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I think you might have read from my previous blog post that one of my favorite activities for years already is on running. I'm glad that my annual running event has organized another running event for running enthusiasts like me. It has been quite a long time since the last Infinity Run and since I knew they have another one, I asked my dad to registered already for this event.
Finish line during the event
I planned to run for 10K but since there was a gap from my last long run, I decided to run a short distance for this run. Actually, I decided to run for 5K since I first run this event I always run this distance. I also compare my performance every year and whether I improved. My last run for this event (Infinity Run Time Trials) was one of the best since I was able to have it in roughly 30 minutes if my memory serves me right.
5K check-in spot!
Last June 11, 2011, it was just 5am but BGC is full of runners already prepared to run their specific distances. Runners are warming up and some are having their photographs taken before the actual event. Good thing the organizers started the event on-time as all of them are really excited to push themselves to the limit. My dad and I decided to started to start slow as we are not really gunning for the top prize but we just want to enjoy the running event.
21K runners finishing the last 5-10 meters
The race was good but I noticed that there are few staff that guide the runners as compared to my other previous run. There are 3 water station for 5k but I hope there were more or at least the first water station was positioned earlier as some of the runners are crossing the other side of the lane just to get some water from the last water station. It will also be great if there are cheering bands to help pump up the spirit of the runners trailing the 5k course. It will also be great if next year there will be more stalls that runners can visit after the event.
21K runners tired but still running towards the end
On the other hand, I must praise Mizuno for having a great singlet this year. It was an original Mizuno and the design is really great. They also limited the number of participants so it can really be handled well. There were sufficient bananas and water/sports drink at the end of the race to hydrate the runners. Aside from that, I must also commend their friendly staff all the way from registration until the event day itself. They are very accommodating and approachable for concerns or queries that I have about the event. My over-all rating for this run is 3-shoes.
My official time is 41:34 but I remember crossing at 40:21 (too bad  my name is not registered on the list)

kahitanoito after finishing his 5k run!
I can still remember my first run was with Mizuno Run when running was still not a craze yet in the metro. When I ran my first run I even used just a plain rubber shoes and not a running shoes. Given I have a 10% discount as part of joining my first run, I then grabbed the opportunity to buy one from their store. It serve me well for 3 years already however I noticed that after this run my feet sore. I felt the pain for 2 days but it was really painful. I think it does not fit me well anymore or my feet are not that arched anymore. I'm now looking at a new shoes s to wear next running event that I will join (Robinsons Run).
Image courtesy of On-Running Facebook page

A blogger friend of mine mentioned that a new running shoes, On-Running, will be launched soon. I hoped that I can be able to try it out and send my review after running with it. I am actually curious with its ad or promise to "Run on Clouds". I'm so excited to run with it and hope it can fit my 8.5 feet well. Hopefully, it can really pass my standards as compared to all the running shoes out in the market today. Will On-Running shoes be able to compete with all the other shoes that runners already used? 
Image courtesy of www.gizmag.com
I read some articles from the net about On-Running and it has great features that really makes me excited to test it. As stated on the article, it is a shoe that will enable the runner to land as soft as if running on sand, and to push off as if running in track shoes. It also have a unique rubber ring into the sole design to provide a soft landing, while offering firmness and stability on push off. I'm a accident-prone athlete so having such features will really be good for my running. I hope it can really have great features and improved my PR for my next race.  I'll let you know if I will be able to review this shoe and my experience with it. If you're interested to know more about On-Running shoes, you can visit their website at http://www.on-running.com/

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FOOD Kitchen Series started last Saturday
Last Saturday (June 18), several food enthusiasts and at the same time readers, followers and guests of FOOD Magazine head their way to Enderun to attend their first batch of Food Kitchen Series. I was privilege as well to be be able to register and attend this event and was really excited to be part of it since cooking is also my passion and I'm a chef-wannabe in the future. I took this opportunity and block off my schedule for Saturday the moment I knew I was invited since I know that the event will happen at a great school, Enderun.
New FOOD Magazine's Editor-in-Chief welcomes the attendees of the event
During the day itself, I was surprised with the activities prepared by FOOD Magazine to its participants plus the great food we can munch as we wait for the program to start (free light breakfast). I was amazed as I enter the classroom because it was really amazing. I never knew that we have such classrooms in the country for those who love culinary arts. The kitchen was a haven for any student chef and who wouldn't enjoy having classes in such venue with all the high-tech and state of the art pieces of cooking equipment readily available. How I wish I could have such kitchen at home to prepare great meals as well.
The morning activity start with a lecture from a renowned chef, Chef Martin Punzalan, who recently finizhed a staglaire at Alain Ducasse Formation in France. Chef Martin showed us how to make some Cold Red Mullets and Tangy Mint Eggplant. I never knew that such dish takes a lot of effort, where even the fish soup would need a lot of time and resources. I enjoyed Chef Martin's lecture as he also provides great tips and even terminologies on cooking. After he create the 2 dish, representatives from Fly Ace Corporation, makers of Jolly Canola Oil and Good Life products, discuss their line of products. Chef Martin also showed us a recipe where we can use Jolly and Good Life products to come up with a healthy and "jolly" meal such as Spring Rolls with Sesame Sweet Chili Sauce. At the end of the morning session, we are so delighted as we are treated with sampler meal of the 3 dishes taught to us. I really love the red mullets since it is so simple yet you can taste from it the sophistication of the flavors. The tangy mint eggplant is also great way to eat your eggplant from the usual torta. The tangy mint eggplant really holds true to its name providing a different twist that you will surely love. The spring rolls was also great especially with vermicelli noodles inside to provide a new texture to your ordinary spring rolls. Here are some pictures of the 3 dishes:

Cold Red Mullets
Tangy Mint Eggplant
Spring Rolls with Sesame Sweet Chili Sauce
Food Tasting time of the 3 dishes!
After the sumptuous sampler dishes, guests were treated with a free lunch. I thought they will just gave free packed lunch for us but no it was a first-class lunch at Restaurant 101. Restaurant 101 is located at Enderun itself and I think this is where culinary students gets to practice what they learned. The guest were not just given a single meal but a 3-course meal ala 5-star hotel style. All the 3 meals were absolutely great (yummy!). 
Salmon for our first dish during lunch at Restaurant 101
Chicken with baked potatoes and bell pepper for main dish
Chocolate with edible gold foil for dessert!
Simple (yet delicious) dessert  - mamon + cream + WIlderness berries!
After the delicious lunch, there were even nice dessert from Jolly Foods (Wilderness) awaits outside our classroom. The dessert was really tempting with delicious berries on top. I was surprised that it was easily be done by just having some slices of mamon, cream and Wilderness canned berries. You can prepare this simple snack and everyone would think it was expensive or bought from a high-end pastry store.

During the afternoon, another great chef awaits us to share his expertise on making desserts. Chef Andreas Gillar was known as the pastry chef of The Peninsula Manila before joining Enderun, which really proves his caliber as pastry chef. Chef Andreas taught us how to make a "Red Fruit Dacquioise Tarte with Fromage Blanc-Lime Chantilly". I never knew dessert was such complicated that it you need to create first a dacquoise, then the confit and then the fromage and lastly garnish it. The dessert was equally great as the morning dishes prepared by Chef Martin and it will surely be loved by fruit lovers as it contains a lot of fruit. You might just find it unusual that this dessert contains pepper (szechuan) on it dacquiose but still it is good tasting.
Chef Andreas as he explain the dessert he will show us
Red Fruit Dacquioise Tarte with Fromage Blanc-Lime Chantilly
This FOOD Magazine's Food Kitchen Series was a big SUCCESS. I would like to congratulate FOOD Magazine for coming up with such activity for all their avid fans and followers. I really want to attend their next week class in case it won't be similar. I know a lot of you are excited to join as well. If you are interested to join this week's class, here are some simple steps you should follow:
FOOD Kitchen Series for June 25
  1. Interested participants should email the following details to foodmagtour@gmail.com:
    • Complete Name
    • Home Address
    • Age
    • Cellphone number
    • Occupation
  2. Registration is on a first-come-first-served basis due to limited slots in the workshop.
  3. A notification to your email address will be sent regarding the status of your registration.
  4. You may not register for another family member, friend or colleague.
  5. Bring the current issue of FOOD Magazine to the workshop
It's really simple and I can assure you will really enjoy the entire activity plus the venue is really great with Enderun! Congrats once again FOOD Magazine and hope more similar activities soon. :D 
FOOD Magazine June cover
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Sometimes it's really hard to change...but if it's for the better, then who wouldn't want to grab it. Same thing happened to me on my adventure as the blogger of kahitanoito with PLDT myDSL...from nothing to EVERYTHING and ANYTHING under the sun.
Image courtesy of Nuffnang PH
I can still remember the days when I still use internet modem to connect to the internet. The sound of modem connecting to the internet still rings to my head and it was a joy that after a minute or so of authenticating your password, you can be connected to 50 kbps of internet speed. I used to buy prepaid internet cards at stores and look for the ISP with best speed so I wouldn't be having hard time to connect. In was during these ages, I begin my my passion on blogging and created my first ever-blog (Simple Alias)!
Sample of old prepaid internet cards I used to purchase just to connect to the net
*Image courtesy of sulit.com.ph
My first blog was just really like a personal diary and all was just plain text. It wasn't hardly updated and I was not motivated since blogging that time was not at its boom, where you have communities that share same interests. I even hard time updating it because of problematic internet connection with my ISP plus its sssllllooowww connection speed that even searching Google takes minute to take and even my blog page takes minutes to load. Aside from that, it is time based connection so sometimes I get disconnected at the middle of my blog post, ending up not having that entry being posted. I then lose my passion with blogging as I believe it is not sustainable and nobody cares what I'm posting...it's just NOTHING to them. That marks the natural death of my first blog. :(

Good thing gone are those days and PLDT myDSL came to the picture and brought us the fast internet connection Filipinos deserve. I was honestly very happy when PLDT myDSLwas installed at our home. I was amazed how fast I can surf the net and even download mp3 and watch videos at the internet. Moreover, my passion for gadgets, technology and more importantly was revived with it. I was happy that at home I was able to browse my favorite websites and even emerging blogs of my interests. Internet generation was born and all of a sudden the boom on social media and blogging community was also rising rapidly. I was happy how people grew interest on blogging and the influence of bloggers to other people. I then realized that I should go back to my hobby on blogging...so I started again with my blog kahitanoito - a blog about everything and anything under the sun!
kahitanoito splash page
The fast connection speed of my PLDT myDSL helped me in my blogging career. It was able to help me get the information at once. I also enjoy the fact that I can connect to the internet anytime of the day without worrying how much I am connected to the internet since it's really "Internet to Sawa" with having PLDT myDSL. Aside from that, I was able to bring life on my blog as I was able to upload and embed images and videos on my blog. This helps provide more perspective to my readers about my blog post and at the same time enhance as well my passion on photography. I think most bloggers agree that it is really essential to have great internet speed to create quality blog post and add rich media content to take it to the next level! I was amazed that now a lot of people have been reading my blog which help to influence the people from all walks of life who have read my experience from my blog. Aside from my personal transformation as a blogger, I am happy that I was able to transform the lives of others, which even I have not met before.
kahitanoito official logo
Aside from fast internet speed, I was happy as well that these days we have blogging community and advertising community courtesy of Nuffnang PH that provides not only financial opportunity for bloggers but also events that can help gain network from all the bloggers around the country. As stated on my previous blog posts, it was really Nuffnang PH who has been one of the factors why I still blog until now. I really appreciate all the help and events they offer for me. I do hope they would also consider me as Glitterati+ member (soon) as their loyal blogger for years now but at least I'm not an ordinary blogger anymore but I'm a certified Nuffnanger!

I can really say that PLDT myDSL Internet has TRANSFORMED my Internet experience as a blogger from nothing (no blog at all) to everything and anything under the sun (birth of kahitanoito.blogspot.com). These are the "transformation" I truly like!

Great news as well to all PLDT myDSL Plan 3000 subscribers as starting June you can enjoy FREE and UNLIMITED speed boost of up to 5MBPS. It doesn't stop there as you will also get Watchpad with even more exclusive content plus one (1) year of FREE PLDT to PLDT NDD calls. Now you cannot just chat with your friends all over the country, you can even call them absolutely FREE!

What are you still waiting for? Visit www.myworldmydsl.com for more information or call 171 to confirm your subscripstion today!

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Image courtesy of SM Cinema Facebook fan page
I was invited, courtesy of Mr. Carlo Ople, to attend a special blogger's screening of the Kasambuhay Habambuhay short film anthology. I was able to see their advertisements shown on TV and was quite curious what are these different short film about. I initially thought that it is a just a new form of brand marketing from Nestle and might just focus on their products and not the quality of the film. I was very happy to be invited on the screening so at least I can already know in advance if the films are really worthy to watch, even if they are for free. Here are some pictures during the event:

Mr. Ricky Baizas, Digital Marketing Executive, and Ms. Sandra Puno, Director for Communications, greeted all the bloggers during the event. They even mentioned that we are just the 2 group of people who can see the short film aside from their employees. The first batch was during the Gala show with celebrity endorsers. I was not really expecting a lot from the movie but things changed as the film start rolling.

The 10 short films are of different genre that anyone can enjoy. Net, one could related to at least one film during the anthology...in short like my blog it is "kahit ano ito". As I was reading the show catalogue, I was amazed that the film were directed by top caliber directors including one of my favorite Raul Jorolan, who directed the last Filipino film (The Red Shoes) I like. All of the film have been carefully planned and crafted just like a full-length film. I love the great cinematography from all the films shown but most especially the story of it. One will never thought that these films were just created for the centennial celebration of a company because of its great quality.

All of the films were great but if I have to pick 3 films, here are my top choices:

Tingala Sa Baba
  • Tingala Sa Baba (by Henry Frejas) - I like this short film because of its simplicity and yet meaningful story. The plot was so simple and very natural but within it I can already see the different aspect it would like to tell its audience about equality and at the same time irony of life. The narration is very good and you can feel that it is something that you can relate. The kids on the film was also good in portraying the characters as if you are in the playground just watching them. The movie is a 5/5 stars for me! Highly recommended.
  • Silup (by Jun Reyes) - I like the intense suspense-drama attack of this short film. It will keep you thinking and guessing until the very end. Good acting from awarded actor Sid Lucero on this short film. For me the movie has a lot of meaning as well and for the twist at the end had my vote on it.
The Howl and the The Fussyket
  • The Howl & The Fussyket (by Chris Martinez) - This is the first film that you will watch during the screening and it was a good choice to start the short film anthology. The plot is simple but I chose this movie because of its great humor, courtesy of Eugene Domingo, and screenplay. I also picked this because I can relate with Aaron's character of never-say-never attitude amidst facing the same defeat at a declamation contest. It's a good movie that the entire family can enjoy!
Here are the other films that you will be watching:
Isang Tasang Pangarap
Sali Salita
Oh! Pa Ra Sa Ta U Wa Yeah!
Cooking Mo, Cooking Ko
Sign Seeker
(Featuring John Lloyd Cruz)
I really enjoyed watching all the ten films that I didn't noticed how time flies. Kudos to all the directors and staff who worked all these 10 movies because of the great quality of these films. Over-all, I like all these films because it was able to depict the lives of every Filipino and capture/translate it on a short film for us to enjoy. I even heard that these films will be exhibited at the Cannes Lions Advertising Festival in France, which is something we can be proud of.

I suggest you watch these movies over the weekend at SM Cinema for FREE and you might be able to win prizes for watching it as well. Here are the mechanics and venue where you can watch the movie (as posted in SM Cinema Facebook account):
Free Movie Weekend Mechanics
The Kasambuhay Habambuhay Short Film Anthology will be shown for FREE for 2 whole days on June 11 & 12 in 5 SM Cinemas: SM Megamall Cinema 3, SM Southmall Cinema 6, SM Rosales Cinema 1, SM Cebu Cinema 7 & SM Davao Cinema 1.
Every screening will feature ten short films; each 10 minutes long. Viewers will vote for their favorite among the 10 films.
Mechanics:Choose preferred venue/screening time.Get the ticket and raffle stub from the secretariat in front of the designated cinema.
After watching the films, fill out the raffle stub with your contact info and vote for your favorite short film (choose one film only).Drop your raffle stub at the drop box located in front of the designated cinema.
After the last screening on June 12, the votes will be counted by the organizers of the Free Movie Weekend to find out which film has the most votes per cinema.1 winner will be drawn from the film with the most votes.Only one viewer will win per cinema. The winner will receive P10,000 cash tax free.
Don't forget to watch this film screening. Imagine you are watching quality short films for FREE! :)

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