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I was browsing my live feed in Facebook last night when I saw this Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 trailer video being shared by my friends. I immediately watch it being a Harry Potter fan myself. I am totally impressed with the trailer itself and each second of it makes you really want to watch the movie!

I hope it will have a full 3D version as there are great scenes as captured in the trailer that could be amazing if viewed in 3D. I think Harry Potter fans are now more eager to watch this last installment of the blockbuster Harry Potter series. Truly it is one of the influential books/movies produced lately that captured the hearts of both the young and old. I do wish I can be one of the first people to watch the advance screening of this film on July. I am now counting the days...

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There is a commercial asking consumers "Saan aabot ang 20 pesos mo?" with all the humor given that it could not survive in the high prices of commodity. How about we make the value bigger and make it "Saan aabot ang 500 pesos mo?" ? We might still think it is impossible to buy good things with 500 bucks at hand. Worry no more as a new group buying site, 500PesoDeals.com which can make the value of your Ninoy maybe twice or even more! 

Image courtesy of 500PesoDeals.com Facebook fan page
The 500 PesoDeals.com also offers consumer who register to win a brand new iPad 2. You can even increase your chances in winning by inviting a  friend to register. Here is the full detail of the site and the promo:
"What more has Noy-Ni got for the Noy-Pi? Plenty, if you sign in to get updates from 500PesoDeals.com, which starts boosting your bucks May 13!
Can one Ninoy bill actually get boosted to twice its value or more? And can the same deal possibly score you a sweet iPad 2 – yes, the same gadget that got sold out all over the world on the day after its release? Oh, yes it can. All these and more are what savvy Pinoy shoppers can look forward to with 500PesoDeals.com.

Unlike other group-buying sites, though, with 500PesoDeals, what you see is what you get. A single P500 – no more and no less - can buy you entry into the hottest events and parties, a meal at the best restaurants, and a seat at the coolest experiences all over the country. And for those who have premium budgets in mind, check out our Super Booster deals – huge savings on very high-ticket items with up to 80% off! But make sure to get the deal early – Super Booster Deals have limited quantities!

500PesoDeals makes it easy for you to keep up with all these deals by giving you a chance to win your very own iPad if you register today. Boost your chances of winning by getting your friends in the game. Each friend who registers gets you one entry in the raffle, and there are no limits to how many entries you can earn!

So do you think you and your friends are worthy of such awesomeness? Sign in now, invite your pals, and wait for the deals – and, possibly, that iPad 2 that totally has your name on it – to come rolling in."

What are you waiting for? Join now and invite your friends as you might be the next winner of an iPad 2. :) You may also join via this referral link so you can also help me win!The 500PesoDeals.com will be releasing their deals starting May 13!

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Image courtesy of tech4pc.net
It has been released this week about the change in company strategy for Nokia. They are collaborating with Accenture to take over the Symbian software activities. I think the company will really now concentrate on delivering high-end smart phones after their integration with Microsoft as well released a few months ago. Here is the press release of the company strategy:
"To deliver on its new strategy, Nokia today announced plans to align its global workforce and consolidate site operations. These measures are part of Nokia’s target to reduce its Devices & Services non-IFRS operating expenses by 1 billion euros for the full year 2013 in comparison to the full year 2010, as announced last week.
 Earlier today, Nokia announced plans to form a strategic collaboration with Accenture that would result in the transfer of Nokia’s Symbian software activites, including about 3,000 employees to Accenture. In addition, Nokia also plans to reduce its global workforce by about 4,000 employees by the end of 2012, with the majority of reductions in Denmark, Finland and the UK. In accordance with country-by-country legal requirements, discussions with employee representatives started today.
 Nokia also plans to consolidate the company’s research and product development sites so that each site has a clear role and mission. Nokia expects the expansion of some sites and the contraction or closure of others.
 All employees affected by the reduction plans can stay on the Nokia payroll through the end of 2011. Nokia expects personnel reductions to occur in phases until the end of 2012, linked to the roll-out of Nokia’s planned product and services portfolio. During this period, Nokia intends to ramp up its capacity for the development of Nokia smartphones based on the Windows Phone platform, the company’s broad range of mobile phones and its services portfolio.
 “At Nokia, we have new clarity around our path forward, which is focused on our leadership across smart devices, mobile phones and future disruptions,” said Stephen Elop, Nokia president and CEO. “However, with this new focus, we also will face reductions in our workforce. This is a difficult reality, and we are working closely with our employees and partners to identify long-term re-employment programs for the talented people of Nokia.”
 Nokia is launching a comprehensive social responsibility program for employees and the communities likely to be affected by the personnel reductions. The program will be led locally, with local partners and stakeholders, and senior management support.
 “We are offering those who are losing their jobs a range of options, from individual re-employment support and re-training to making investments to promote innovation and working with a variety of partners to create new opportunities,” Elop continued.""
Here's another version of this press release:
"Nokia (NYSE: NOK) and Accenture (NYSE: ACN) today announced plans for a strategic collaboration in which Nokia would outsource its Symbian software activities and transition about 3,000 employees to Accenture. At the same time, Accenture would provide mobility software services to Nokia for future smartphones.The collaboration, which is subject to final agreement, calls for Accenture to provide Symbian-based software development and support services, with the expected transition of about 3,000 Nokia employees to Accenture. The companies expect completion of the final agreement during summer 2011, and expect the transition of employees by the end of the year 2011. Transitioning employees, located in China, Finland, India, United Kingdom and the United States, will initially work on Symbian software activities for Nokia. Over time, Accenture and Nokia will seek opportunities to retrain and redeploy transitioned employees.
 This collaboration also includes plans for Accenture to provide mobility software, business and operational services around the Windows Phone platform to Nokia and other ecosystem participants. Under the proposed agreement, Accenture would become a preferred partner for Nokia’s smartphone development activities, as well as a preferred provider of services.
 “Mobility is a key area for Accenture,” said Marty Cole, chief executive, Accenture Communications and High Tech group. “This collaboration with Nokia will enhance our ability to help clients across multiple industries leverage mobility to advance their business agendas. It is a real win-win for Accenture and Nokia”.
This collaboration demonstrates our ongoing commitment to enhance our Symbian offering and serve our smartphone customers,” said Jo Harlow, executive vice president for Smart Devices, Nokia.  “As we move our primary smartphone platform to Windows Phone, this transition of skilled talent to Accenture shows our commitment to provide our Symbian employees with potential new career opportunities.”
Accenture and Nokia have been working together since 1994. In October 2009, Accenture acquired Nokia’s professional services unit that provides engineering and support of the Symbian operating system to mobile device manufacturers and service providers, and which then served as a key building block in Accenture’s Mobility services portfolio."

What do you think about this new strategy from Nokia? I hope this will help deliver the best on both companies and at the end to the consumers who has been a loyal fan to Nokia phones. :)

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Today (April 29, 2011), marks another royal wedding bound to happen in UK. A lot of people are excited and known royalties and influential personalities will attend the wedding of Price William and Kate. The entire world is watching how the entire event will unfold as even the rehearsals are well attended by people from all parts of the world. It's nice to witness a royal wedding but people might not now a royal wedding (for me) happened exactly 66 years ago...the wedding of my Lolo Pilo and Lola Rosenda.
My Lolo Pilo and Lola Rosenda during their 50th wedding anniversary
April 29, 1945 was the date when my Lolo Pilo made an oath to my Lola Rosenda to be his husband in front of the Lord. I have no idea how the wedding went through that time. It might not be  as majestic as what William and Kate will have but for sure the love that they have for each other is incomparable. They might not have big personalities on the entourage but they have the special people around them to witness the occasion.
The entire family during the wedding
I can still recall how we celebrated lolo and lola's golden anniversary last 1995. The entire family spend time to plan for the event and even the grand children are so busy practicing poems, song and dance number for the occasion. I used to remember we need to keep it secret from lolo and lola as it should be a surprise. It was one of the memorable occasion of my childhood and I'm very impressed how they were able to last through 50 years of marriage (even more) while celebrities of today just think of marriage as a joke. Amidst living a simple life in the province, they were able to raise 8 children successfully and guide them with good values. 

They might not be with us anymore but for sure they are renewing their vows in from of God in heaven right now. A lot may be glued on their tv set to watch the royal wedding in UK but for me I do commemorate the wedding of my lolo and lola. We truly miss you but we know you are together happy in heaven right now always looking after us. Congrats to your 66th wedding anniversary Lolo and Lola!
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"Why I Blog?" This has been one of the hardest questions I faced when I started constructing this blog. It took me months to have my first post because I have always been thinking on what should be the purpose of my blog and what sets it apart from all my idols and known blogger in the industry. I tried to look back what pushed me to invest on this and I can summarize it into 3 things:
  • To SHARE - I want to impart to my readers my own experiences I had on my daily life. I want them to have a taste of what I experienced via the post on my blog. I want this blog to by my tool to also share the talents/skills I gained through his blessings., and hopefully my readers will use it for the benefit of others as well. I also want this blog to be their source of information that could potentially improve their lives. It might be a simple post on events/contests, but I do believe that somehow this post could have brought a smile...a simple smile that helped ease the pain and put a spark of hope on the hearts of my readers amidst all the challenges in life.
  • To IMPROVE - I know that I had improvement areas in terms of writing but I still blog because I know it will help improve my skills in the end. I believe that my readers and the members of the blogging community can help correct my mistakes and slowly help build my confidence within me. I blog because more than improving my skills I know that I can gain something more than money can offer...friends. I might not know them personally but since I was able to improve their lives through my blog help gain a connection to them.  
  • To INSPIRE - I blog to rekindle the hope in the hearts of every reader that visits my blog. It has been the ultimate purpose of this blog ... to be an inspiration for everyone.  I hope I can be a living testament for them that in my simple blog I was able to help myself, the people who read my blog and most especially our country. I hope they realized that one doesn't need power, wealth, seniority to impact the lives of others, a blog can just be the tool that we need in order to ignite that burning passion and desire to succeed among the heart of Filipinos
kahitanoito - a blog about anything under the sun... A proudly Filipino blog that SHARES posts which creates positive INFLUENCE and IMPROVE the life of any individual from all walks of life.

I hope further expand my influence as I learn more from the experts of this craft and from fellow bloggers as well. I do wish i will be given a chance to get a scholarship from Maven Secrets (http://www.mavensecrets.net/) courtesy of the promo from My Properity Project (http://www.myprosperityproject.com/2011/03/win-p50000-worth-of-scholarships-from.html)
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*Image courtesy of Kenny Rogers Roasters Philippines FB fan page
I was injured (again) a few weeks back during a tennis tournament and really sad I wasn't able to complete the match. In order to divert my depression over the accident, I then decided to hear the mass, eat dinner and watch movie. I also decided to myself that I should eat something healthy since I wasn't able to fully engage myself on physical activity given the injury. 
My order of Kenny Rogers Hainanese Chicken Meal!
The first thing that comes to my mind in having a healthy dinner is go to Kenny Rogers. It has been my favorite especially their classic roast chicken. However, when I was in the counter I noticed that a new product is in their menu and it was one of my fave food when I was in Singapore, which is Hainanese Chicken! I am really excited to see that they offer a new variety aside from their usual roast and friend chicken variety. I ordered one right away upon seeing it in the menu.

Up close image of the Hainanese chicken!
The Kenny Rogers Hainanese Chicken meal is composed of  Hainanese style chicken quarter, chicken soup, chicken rice, and sauces (ginger, spicy ginger and sweet soy sauce). The chicken meal though is quite pricey as compared to their roasted variety at Php 185 pesos but I think it is already cheaper as compared to other restaurant offering the same cuisine. 

I'm quite afraid that the Hainanese chicken might be a "trying-hard" version of the original Singapore style Hainanese chicken, which I really loved so much. Fortunately, I was not disappointed by the taste and for me it is relatively close to what I ordered in Singapore. I'm actually impressed as well with the sauces that accompany with my dish since it's really good that I even ordered another serving of it. I must say the spicy ginger one is really good. I wasn't able to try the chicken rice since I don't eat rice but my relatives told me that it is also good since you can taste the chicken flavor in the rice alone. 

Me enjoying my meal!
My Verdict: I recommend the new Hainanese Chicken of Kenny Rogers especially if you want a new twist from their roasted and fried chicken variety. I know a lot of people who have missed Hainanese chicken from Singapore will now have a new place to eat out this chicken variety. I really enjoyed a lot eating this chicken variety and help uplift my spirit after the injury earlier that day. I just do hope Kenny Rogers will also have a more budget friendly variety of this meal so more Filipinos can enjoy and taste this newest offering. :)

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Nokia Summer Sale is form April 11-17, 2011 only!
One can really feel the summer heat around the corner. As the temperature rises, the prices of things in the market is rising fast as well. Good to hear that our friends from Nokia cools down the situation with their upcoming wave of sale event this summer season. The sale will happen from April 11-17, 2011 only (7 days) on 38 branches nationwide (ALL Nokia Stores and select retail outlets only). 

I know you are quite interested to know what are the gadgets on sale, here's the list shared by our friends from Nokia:

  • Buy Nokia 1280 at PhP 899  
  • Buy Nokia E7, get FREE Nokia 1280 and 1800       
  • Buy Nokia N8, get FREE Nokia 1280         
  • Buy Nokia C7, get Nokia 1280 for PhP499 ONLY and a chance to win 50K worth Rustan's Gift Certificate  
  • Buy Nokia X3 Touch and Type, get Nokia 1280 for PhP499 ONLY 
  • Buy  Nokia X2-01, get Nokia 1280 for P499 ONLY
  • Buy Nokia C3, get Nokia 1280 for P499 ONLY       
  • Buy C3 Touch and Type less PhP500        
  • Buy Nokia 2323 less PhP200        
  • Buy Nokia 2330 less PhP200        
  • Buy Nokia C1-02 less PhP200      
  • Buy Nokia X6 8GB less P500
  • Buy Nokia 5230 less P200
What are you waiting for? Save now and go fast to your nearest Nokia store starting April 11. Having "COOL" gadgets is one of the best way to beat the summer heat! :)

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Image courtesy of Shopwise Facebook fan page
(Click image to enlarge)
Today is the 90th birthday of Ambassador Tantoco of the Rustan's Group of Companies, which includes our favorite grocery store Shopwise and Rustan's and coffee place Starbucks. In line with this, they have some amazing treat for today only.  For Shopwise and Rustan's, they have 9 treats separately to commemorate the birthday of their chairman. Some of the treats are Buy 1 Take 1 meat products, groceries, appliances. You may click the image above to see more of the details. For Starbucks clients, 3-pack Starbucks VIA Ready Brew for every transaction with a Starbucks handcrafted beverage purchase. See the image below:
Image courtesy of Starbucks Philippines fan page

This is really an amazing treat for all Filipinos! Hurry rush to Shopwise, Rustan's and Starbucks near you!

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