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First class? It is not just a term that we can define for a segment of rich or elite people in the airplane. We can also use this term to define two of our supporters for Nuffnang community event. But what really makes both Nuffnang and Hapee first class then?

I think what really makes both Nuffnang and Hapee as first class is they are both helping the Filipino community. Nuffnang being the "first-class" in blog advertising community in the Philippines helped in thriving the blogging community in the country. They have been influential in making the bloggers aware of the latest event and promos they can event. Most especially they ensure a healthy relationship or connection among bloggers by having such community events like the one they will sponsor on June 3. On the other hand, Hapee also helped by providing Filipino made products and also venue for our fellow countrymen to work and earn a living. Both of them really treats you like a "first-class" passenger!

So are you ready to be first class?

Image courtesy of Nuffnang Philippines
*This is an entry for Nuffnang community event
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Image courtesy of Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Facebook fan page
Our favorite coffee and tea store have its exclusive Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Open House again today. Rush to your favorite CBTL branch (except Ayala Ave. Convergys branch and DLSU Cybernook) to get a FREE 12 oz ESPRESSO and CREAM ICE BLENDED! That's a sure treat this Sunday morning. See more details below:
  • What: CBTL Espresso & Cream Ice Blended Open House
  • When: May 29, 2011 (10AM - 12NN ONLY)
  • Where: All CBTL Branches (except Ayala Ave. Convergys branch and DLSU Cybernook)
  • Why:
    • They're giving a 12oz beverage absolutely FREE!!!
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Penshoppe Brand Director discuss what the audience will expect in a while
I was honored to be selected to be invited at the Philippine Fashion Week 2011 to cover for Penshoppe's new collection. The show was attended by a lot of fashion icons and celebrities like Kat Alano, Prince Stefan, and Victor Aliwalas to name some. VIP and members of the press were the first to enter but it was already jam-packed with guest filling up the seats. They even have to add chairs as the number of guests grew as the show near to start.
The show started with an awesome collection fit for the current generation
Their show was entitled "Trailblazer" and I was already intrigued knowing the title of this show. I was able to see Penshoppe's collection last PFW 2010 and I'm wondering what are they going to offer this season. Here's an explanation about the concept behind "Trailblazer" :

TRAILBLAZER — as the PENSHOPPE Holiday 2011 runway event title — depicts those who conduct their lives off the beaten path: an innovator and pioneer, as it were. A leader is innovative inasmuch as people WANT to follow him or her, and DO — thus, a trailblazer must be emulated, so to speak. A test for an ultimate trailblazing assignment involves the ability to turn over a fruitful discovery into the hands of others.
A very hip and trendy style seen on PFW
The idea for the title was born out of a James Bond aesthetic and persona. Thus, TRAILBLAZER actually resonates comfortably as a Bond-film title of sorts. This aesthetic is reinforced further in the catwalk with traces of James Bond themes that will surely trigger vivid associations with the dapper secret service agent. 
The given title flows from a natural progression from previous ones — i.e., Revolution, Elevation, and Arrivalist. Once a person has remarkably arrived, setting an example for others to emulate would be the consequent challenge. The title not only describes the brand thrusting forward; but, extends further to those who choose to wear PENSHOPPE merchandise —creating a brand and style loyalty among peers.

According to Penshoppe, their Holiday 2011 collection ups the ante with the latest jeans as its pièce de résistance. Designer and stylist Raoul Ramirez, the person who has put together myriad ensembles for the highly anticipated show, said that they are highlighting the basics, and re-interpreting classic silhouttes. Read the article from Penshoppe below to know more about their collection:

grommets, studs and rivets
PENSHOPPE drives for the rock‘n’roll vibe. Feverishly consistent with the brand’s appeal, the  new jeans are embellished with hardware — grommets, studs, and rivets — while the shirts are sprinkled with glitter and sparkle. With just a fancy blazer thrown in, daywear rocks to party-hardy into the night.

The collection is, likewise, peppered with dresses, jackets, skirts, and slacks that bring glam back to life! In shades of dusty gray, wicked black, and buff beige, they can be jigsawed for an imaginative, and thought-provoking ensemble. Utilizing fabrics such as flat knit, jersey, and cotton — PENSHOPPE’s latest togs intersperse form and function across climates, and for whatever purpose. See the pictures taken during the show below:

The prints and graphics on the cushy dresses are edgier, and slipping into a pair of high shine boots would make this look rock. If, however, dresses just don’t grab you, a structured coat over a pair of shorts gives that casual yet chic air, or go punk in a leather motorcycle jacket and waxed jeans pairing. Your mood. Your choice!
Perfect pair - A coat over a pair of shorts
For those keen on wearing brights, color-blocking is an option too with vivid tones of wine red, mustard, turquoise, and green. As Ramirez puts it, “It’s all just a matter of how you dress up your basics.” From simple white tees to waxed dark denim, PENSHOPPE has the bases covered.
A nice colored outfit on the collection
First up, grunge with athletic inclinations weave a new spin on sportswear. A slouchy tank and roomy pants, along with a play on the classic shirt and sleek bottoms would spell out an unusual twist. If frill and glitz are for you, then streamlined and lightweight lustrous blazers to fierce leather creations are there to layer your basics with.

Nice dress for girls!
Then, there’s the necessary band jacket — the genre’s sine qua non makes a welcome appearance this season. “The band My Chemical Romance pops to mind when you see the outfits,” notes Ramirez. As bold shoulders and unusual adornments are incorporated into this piece, it will light up your separates in no time. There’s always that dash of appeal on a man in uniform, right?

PENSHOPPE brushes on a gothic fascination too — leg-skimming bottoms and au courant pieces that bring you bold satisfaction — in black, naturally. As the brand continues to churn fashion-forward apparel that its staunch followers can easily relate to, the new collection is bound to get style savants and fashion ingénues in a frenzy
Victor Basa and Solenn Heusaff appluaded by the audience as they pass to show Penshoppe's collection
The crowd really like the collection that was shown that night. The audience even applauded when their celebrity endorser Solenn Heusaff, Bea Soriano, their newest celebirity endorse Mikael Daez and most especially a good friend of mine Victor Basa. I would like to have the inner top that Victor and Mikael wore that night. I also love the collection of casual jackets/ blazer being a jacket lover myself. 
Mikael Daez and Bea Soriano also present at the event
I really enjoyed the show and would actually want to see more. I think this year collection of Penshoppe is even better compared last year. I think its edgy yet still having the class that you can wear anytime. Good job to the designers and to the entire Penshoppe team. I think they really reserved the last day of PFW 2011 for the best show like what you have prepared. I'm now excited what's in store for next year's Philippine Fashion Week from Penshoppe.

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Image courtesy of Penshoppe Philippines
This year is lavishly interrupted with a telltale narrative that takes us beyond the usual resort terrain into the whimsy and excitement of the jetset spotlight. The tableau takes on a documentary flavor — from the eyes of Pilar Tuason, resident lens crafter — rather than a high-fashion spread, and is set on a private hangar with aircraft a-plenty.

“This collection is heavier on the basics: PENSHOPPE’s irrefutable domain. Not only are the frontliners decked out to rock‘n’roll; but, the pesty paparazzi and frantic bodyguards are donning PENSHOPPE blazers and dark jeans as well, says brand director, Alex S. Mendoza.

Image courtesy of Penshoppe Philippines

Fronting the ad campaign are Solenn Heusaff, Akihiro Sato, Bea Soriano, and Mikael Daez. In describing the current collection, Solenn notes, “It’s so rock chic, which I absolutely identify with. I love the men’s denim that’s dipped in wax, which gives it a leather-like sheen.” “I love it, because it’s very punk glam, and they do have the best pair of jeans bar-none — studs and  grommets add a whole lotta funk to the wardrobe,” adds statuesque Bea Soriano.

Glammed up jeans and tees, in largely monochromatic and neutral hues with just the right  splash of well-thought-out accessories fuse function with fashion effortlessly.
Image courtesy of Penshoppe Philippines
A new and very welcome addition to the PENSHOPPE model roster, Mikael Daez says, “PENSHOPPE has a diverse clothing line-up. For those who are more stylish and trendy, they have the more spiffy array of choices, and for the more laid-back folk, like me, they have most definitely kept us in mind and unforgotten too.”

Image courtesy of Penshoppe Philippines
Meanwhile, PENSHOPPE brings its landing gear to the runway with TRAILBLAZER: Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2011. The collection embodies those “known for independent thought, rugged individualism, and pioneering mindsets.”

Whether you prefer to slip into a pair of leg-skimming embellished jeans, topped off with a stark white shirt to bring out your inner rock streak or emulate your favorite fashion icon by throwing over a leather jacket and dark sunnies to spruce up your wardrobe, you’ll be making that bold and confident statement!

The legendary brand, now on its 25th year of trailblazing, has expanded the idea of day-to-night casual wear with a few tweaks in styling — seemingly juxtaposing the lavish with distinct minimalism. It continues to live up to the hype that has enveloped it with an intense fervor.

Here's a behind the scene footage of Penshoppe's newest ad:
*The material above is a press release of Penshoppe Philippines

Personally, I love the new style of Penshoppe. I really love the concept of this shoot especially that I love B&W photography. The new style of Penshoppe will fit the generation of today of hip and yet with class. I would love to buy especially Mikael's top on his solo pic above. 

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Chic Moms Club logo
Last May 18, members of the media and press were invited at the press launch of a newest club, especially for mommies out there. Bounty Fresh, largely considered as Asia's best chicken, winner of the Asian Livestock Industry Award last 2009 and pioneer in vacuum packed chicken, unveiled its latest offering, the Chic Moms Club (www.chicmomsclub.com).

The Chic Moms Club is a one-stop website or online club for mommies, which provides chic moms tips in fashion, home and health, dining and food & events. I think a lot of mom have been looking with such online site especially to cater to a lot of moms. I personally observe that a lot of mommies in the Philippines are active online users and having such venue to get these information is really a good thing for Bounty Fresh to provide its valued customers.
Chic Mom Issa Litton hosting the event
During the event, members of this exclusive online club were also invited together with some media and bloggers to witness the official launch of the club. The people during the event are very excited with what will happen with the press launch at Salon De Ning of Manila Peninsula. The event started with Chic Mom Issa Litton hosting the event. She set a very energetic tone as she even asked chic moms around why they considered themselves as Chic Mom. See photos taken during the event:

Ms. Kathleen Gomez of Bounty Fresh

Assistant Brand Manager of Bounty Fresh, Ms. Kathlene Gomez, also shared to the audience about what the Chic Moms Club is all about and what is the reason for building this site for mommies around. As I may quote Ms. Kathlene, "This event is a celebration of all moms. We understand how moms are generally busy and we know that a one-stop venue such as the www.chicmomsclub.com website helps in their time management, while providing entertainment and information as well,". She even added that via the website they can communicate their latest promos, such as their Php10 discount on Bounty Fresh chicken bought at Chooks-to-Go outlets, E-recipes from well-known chefs and also exclusive invites to Bounty Fresh events.

The event was also attended by some of the famous chef like Bruce Lim, Sau Del Rosario, Melissa Sison and David Pardo de Ayala. These chefs were also asked what they liked about Bounty Fresh and their favorite chicken part. Here is what Chef Sau Del Rosario have to say about Bounty Fresh:
Philippines well-respected chefs interviewed about why they like Bounty Fresh
"We are very much impressed with how Bounty Fresh is packed.  Compared to other chickens around and the takal system in public markets, Bounty Fresh is vacuum-sealed and its freshness is packed and preserved. The chicken comes out plumpier and juicier, making our dishes tastier and more delicious. I consider this vacuum-packed chicken the Angus of Dressed Chicken." - Chef Sau Del Rosario
While Issa is interviewing the chef on stage, I was very fortunate to be very close with Ms. Lea Salonga while she waits outside of the venue. She looks at the lists of guests in the event and at the same time attentively listen to the answer of the chef as they are being asked by Issa. Exclusively I even heard her candid comment that "You can never really go wrong with Bounty Fresh" agreeing to the comment of Chef David on Bounty Fresh. I was really starstruck to see her that close (less than a foot from her) that I wasn't able to ask for her autograph or picture. :(
Ms. Lea Salonga sharing some of her tips!
In a few moments, Issa then introduced Ms. Lea Salonga, Bounty Fresh brand ambassador and a chic mom herself. You can really say that she is listening attentively while Issa interviewed the chef before she was introduced as she even answered the questions asked earlier to the chefs. She shared that her favorite part of the chicken are the liver, which is also is my personal favorite. She even shared some tips on how to cook a chicken in whole. She also shared why she visits the Chic Moms club. 
"I like reading. In between takes, during travels, I make do of the time surfing the net and reading interesting websites and one of those that I regularly visit is the Chic Moms club site. I feel it is constantly updated and it has interesting tidbits of information that is always relevant for moms like travel tips, home and health tips and such." - Lea Salonga, Bounty Fresh Brand Ambassador
Ms. Lea Salonga also sang for the people who graced the even with a world-class performance. Really matching to the world-class quality of the product she endorses. 

Mr Tennyson Chen (left), president of Bounty Fresh Inc.
attended the event

Also highlighted was Bounty Fresh’s partnership with Rags to Riches with its president Therese Fernandez commenting on Bounty Fresh’s new project and its continuing support to RIIR in helping conserve the environment while providing source of income for the makers of RIIR bags. Members of the media were given as a token some beautifully crafted merchandise from Rags to Riches.

Members of Chic Moms Club who were able to successfully refer the most number of members were also awarded with designer bags like LV. Wrapping up the event, chic moms club members and the media went home with cool prizes while a lucky winner snatched a brand new Samsung Galaxy tablet, which happens to be a fellow blogger friend of mine. Too bad I wasn't able to win in the raffle. :)

Chic Moms Club is fast growing and has generated more than 20,000 members since its initial public introduction.

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Image courtesy of NuffnangPH site
At the moment I saw the blog post from Nuffnang regarding an event "Lifting" soon, I am already excited what's in store for all Nuffnangers very soon. Then finally they released the mechanics last Thursday about this event and we have to answer why we love Nuffnang in order to be part of the Nuffamily Day happening on May 28.
Image courtesy of NuffnangPH site
Why do I love Nuffnang? Let me count the ways via Acrostics:

  • New Hobby and Friends - I must say that Nuffnang had been one of the main contributor why I started blogging. I noticed that all of the blogs that I follow are members of Nuffnang and I became interested how to be part of it. In turn, it helped me to attend on events and also gain a new set of friends. I wouldn't think I would still be blogging until now without Nuffnang's help. I really value how they helped me especially when I was still starting how to meet people in the industry and at the same time provide venue to attend events I can blog.
My winning blog post in Nuffnang!
  • Ultimate prizes and events - In blogging, I was honored that I also win on some blogging competitions because of Nuffnang. I was able to win some ultimate prizes and at the same time be featured on their site just like the one below (see this link to view the posting in Nuffnang). If not for Nuffnang, I wasn't able to attend the Hot Camp event last year, which with my strong teammates we were able to compete at Boracay all-expense paid. There are a lot of other perks that I was able to gain because of Nuffnang. 
  • Family - I do commend Nuffnang in promoting not only activities but also "family" related activities. That's why I'm so excited to be part of their Nuffamily Day as well so I can bring my family and also at the same time meet the family of my co-bloggers as well. 
  • Financial help - As we all know that Nuffnang is a blog advertising community. Thus, I also admire that with Nuffnang I could earn additional money. I haven't earner that much but at least with Nuffnang I have hope to get something in the future if my fan base increased. 
  • Neat analytics - For new bloggers, Nuffnang already provide some basic tools like analytics to help improve your blog ranking/readers. I really like the neat analytics from Nuffnang giving you the relevant details that one would really need to improve blogging to fit to the right audience as well. 
  • Ads galore - With the help of Nuffnang, I do get ads from the relevant brands for your blog. Most of these are really the products/company I love. I'm happy every time they place a new ad on my blog. Not only for financial reasons, but more importantly I also get to know and endorse from my blog some of the products I love. 
  • Newsletter/ timely updates - I do appreciate that Nuffnang provides to its members some newsletter or email updates. As for a non-full time blogger like me, I might not see all the updates from the site and having that updates sent on my emails enable me to see fresh updates that I can check or blog. Good thing they really have this good communication venue to its members. 
  • Great customer service/staff - I do not know the Nuffnang staff personally but I am very satisfied with their great customer service. I highly value the help of Rendhl, Trixie and Judd from Nuffnang with all my inquiries and problems. They are very approachable with my concerns and make you feel being valued as well, even if you are a new blogger. 
There are more reasons why I love but generally I'm really thankful to Nuffnang's great help on my blogging. It all started as a simple hobby but now it turned into something bigger. I really value its help especially when I was just starting. 

I really do hope to be part of the Nuffamily day this coming Saturday. I know my dad, mom and sister would also like to be with me on this event. This is one of the few events that I can bring them on my blogging event and I really want them to be there. If ever, I would also love to bring my aunt and cousin who is living with us as they are important family members that I want to be with on this event.  I know they would love to see lanterns up on the sky. I think it would be great riding the NuffBus to meet more bloggers and their family as well.

Image courtesy of NuffnangPH site
Before I forget, I would like to thanks in advance the sponsors of this event namely Pizza hut, Bisolvon, The Picasso, Neo, Mister Donut, Skechers, Jollibee, Del Monte, Jac Liner and Jack n' Jill for supporting this kind of event. I really do hope and pray to be included on this event and share my experience on it. Please do include me...please. :)

I would really be happy to be included here...

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