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my nTrust Sonnet - derived from Sonnet XLIII

"Save the best for the last" - I think a lot of Filipinos have been an advocate of this saying that's why we usually do things at the last minute. I must admit I am myself that's why I submitted my entry till the last minute possible! Although, sometimes people misinterpret this quote and people rather end up cramming. I think we even mastered the "art" of cramming already within us. Unfortunately, this caused long ans snake-like lines on our usual everyday transactions. Here are some day-to-day experience I and even you can relate:

Waiting at the bus stop and squeezing yourself with the people loading and unloading the bus on an early morning. Have you been on this situation as well?
This photo was taken at the bust stop at Bicutan Interchange  while people were lining up for the bus to arrive.
If you want to avoid long line-ups go to nTrust.com.

If in the bus people are squeezing, well raise it to the nth power with the queue on the limited LRT or MRT station we have in the metro,. The line doesn't end there as even inside the station you have to queue on the long line of people making all the acrobatics possible just to be inside the train cart. Can relate?
This photo was taken at the bust stop at Shaw Boulevard MRT station while people were lining up for tickets and also to enter inside the station and line again to ride it .
If you want to avoid long line-ups go to nTrust.com.

How about the long queue on ATM machine or banks? Especially like today where it is a payday and all the ATMs are out of cash and the surviving machines have long queue as if it is the line of Nutri-ban in the 80's or line of NFA rice during the 90's. 
This photo was taken at the bust stop at an ATM machine in Shari-la Mall while people were lining up for them to deposit/withdraw money from their bank.
If you want to avoid long line-ups go to nTrust.com.

I know many of you can relate with these situations. I think only girls with a long line of suitors with seeing such a queue of people. I really hate to WAIT:

  • W - Wasted opportunities. Imagine, you could have made your deal with your new business or bought a new item but since you have to wait you weren't able to get that deal that you wanted. I had experience before that I wasn't able to get my papers processed because I was late by a few minutes. Just a few minutes matters a lot.
  • A - Action intense moments. One might want to watch the upcoming Ateneo-Lasalle game tomorrow. But since you waited on the ATM to withdraw and line up again on the ticketing station, all tickets are sold-out and you will miss seeing the live adrenaline pumping game between the 2 rival schools. :(
  • I - Interest free transactions. Aside from the fact that you are spending a lot of adenosine triphophate (ATP) in short energy waiting, you are even paying fee for most of the services especially when you Remit money to the Philippines or Send money to the Philippines. In this age of digital world, it is very common for such payment be done online but it is also costly even within your own bank you are even charged just be transferring money. 
  • T - Time lost spending time with my loved ones. Instead of you having that quality time with them or hearing the good stories that they have with their experience from school or office, you can't because you have just lost this opportunity waiting on a long line either commuting or with your financial transactions.
Image grabbed from the screen showed as you take the tour on nTrust after being a Citizen!
Well wait no more as we have this new global online service that lets you send and receive money to or from your friends and family in a host of currencies in any amount, at anytime, anywhere ... nTrust. Why trust them? Here's my amateur music video to let you know why:

It's very simple as spelling out n-T-R-U-S-T why you have to be a Citizen on nTrust nation. Here are some of actual realistic benefits of it:

If you're still wondering how to transfer money to the Philippines, here's a simple video that will show you how:

More of these videos with such tutorials on their Youtube account or visit their website www.ntrust.com to know more.

So now, why wait? Try out nTrust, today!
Try out nTrust, today!  

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I know with the recent unforeseen weather disturbances, you might have feel the need to buy new gears or shoes, especially from your favorite brands like adidas Philippines. However, you might also be struggling because you have that generous heart and would like to share that money for those children in need nowadays. Well, why choose 1 of these choices when you can have the best of both worlds!
Image courtesy of adidas Philippines

Gather up your old athletic footwear and have adidas turn the old and unwanted into something valuable as they bring back the ‘Time to Change Up’ shoe swap. I can remember last shoe swap around a few years back it was a huge success proving Filipinos not only love for adidas gear but moreover their spirit of helping out. I truly admire adidas Philippines since then of this great concept!

Continuing the partnership that they had in 2010 with HOPE Worldwide, a foundation that protects Filipino Children in Especially Difficult Circumstances (CEDC), adidas will once again donate all gathered athletic shoes of any brand to the foundation. In return, adidas will be giving discounts as a way of valuing the generosity of the people who will be participating.

Opening over 100 doors nationwide, anyone who will bring in their old pair of athletic footwear of any brand will be given discounts on a new pair of adidas footwear that they will purchase in store. All they have to do is the following:
1. Bring in your old Athletic Footwear of any brand to receive:
2. Php500 OFF your Footwear purchase worth Php3000- Php4999
3. Php1000 OFF your Footwear purchase worth Php5000 and up
4. *Only regularly priced items are valid.
5. Each discount value is applicable for only one pair of shoes purchased.
6. Bring in as many old Athletic Footwear to avail of the discounts.
7. Only Athletic Footwear is accepted (No sandals, high heels, leather or infant shoes, etc.)
8. Old Athletic Footwear have to be in decent condition and still functional
9. All shoes will be donated to Hope Worldwide Philippines Inc.

The Time to Change Up campaign runs from August 23 to October 07For more information, you may visit the adidas Philippines Facebook page (http://facebook.com/adidasphilippines).

Hope a lot of Filipinos will participate on this campaign once again.

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Image courtesy of DC Shoes Philippines Facebook fan page

Wow just another sale in the corner from DC Shoes Philippines! Amazingly they even offer up to 70% OFF starting today (August 18) across all DC stores and channels. I will surely drop by later to look for some great finds (sure there will be many). Happy Shopping this long weekend!

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Image courtesy of adidas Philippines

3 - 3 - 5 - 1

It's not a lottery number but it simply represents...3 of the world most legendary hip hop DJs (direct from USA), 3 All Star Dance Crews, 5 of Asia's Most Vibrant Cities, and 1 revolutionary concept culminating in Manila tonight!
L-R: DJ Shortkut, Maseo, Ali Shaheed Muhammad

I attended the press conference last night at Greenbelt 3 Makati and I can't believe that 3 of the legendary DJs are right in front of me. Thanks to Heavy Boogie productions and most especially to my trusted brand adidas Originals for bringing in Ali Shaheed Muhammad (A Tribe Called Quest/ Lucy Pearl), Shortkut (ISP/ Beat Junkies/ Triple Threat), and Maseo (De La Soul) as they shake Manila to end their tour at South East Asia's most iconic cities! See some pics of the event below:

If you're not aware the Breathe and Stop kicks off in Bangkok last August 4 followed by Kuala Lumpur last August 10, Saigon last August 11, Singapore last August 16 and finally in Manila this August 18. Each stop on the tour will feature a dance showdown where awards will be handed out for the best individual performance/ move, beat teamwork/ethic, best crew, and best outfit of the night. See the crew of our DJs below:
Maseo and his crew

Ali and his crew!
Shortkut and his crew
During the event DJ Shortkut also performed and all the crew danced inside adidas Store with the great beat from him. See here a snippet of what happened:

If you have time, join later at Whitespace, Makati from 9pm to witness this awesome event! 
Image courtesy of adidas Philippines

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Image courtesy of Sperry Top Side Philippines Facebook page
A lot of sale is on-going around the metro and good thing one of my favorite brands, Sperry Top-Sider, will be opening their branch here in Glorietta 3 Makati. What's good is they are even offer 20% off today from 2pm-4pm to their customers. I trust this brand as well given their durability and classic touch that can go anywhere to what I wear. What are you waiting for? Go now at Glorietta 3 Makati!

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Logo of Jollibee Foundation

It's never too late to give to our Filipino brother in need. I know all of us were hit by the recent weather disturbances in the country but if we hold on and help each other we can rebuild our homes and this nation. In this effort, Jollibee Foundation and Jollibee Foods Corporation (JFC), the country's largest fast food chain, is partnering with the public in providing assistance to the thousands affected by flooding in Metro Manila and Luzon.

Those who want to donate cash can drop by at any JFC stores such as Jollibee, Greenwich, Chowking, Red Ribbon and Mang Inasal and use the Jollibee Foundation coinbanks found on the counters for this purpose. The fund campaign will continue as needed.

JFC and the Jollibee Foundation is also providing relief assistance through rice donations to families in evacuation centers, in coordination with GMA Kapuso Foundation, ABS-CBN Foundation, and other relief agencies, and will continue to do so as necessary to help those in need.

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Yabu's Premium Tonkatsu Set - Kurobuta Pork Set (P515 for 90g/ P575 for 120g)

I have been in Japan last 2007 and I truly love eating Tonkatsu every time I'm there. I'm glad that I had a project this year where it required me to be in Kobe often so I can reunite again with my favorite food. I was able to visit a place there that only serve Katsu and it so great with all the sesame seeds and sauce with it (wait for my blog post soon). Since then I wished that there's a similar Katsu place in Manila with the same quality. Most probably I'm just dreaming as most of the "so-called" Japanese restaurant here in Manila does not really have that Japanese authentic taste at par as how you experience it in Japan.

I have been hearing rave and fuzz about a new Japanese restaurant in Megamall called Yabu but never tried it and not had much of energy since I'm thinking it is just one of the many trying hard Japanese restaurants out there. Especially, having tasted a great Katsu in Kobe will definitely raised the bar of my expectation on Japanese food especially on tonkatsu. Well, since I'm just in Megamall and nothing to do, I gave it a try to see for myself whether it is really worth a try.

Upon entering the restaurant, I was able to smell the great aroma of Japanese ingredients which seems to be promising as it already sets my mood. I was quickly seated by their staff and already checked their menu for what they can offer. See here for a copy of their menu:

Since I'm just alone, I tried ordering their dish that could define their restaurant which is their Kurobuta Pork Set, which already includes unlimited Japanese rice, miso soup, Japanese pickles, unlimited cabbage with sesame dressing and a bowl of fruit. I wished to try out other dishes but I might not be able to finish all of them that time. I said to myself then, this should really be worth its price since this could really make or break my decision with this restaurant.
Kurobuta Pork Set as served with miso soup, Japanese rice, cabbage, and fruit

Food - Definitely authentic Japanese from presentation to its food. One thing I noted that helped me on my basis is from the sauce. Back in Japan where I used to eat this great Katsu they serve us a small mortar with sesame seeds and wooden pestle to grind it. I'm happy that Yabu still have this here and what is different from what I have in Japan is the variety of sesame seeds on it. I think Yabu's sauce became better because of this variety as per the sauce they are very similar in taste. I also liked their miso soup here as it is not that strong as compared to the ones I tasted in Japan. In terms of cabbage, I liked the dressing as well because it is not so overpowering. I already liked the dressing of what I used to taste in Japan that I really wanted to buy one to take here in Manila. I think no need for me to buy that one as this one is better for me. In terms of the rice, unfortunately I don't eat one so I can't justify if it is really good.
Up close encounter with the Kurobuta pork! Yum!!!

In terms of the Katsu, thankfully I was not disappointed with it. The Kurobuta pork was really soft and tender just like I wanted it. You can really feel the marbling fat combined with the soft and tender pork as it seems to melt in your mouth. Even though this is the only food I ordered, I was so full after eating it. I really enjoyed the food as it really matches the great quality of katsu I tried in Japan. Finally, a Japanese restaurant that I can quickly for "authentic" Japanese taste especially for Katsu. I wished to try their other Katsu soon so I can also share my verdict for it.

Service - It is also a definite thumbs up! Their staff are so quick and friendly. Upon entering, I was already greeted and quickly provided with a place that I can seat. With my set meal, they are so fast in ensuring I don't have to raise my hand for a refill of my favorite cabbage or even water. They are so attentive to my needs when I was there. My entire experience was really good!
Yabu's staff quickly giving my 3rd serving of cabbage!
Value for Money - I must admit that the price are quite high compared to your normal Japanese restaurant in the metro. I was first apprehensive to order but made me realize that the same meal I ordered in Japan costs me around P800-P1000 when converted. On top of this, Yabu set meal already included unlimited rice and cabbage which is not offered in Japan. Plus, I think it was well compensated with the high quality of food they provide to their customers. At least, I got what I paid for.

Over-all - 5/5Plates!
Definitely a must try!
I just do hope they offer other price friendly meals so more Filipinos can taste great authentic Japanese cuisine at its finest. Another thing I want to see in the future on their menu is a combination katsu set. In Japan, they offer a combined standard and premium katsu set offering half of each kind for their customer to enjoy the best of both worlds. I hope they can offer the same as I wanted to taste both in one sitting rather than ordering both set or an ala-carte of the Rosu/Hire meat. Hope they can offer it soon. :)

If you want to try it, see their contact details and store hours below:
Yabu is just located at 2F of Mega Atrium of SM Megamall!

Yabu House of Katsu
2/F Mega Atrium, SM Megamall, 1552 Manila, Philippines
Tel: (+632) 576 3900
Email: yabuphilippines@gmail.com
Website: http://www.yabuhouseofkatsu.com/
FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/yabuhouseofkatsu
Store Hours:
Mon - Thu: 10:00 am - 9:00 pm
Fri - Sat: 10:00 am - 10:00 pm
Sun: 10:00 am - 9:00 pm

See some more pictures taken during my visit:

Disclaimer: The food was not in case sponsored by the restaurant and during my visit I did not inform them that I'll be reviewing their food to ensure unbiased review.

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