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The moment I saw the My Shirt Story contest posted at Tatak Digitista Blog, I already set to myself that I will join this contest. Not really for winning the contest (but if I will do it will be really great) but more for the great concept of paying forward. I never knew though that in the process it will be really hard to select which story I will post and also willing to share and give hope to other people.

I think for the people close to me they know that I'm very sentimental on things that I am so attached on people or things. I find it hard to let go even on small items (e.g. boarding pass, receipts during my 1st trip, etc.) because I want to treasure the memories that is embedded on it. No wonder you see a lot of "clutter" on my desk or cabinet because all of them seems relevant for me. I actually had hard time choosing the shirt that I will enter this competition not because I don't want to share but more of the memories that is engraved on it. I just then talked to myself that in the end, the simple shirt that I'll be sharing could change the life of the person and further engraving more memory on the shirt...
Me (carrying a plastic bag of goodies) passing relief good to the truck that will be given to the victims of Ondoy
*Taken during the Operation Tulong Bayan at Whitespace, Makati

Since the promo is about giving, I though of the shirt that I always wear when I'm volunteering...my white Disney shirt. I always wear this shirt because it is very comfortable to wear and at the same time it somehow gives a positive energy. I think you have read from my previous posts how I love Disney as it creates a positive aura and inspires you to do things of infinite possibilities. I think the magic of Disney is encapsulated on the thread of this shirt that's why it always gives me a positive attitude whenever I wear this shirt.
Shows only a portion of the relief goods packed by the volunteers as some has been loaded already

This shirt is also special to me because it is something given to my by relatives in the US. If I remember correctly this is part of our X-mas gifts when we used to have our Lolo and Lola a few years back. This shirt bring back memory as well of my 2 angels in heaven and how I truly miss them. I know they are very happy with me sharing this shirt for others.

Me at the middle waiting for the relief goods to be passed for the waiting truck

I have chosen this shirt as well because of the story behind it. As you can see from the images on this post, the shirt has been an instrument of hope during the time of crisis. It was September 2009 when the country was hit by the tropical Storm Ondoy. I was very thankful that our location was not badly beaten by the devastating storm that month. However, a lot of Filipinos are not as fortunate and a lot lost their houses and even lives of family members for some. After the storm, there are a lot of donation drive going on throughout the country. I'm thinking initially of just giving financial aid but made me realize it would be better if I also give my time and extend my hand to those people directly helping them. I really have a busy schedule that time but together with my friends we went to Whitespace in Makati to join the Operation Tulong Bayan. I immediately changed from my office clothes to my Disney shirt upon arrival seeing the heavy task ahead. I think somehow the shirt helped to pump up the adrenaline within me and help me to overcome the challenging repacking and release of relief goods for the victims. We are also time pressured that time as the trucks need to leave soon in order to arrive at the earliest possible time to the evacuation centers, most especially at the Northern regions.
Me (standing) on a candid shot while segregating the goods.

My shirt is drenched in sweat after packing hundreds of goods and lifting/passing them to be released on the truck but I never felt tired or exhausted. It was a very challenging endeavor but I was amazed by the strong will of Filipino volunteers just to extend their help. There are even rich and famous people but all of equally share the work with the end goal of bringing hope to the families who will receive the goods. It was almost midnight when we finish without having dinner yet but our soul and spirit are filled with high hopes during that time. We know that with this simple gesture, it will give a spark of hope and from there start a new life.
Another shot of me hurrying as we need to transport the good soon

As I saw on the news the following day how these relief goods were given to family, tears started to form on my eyes. I know that a simple gesture I did made a long way for them... A simple relief to uplift their hearts on times of crisis, a simple act that paved the spirit of volunteerism on this nation. We might be divided by controversies but Filipino heart beats as one to help each other proving "bayanihan" tradition is still within our veins.
Me with my friends not feeling tired while helping out!

Since then, the shirt has been a reminder for me of my duty to be a positive change for others. It inspired me to act on things and have a positive attitude and be the catalyst for social change. I might not win this contest but I'm fully satisfied already knowing I can help improve the life of an individual...that alone cannot be matched with the prizes at stake. I hope whoever will get this shirt will have the same spirit within and help change this world for the better...

I love this shirt! Now I want someone else to love it too! I support the Electrolux Wash-athon Clothes Donation Advocacy.
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I think most of us live in the magic of Disney and the joy it brings to every child around the world. The magic stayed on our hearts and grew further as the year passes by. The music of Disney movies provided in us life lessons, inspirations and message of hope. The OST of these movies has been on our lullaby when we were a child and now a track on our favorite playlist. A music that proved "A Whole New World" can be created with Disney.

Ariel of The Little Mermaid floating on the stage*Image courtesy of Vivre Fort Facebook page
Also, I Love Disney because it makes you believe on infinite possibilities. It creates a positive aura that dream do come true and be optimistic as you walk through your daily challenges in life. In any ages, in any walks of life, Disney never fails in rekindling the children in ourselves where sadness and pain goes away with such simple characters that change our lives forever. Simple and hackneyed as it may seem but this is the reality of the magic of Disney that’s why I love him even I’m already on my silver years.

As I grew older, I promised to myself that I will be flying to Disney and experience the magic myself. Fortunately, 2 years ago I was able to fulfill my long-term dream when my family and I planned our first-ever trip outside the country to visit Hong Kong Disneyland for my birthday. I even booked my stay at Disney Hollywood Hotel to complete my Disney experience.

Aladdin and Jasmine on a magic carpet ride! Just like a dream...
*Image courtesy of Vivre Fort Facebook page
I'm already 23 that time but still I enjoyed every second of it. My parents who were already around at their golden years also was ecstatic and happy like a 5-year-old kid when they entered the happiest place on the planet. The music around, the mascot greeting you in every corner and the magnificent rides was just phenomenal. To describe them in words here is just an understatement to describe the feeling. The most spectacular moment was the fireworks display which is coordinated to the Disney songs that touched our lives. I was in tears at that moment just seeing the magnificent experience and ensured I captured it on my camera as a remembrance. How I wish more Filipinos can visit Disneyland and feel the magic within...

However, I was deeply saddened last year when all my pictures and videos during my visit was lost as my HD was corrupted. I really prayed that there could be a way to at least save those pictures as I don't want to lose the moment when I was there...it was like losing a "Part of Your World" during that time. I don't know when I'll be going back to Disneyland and re-create the memories I used to have during my stay. I don't have the money and time to fly out and visit Disney again and how I just wish there's a Disneyland here in the Philippines...
Disney Live on September 23-25, 2011 (Cebu) and October 5-9, 2011 (Manila)
*Image courtesy of Vivre Fort Facebook page
We might not be able to bring Disneyland here in our country but at least I saw a great news recently that I know most Filipinos will surely love. Disney icon, Mickey Mouse, and his friends like Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy will be performing in a music mash-up of mega proportions as Disney Live! comes to Manila and Cebu City for the first time! These Disney characters will showing Filipino audience their newest stage show Mickey's Music Festival. Concertgoers will hear greatest hits from the blockbuster movies, Aladdin, The Little Mermaid,and Disney/Pixar’s Toy Story remixedto rock, pop, reggae, hip-hop, jazz and country, among other jams. Produced by Feld Entertainment, Disney Live! Mickey’s Music Festivalbrings the biggest concert experience to hit live family entertainment. Thisshow is presented in the Philippines by Vivre Fort Entertainment Inc., GuessKids and Fox International Channels.
Donald Duck, Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse and Goofy all set to amaze the Filipino crowd
*Image courtesy of Vivre Fort Entertainment Facebook page
Here's what Producer and CEO of Feld Entertainment, Kenneth Feld, have to say about this show:
“One song can touch millions ofpeople around the world and Disney has been at the beat of this concept foryears by making music a main ingredient of storytelling,”“In Disney Live! Mickey’s Music Festival weare celebrating with the Disney characters to a soundtrack of the latest soundsand chart-topping hits. We want our guests to walk away with lasting memoriesand singing these unforgettable melodies long after they leave the show.”

Disney Live!Mickey’s Music Festival,featuring an all star line-up of more than 25 Disney characters, begins with audiences watching a state-of-the-artvideo projection of the frenzy backstage which spills onto the stage as Mickeywelcomes guests to his concert tour. Soon thereafter, they will be transported to a new worldof hip hop beats, dizzying acrobatics, flying carpets and magicaltransformations with Aladdin, Jasmine and Genie. Underwater is where thecrowd will meet up with Ariel, Sebastian and their nautical pals to groove tothe reggae rhythm. And, family and friends will stomp to the beat asWoody, Buzz and Jessie teach them how to boogie rodeo-style. Anyone can be a member of the band as giant-sizedballoons fall from the ceiling in one scene and then in the next, Disney charactersare dancing in the aisles. You can see more pictures of what to expect from the photo slide below.

Here's what Producer and Executive Vice President of Feld Entertainment, Alana Feld, have to say about what to expect from the show:
“We’vecreated an environment where audience members will be able to connect with theDisney stars,”“Within each concert moment are elements of personal interactionand they will be harmonizing, dancing, laughing and having an outrageously goodtime with the characters right there in their city.”

*Image courtesy of http://disneylive.com.ph

Disney Live!Mickey’s Music Festivalwas built with a global audience in mind and a goal of being as universal asits featured music. The father-daughterproduction team, Kenneth Feld and Alana Feld, has hand selected award-winningcreative talents whose credits span from working with Madonna to winning aLatin Grammy® Award to designinghundreds of costumes for Disney theme park shows:
  • Director/Choreographer Fred Tallaksen is the award-winning choreographer of Madonna’s“Sorry” video and the finale of her Confessions World Tour. In 2008, he earned a Latin Grammy® in theBest Video category for Juanes’s “Me Enamora.” Tallaksen was also skating choreographerfor “Austin Powers III-Goldmember”
  • Writer JeremyDesmon’s credits include The Girl in theFrame, If You Give A Mouse A Cookie & Other Storybooks and Curious GeorgeLive! Hereceived the 2007 Kleban Award for excellence in Musical TheatreBookwriting, and is also a recipient of the Dramatists Guild's JonathanLarson Fellowship
  • Scenic Designer Rick Papineau is the vice president of Scenic Elements at FeldEntertainment and is credited for leading the creation of life-like versions ofthe characters from Disney/Pixar’s Cars that move on ice for DisneyOn Ice presents Worlds of Fantasy
  • Costume Designer Cynthia Nordstrom designed costumes formore than 15 original dance shows in Downtown Disney from 1996 until 1999 andis credited for designing costumes for Disney On Ice presents Worldsof Fantasy
  • Lighting Designer Sam Doty is eager to work on his second Disney Live! show after Disney Live! Mickey’s Rockin’ Road Showput him in the spotlight
  • MusicDirector Stan Beard has arranged andwritten the musical score for numerous domestic and international Disney On Ice productions; has worked inthe recording studio with such luminaries as Barbra Streisand and Frank Sinatra
Mickey and Friends, Ariel, Aladdin, Jasmine, Genie, Buzz and Woody are all present to amaze us all!
*Image courtesy of Vivre Fort Entertainment Facebook page
Disney Live! Mickey’s Music Festival is set to be staged this year at the Waterfront Cebu City Hotel from September 23-25 and at the Smart Araneta Coliseum from October 5-9. For Manila shows, ticketsare exclusively available at Ticketnet (911-5555) located in SM Departmentstores and at the Smart Araneta Coliseum. For Cebu shows, tickets can bepurchased at SM Tickets (032-231-3876) located in SM Cinemas, Waterfront CebuCity Hotel (032-232-6888) and at Ayala Center Cebu. For more details, visit www.disneylive.com.ph or call Vivre FortEntertainment at (02) 470 6956.

Image courtesy of Vivre Fort Entertainment
Disney Live! Mickey’s MusicFestival is also brought to you by Smart Araneta Coliseum, Waterfront Cebu CityHotel, Citibank, ABS-CBN, ABS-CBN Regional Group, Araneta Center, GatewayCineplex 10, Alimall Cineplex 4, SM Cinemas, SM City Cebu, Discovery Suites, RenowedSound and Various Production, MYX, Manila Bulletin, Businessworld, Sunstar,Cebu Daily News, Crossover 105.1, Power FM Cebu, Love Radio 97.9, Y101 Cebu,Alcordo Advertising, Greenworld LED Solutions and Manila Concert Scene. Thisevent is for the benefit of Senyas Kamay Pilipinas.

Now, who told you that you need to "Go the Distance" just to watch your favorite Disney stars. I encourage every Filipino families to catch this rare opportunity to relieve that Disney spirit that we have in our hearts. I bet even the parents or grandparents will enjoy this magnificent show. If you treat your kids on this, they will certainly "Can (You) Feel the Love Tonight". What are you waiting for? Don't need to look at your "Reflection", reserve your tickets right away! See you at the show! :)

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Before I start my series of post on Orange Magazine TV and AstroVision/AstroPlus Blogger's Blowout tech/gadgets features, I would like to share first a product that was shown to us during the event. I think this product is very fitting for tech bloggers who wants their gadgets instantly clean.

I think even non-bloggers can also relate that it is very hard to clean gadgets given their design and miniature components. I must admit I'm facing such problems with cleaning the keyboard and I have to get a paint brush to remove the dirt. Unfortunately, there are still hard to reach areas that brush alone or even the mini-vacuum couldn't suck or remove.

Cyber Clean being sold at your favorite AstroVision and AstroPlus stores
Good thing a product is readily available with the promise to clean your gadgets and tools...Cyber Clean. During the event, they organizers provided a demo on how to use the product. I'm a bit hesitant initially if this product will really work and how is it different from the conventional rag or chamois. Bloggers like Azrael, Orlee and Ruth volunteered to use Cyber Clean and see if it is really working. See some pictures below:
Azrael cleaning hard to reach areas (exterior) of his camera
Hosts and curious bloggers trying to see if the product really works
I personally convinced on the ease of use during the demo. I was impressed that you don't have to rub it around just to remove the dirt. All you have to do is to press Cyber Clean on the surface of your gadget. In a few seconds, all the dirt will be trapped in the material and the germs on the surface will be 99.9% killed! The Cyber Clean material is like a slimy that takes the shape on the spaces within your gadget to remove the dirt even on hard to reach areas.
Patented cleaning action of Cyber Clean = Dust, Dirt & Germs In, Water Out
One careful note though, don't use the product in cleaning the lens of your camera. I think given the components of Cyber Clean it could potentially damage your camera. Net, use this product to clean the exteriors of your camera. :-) You can use this product in cleaning your keyboards, mobile phone, printer, etc. On another note, I have seen from their site that they also have the blue variant which suits for cleaning your cars as well. 

Blogger Azrael looking the dirt trapped on Cyber Clean from his camera
I think this is a good buy as it is sold cheaply in the market with the convenience and effectiveness of the product. If you take good care cleaning the inside of your gadgets (e.g. anti-virus, etc.), I think it is also equally important to take good care in cleaning its outside components as well. 

What are you waiting for? Go to your nearest AstroVision / AstroPlus store to purchase one and have a clean gadget all the time! Thanks Orange Magazine TV and AstroVision/AstroPlus for this introducing this product to us!

Here are some other pictures during the event while featuring this product during the event:

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Too bad I'm not qualified to join for this year's Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs. I remember last year being part of this event and also wishing my luck to be part of the lucky 10. I'm still happy though on the 10 winners last year. In the spirit of this event, I'm releasing my top 10 picks (in random order) to be awarded as one of the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs:

  • Certified Foodies - The combination of Mhel and Ken is great with their insights and true love for food! 
  • BloggerManila - Social Media blog from one of the known blogger and annual recipient of Emerging Influentual Blog, Jonel Uy.
  • RizalPark.org - I initially thought this site is managed by an NGO and I was amazed that it is just from a plain blogger with a pure passion about reliving in our hearts our national hero.
  • Unbox.ph - You might have known that I voted for Carlo Ople for Globe Tatt Awards for Tech Junkie. He might have not won on that awards but hopefully he makes it this time as he also deserve this award.
  • Lafanggero - If you love his recycle bin of a middle child, then you will also love his adventures on food as he launched this blog. Great photography and really great insights on the different resto around to try
  • A Teachers Journey - I was touched reading her blog. I don't know her but I was amazed by his story. I hope she gets this award and gets motivated to write more and influence other people
  • Sleek In the City - I only knew Mark as part of the apprentice program of Jonel. Great writing skills and also an eye on telling his story via his photos as well.
  • YipeeMedia  - A new lifestyle and entertainment blog to watch-out for. Read his blog to know why.
  • Blog-ph - A blogger friend of mine and from the recipient of last year's award as well. Another good blog from him. :)
  • Pinay Travelogue - A new filipina adventurer making its way with great stories about her travel!
Thanks to the following sponsors for supporting this event: Cyber Monday DealsTRIbeca Private ResidencesHow To VideosPalawan Beaches for Sale,Green and Natural Lubes PhilippinesPhilippine data centerPhilippine online shoppingSingapore JobsPinoy Party FoodManila rentals, and Great product deals.

Congratulation to all participants and hopefully most of my picks will make it to the top 10. Winner or not you all deserve the award! :) 

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On September 11, don't forget that it is a special day to commemorate the special people in our lives...our Grandparents. To commemorate this day, Reyes Barbeque a warming surprise for Grandparents as you treat them out on their store. 
Image courtesy of Reyes Barbeque
Reyes Barbecue celebrates Grandparents Day on September 11. To honor this wonderful occasion, our Lolo and Lola will receive Sotanghon soups, absolutely FREE!

Visit any participating Reyes Barbecue store on September 11 and attain a minimum single receipt purchase of P1,000 to avail of the promo!

“My Lolo, the former Supreme Court Justice Alex Reyes, and my Lola, Engracia Reyes, who was the pioneer restaurateur of the Philippines, were my inspirations for studying hard, and establishing and growing my Reyes Barbecue business. Celebrating Grandparents Day is a great reminder for all of us to honor the wonderful legacies our grandparents left us”, says
Frank Reyes, CEO and founder of Reyes Barbecue.

Order the perfect, healthy grilled meals for your Lolo and Lola – Grilled Bangus Belly, or the delectable Grilled Pusit, or the yummy Grilled Tuna Belly, or the tasty Grilled Salmon Belly, or everyone’s favorite, the classis Boneless Chicken Barbecue! All served with the delicious Java Rice, Peanut Sauce or Pica Pica Sauce, and Atchara or Ensaladang Talong! And to enjoy the sweet celebration more, have Lolo and Lola share a Banana Caramel ala Mode for dessert.

This Free Sotanghon Soup Promo for all Lolos and Lolas is available at the following Reyes Barbecue stores: Shell Magallanes, SM Mall of Asia, SM Bicutan, SM Las Pinas, SM Marikina, SM Supercenter Pasig, SM City Bacoor, SM City Marilao, SM City Baliwag, SM City Pampanga, SM City Clark, SM City Tarlac, SM City Lucena, SM City Naga, Robinsons Galleria, Nuvali Sta Rosa, UP TechnoHub, Pavilion Mall Laguna, Venice Piazza McKinley Hill The Fort, Waltermart Makati, Shangri La Plaza Mall, Cash & Carry Mall, 168 Mall, and Divisoria Mall.

If my grandparents were still around, I will surely treat them. So if you have your grandparents, show your love and treat them out as a show of appreciation of their hardwork and for being the second parent guiding you all this time. 

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 Orange Magazine TV + Astrovision / Astroplus successful Bloggers' Blowout last September 3

While the Food Bloggers make their way at the UTT, you might be wondering why Music, Movies and Gadgets/Tech Bloggers are out last Saturday as well. You cannot blame them as they are headed to Greenbelt 5 for an exclusive event prepared by Astrovision / Astroplus and Orange Magazine TV. For the first time, Orange Magazine TV together with Astrovision / Astroplus hosted a Bloggers' Blowout for some of the known online publishers in the genre of music, movie and tech/gadgets.

Tech Bloggers listening attentively to the hosts
Fortunately, kahitanoito was also included on their list of bloggers to attend the event. I arrived early during the event and the movie bloggers are still listening to the movie releases in DVD from companies like Viva. They are also fortunate enough as they were able to see trailers of the movies in high-definition 3D with the aid of a big screen and 3D glasses from LG. A lot of giveaways were also given to the movie bloggers as program closes for their niche.

Tech bloggers are so excited as they wait for their turn to hear the latest gadgets that they can try during the event. I'm actually guessing what gadgets will be featured and its nice that they featured the latest gadgets that also music and movie enthusiasts will love. I'm engrossed listening to my headphones recently and I'm happy that this event featured a lot about this gadget. Here's a quick preview of the companies/products presented during the event:

A preview of the gadget presented by Pioneer (HDJ-500)
Audio-Technica c/o Philippe Gadgets
A preview of the gadget presented by Audio-Technica (ATH-ESW9)

Beats, Aerial7, Bose c/o Eleksis
Blogger Myke Soon of mixofeverything.blogspot.com trying out Beats by Dr. Dre while covering the event
Blogger Jayson Biadog of jaysonbiadog.blogspot.com trying out the wireless TDK headphone (WR700)
Jays c/o Maclin Electronics, Inc.
Representative from Maclin Electronics Inc. explaining a-Jays Four to bloggers
Wow Videoke
Representative from Wow Videoke literally "wowed" the bloggers with their products

Cyber Clean
Blogger Azrael Colladilla of the famous azraelsmerryland.blogspot.com tried Cyber Clean in removing the dirt from his gadget
I'm so thrilled as I try out some of the units during the event and I'm tempted to buy them all (if only I have enough money). Well, at least I was able to try for a few seconds or minutes. Most of the companies might be focusing on delivering music but each one of them has their own market. Watch-out for my blog post to each of these products and know the difference of each. So keep glued on my FB page and Twitter account as I post them soon!

The hosts during the event + Jeman of Orange Magazine TV! Great job guys!
Aside from the informative presentations from the different companies, tech bloggers also enjoyed as they are treated with great give-aways from sponsors. I was fortunate to win laptop bag courtesy of Pioneer and wall clock courtesy of Astrovision during the raffle. Tech bloggers were also treated with an In-Ear headphones from TDK and another headphones from Wow Videoke. There are also very lucky bloggers like Lloyd LostBoy winning an a-Jays 4, which is especially designed for Apple products like iPhone, iPods and iPads.

All tech bloggers really enjoyed the night with the great food and gadgets and most importantly information to share to our readers. I would like to thank Orange Magazine TV and AstroVision/ Astroplus for organizing a successful event. I also appreciate the hosts during the event including Jeman for making the event entertaining as well. Kudos to the hard work of the organizers and for making 3 events happen in 1 day! Hope to have more events in the coming quarter for us bloggers again.
Successful Bloggers' Blowout last September 3 at Greenbelt 5
As mentioned, please watch-out for a more focused blog posts on the different products and companies that presented during the event! :)

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