 (weekday)/ 3,800 (weekend)
    • Poro Point 4,900 (weekday)/ 5,250 (weekend)
    • Book 2 nights at Poro Point on a Weekday and Get free ZestAir roundtrip tickets for 2
  •  To avail of the special room rates, comment on the status:
    • “It’s Thunderbird Resorts Facebook Fans Day! Are you a certified fan? Get our special room rates available only today for Nov 16 – Dec 15 2010 reservations. Leave your Name, Email Add, Preferred Date/s, and identify if in RIZAL or PORO. Then wait for our confirmation email. BOOK NOW!”
  • A confirmation email will be sent to the fans, along with payment instruction.
Book Now!
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*Image courtesy of Max's Restaurant Facebook fan page
For all those Max's Restaurant lovers out there who can still cannot forget the Max's all-you-can-chicken promo, you will be happy to see this news. It may not be a unlimited chicken but it is close to that as they are giving away 1 FREE WHOLE Max's Chicken when you order online a minimum amount of Php 2,500. It's really a great value for all chicken lovers out there as they can indulge more chicken experience with this promo. See complete mechanics below:

Promo mechanics: 
1. Get 1 whole regular Max's fried chicken for FREE for a minimum online order worth P2,500 (single transaction only) placed on www.maxschicken.com
2. Promo is valid for all online transactions scheduled for delivery from November 15 - December 31, 2010 (Philippine local date and time).
3. Promo is valid only for online transactions processed within the Max's website system (limited to orders placed on the official Max's website www.maxschicken.com)
4. Promotion cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions and/or discounts
5. Promotion is valid from Nov 15, 2010 to December 31, 2010 (Philippine local date and time)
6. Max's Online reserves the right to amend the terms & conditions without prior notice

This promo is really good especially it is until Christmas and New Year's eve season. :)

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Android phones are becoming so popular nowadays but most of them are quite pricey. The entry level Android phone in the market will cost you around 10-12 thousand pesos. But, good thing LG Philippines will be having a LG Optimus One (P500) 1 Day, 1 Hour, 1 Chance Special Introductory Sale. The offer is a 50% DISCOUNT on its original price making it only PHP 6,490 at selected venues only. Here are the details and specifications of this promo:

  • What: LG P500 Optimus One 1 Day, 1 Hour, 1 Chance Sale
  • When: November 13, 2010 (2PM - 3PM)
  • Where: SM Megamall, SM Cebu, Gaisano Davao, SM North EDSA
  • Why: It's a great offer for Android phones! :)
Terms and Conditions:
  • Discount promo is open to all buyers of the LG P500 Optimus One with Google smartphone. 
  • For every purchase of an LG P500 Optimus One with Google smartphone from any participating LG concept stores, the customers are entitled to get a 50% discount upon purchase.
  • To avail:
    • Customers must go the participating concept stores on November 13, 2010, between 2:00PM to 3:00 PM to avail of the discount.
    • The 50% discount from SRP will be automatically deducted upon purchase of the unit.
    • Only one unit can be purchased per customer.
    • Consumer may be able to avail of the discount via cash or credit card straight payment.
  • Participating LG Stores:
    • SM Megamall LG Concept Store: 4th Floor Cyberzone Mega B, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City
    • SM Cebu LG Concept Store: 2nd Floor, SM Cebu, Cebu City
    • Gaisano Davao LG Concept Store: 3rd Floor, Gaisano Davao, Davao City
    • SM North EDSA LG Concept Store: 4th Floor Cyberzone The Annex, SM North EDSA
  • Employees of LG Electronics Philippines, its distributors, dealer network, accredited advertising agencies and suppliers, and their relatives up to 2nd degree of consanguinity or affinity are NOT qualified to join the promo.
  • Per DTI-NCR Permit No. 5911 series of 2010
It will be a sure hit for all android lovers out there or for those who would like to try Android technology. Better line up early as this will be a long queue. :)

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*Image courtesy of Adidas Philippines
Don't just throw away your old shoes away. Adidas brought back their Refresh Your Gear promo to save a huge amount of money to buy a brand new shoes. All you have to do is bring your old athletic shoes (even non-Adidas brand) and get Php 500 and Php 1000 OFF when you trade for a new pair. This is an amazing savings especially for those people who usually wants to buy new shoes every now and then and at the same time make use of your old stuff rather than just storing them on your cabinets or worse throwing them all away. Here is the complete mechanics of the promo:

Terms and Conditions:

  • Bring in your old athletic shoes to over 146 participating Adidas stores nationwide
  • In exchange of your athletic shoes, get:
    • Php 500 OFF your new purchase worth Php 1,500 - Php 3,499
    • Php 1000 OFF your new purchase worth Php 3,500 and up
  • 1 pair of athletic shoes = 1x discount value. Each discount value is applicable for only one item purchased. Bring in as many old athletic pairs to get discounts on as many new shoes.
  • We only accept athletic shoes of any brand ( no sandals, high heels, flats, leathers or infant shoes). Old athletic shoes have to be in decent condition and is still functional.
  • All old athletic shoes will be donated to Hope Worldwide Philippines Incorporated.
  • This promo is not in conjunction with any other promos.
  • Promo Period runs from October 1, 2010 - October 31, 2010 [Extended until November 14, 2010]
Hurry grab your old shoes and trade them up for a new one! You are not just enjoying the savings from doing so, you are even giving a new shoes to a charity (Hope Worldwide Philippines Incorporated). 

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*Image courtesy of Giordano Philippines Facebook fan page

Hey loyal fans of Giordano, here's a good news for you. Giordano Philippines is having a "Giordano Win When You Shop Anniversary Raffle Promo" for their loyal customers and great prizes await on the different draws. 70 items such as iPod, Blackberry, iPad, camera, phones, etc are up for grabs. All you have to do is purchase at least Php 1,000 of Giordano products and you already have a raffle entry. Here's the detailed mechanics below:

1. Customers get one (1) raffle coupon for every P 1000 purchase in any Giordano Philippines store nationwide, single or accumulated receipts. Customer will fill-out the coupon with their name, address, contact number and affix signature.

2. Customers can drop their coupons in drop boxes located in all Giordano Philippines stores nationwide. 

3. Promo period is from October 1 to November 30, 2010 until store closing hours only. All raffle draws will be held at the Giordano Philippines Head Office 170 F. Blumentritt corner Gen. San Luis St., Brgy. Tibagan, San Juan City. The customer can only win once. Non-winning entries after each draw will be included in the succeeding draw dates.

Draw dates are as follow:
  • 1st draw October 15, 2010 (deadline of entries: October 9, 2010)
  • 2nd draw October 29, 2010 (deadline of entries: October 23, 2010)
  • 3rd draw November 12, 2010 (deadline of entries: November 6, 2010)
  • 4th draw November 26, 2010 (deadline of entries: November 20, 2010)
  • GRAND DRAW December 10, 2010 (deadline of entries: Nov 30, 2010)

4. T.F.B. Inc/Giordano Philippines will draw a total of 70 winners nationwide. All draws shall be witnessed by a DTI Representative. Winners will be informed through registered mail and through their mobile/landline phone. The names of winners will also be posted in all Giordano Philippines stores and in major broadsheets. 

5. There will be a total of 70 of prizes to be given away. The breakdown of the prizes is as follows: 
  • 1st draw (October 15, 2010)
    • 4 winners of Samsung Corby S3650
    • 10 Winners of P 5,000 worth of Giordano Gift Certificates
  • 2nd draw (October 29, 2010)
    • 4 winners of 8GB Apple Ipod Touch 
    • 10 Winners of P 5,000 worth of Giordano Gift Certificates
  • 3rd draw (November 12, 2010)
    • 4 winners of Canon Ixus 130
    • 10 Winners of P 5,000 worth of Giordano Gift Certificates
  • 4th draw (November 26, 2010)
    • 4 winners of Blackberry Curve 8520 
    • 10 Winners of P 5,000 worth of Giordano Gift Certificates
  • Grand Draw (December 10, 2010)
    • 3 winners of 16GB Wifi Apple Ipad
    • 3 winners of Technomarine Cruise
    • 3 winners of Sanyo Xacti VPC-CA 100 (Waterproof Camcorder)
    • 5 winners of P 30,000 shopping spree from Giordano

6. Prizes are transferrable but not convertible to cash. For purposes of validation, winners are asked to bring the following when claiming their prize: (a) Valid winning raffle coupon stub (b) Any 2 valid identification cards with name, picture and signature and (c) Registered mail notification.

7. Redemption shall be within 60 days from receipt of notification. Prizes can also be redeemed at 170 F. Blumentritt corner Gen San Luis St., Brgy. Tibagan, San Juan. Winners from the province will be advised of the appropriate provincial branch (nearest to the winner’s address) where they can claim their prizes through registered mail and through their mobile/landline number. Prizes not claimed after 60 days from receipt of notification will be forfeited in favor of T.F.B. Inc./Giordano Philippines with prior approval of DTI.

8. Employees of T.F.B. Inc./Giordano Philippines and advertising and promotional agencies including their relatives up to the second degree of consanguinity or affinity are disqualified from joining the promotion. The 20% Tax for prizes above P 10,000.00 will be paid for by T.F.B. Inc./Giordano Philippines.

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