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One of the most awaited UAAP event (aside from the Ateneo-La Salle Basketball) is the UAAP Cheerdance Competition (CDC). Samsung is still the sponsor for this year and now this is the first time it is held in SM MOA Arena. It's also the first time for Jessie Mendiola to co-host this event wtih Boom. The judges for this year are Jana Eftimu, Julien Leblond, Huang Yu Chun, Manuel Malonzo and Joe Jackson.

The event started with the court side reporters encouraging their respective school supporters to cheer. UE court side reporter mistakenly mentioned University of the Philippines instead of University of the East. I personally think it is not really needed and quite a failure since not all the crowd are game. :)

First to perform was the Adamson Pep Squad. They have great routine with no major flaws with their routine. Although not perfectly clean since some members are hitting each other. As I expected they used Psy's Oppa Gangnam Style on their routine since their theme is K-Pop. Over-all good performance from Adamson University but worries that its not that memorable to make it on top. Here's the video of their performance courtesy of ABS-CBN news:

Next up is last year's 1st runner up is DLSU Animo Squad! First off that I noticed is that they have nice costumes this year and its consistent with their boxing theme. I liked how they creatively used boxing gloves as their "pompoms". Clean execution and nice formation and the music is very well chosen all connected with their them on boxing. I super liked their routine where the cheer dancer was thrown and immediately stand up on a pyramid. I think DLSU Animo Squad will have a fighting chance this year. I personally think it is even better than last year. Good job DLSU Animo Squad! Here's the video of their performance courtesy of ABS-CBN news:

Third to perform is the host school, NU Pep Squad. The theme of bulldogs this year is ballerina - fairy tale if I were not mistaken (confirmed that their theme is Disney Classics). Like the costume and also the level of difficulty of their routines. Although, there are some mistakes on the earlier part that is so obvious that might be an issue with their performance. I also do not get their last formation and hope it could be better with one that could have lasting impression with the judges. Here's the video of their performance courtesy of ABS-CBN news:

4th to cheer is the FEU Cheering Squad! Wow! That's my expression upon seeing their complete performance. Their theme is tribal/jungle and they were able to keep consistent with it. Their costume was impressive and with all the surprise change costume at the middle was really great. I also like their very clean formation plus the attitude was in there. Their stunts was also remarkable with all its difficulty and great execution. I'm now reserving FEU on my top spot with the 4 performers. Kudos to FEU Cheering Squad! Here's the video of their performance courtesy of ABS-CBN news:

Next is UE Pep Squad! Their theme this year is warriors (or immortal gods to be specific) with their costume like old age warriors with all the cape. As my friend said, their "look" is similar with UP before with the blond hair and big logo on their costume, which might be the reason the court side reporter got confused. Their performance is ok with all the stunts but I'm missing something with them. I think with all the theme and music seems to not jive that well. But the cheer dancers are good with almost clean performance since there are minor mistakes seen. I think their performance might me that enough or quite just a big feat to follow FEU's performance. Here's the video of their performance courtesy of ABS-CBN news:

Next is previous champion the UST Salinggawi Dance Troupe! I'm actually wondering what will be their performance this year given they are also known to be champions on this competition. Their theme is floral with their costume and music (actually it is Brazilian inspired). As expected they are the team with the great height with their throws and execution. Their first routine almost had difficulty with the person on top almost failing to keep hold of the cheer dancer. Great execution from Salinggawi Dance Troupe but personally I'm quite expecting more from their performance. I'm not sure if it's just me but seems not enough for place. Well that's my opinion. Here's the video of their performance courtesy of ABS-CBN news:

Image courtesy of GMA News
The 7th team to perform is the Ateneo Blue Babble Batallion! I believe their theme is anime/Japanese superheroes (e.g. Maskman, etc.). I actually also liked their performance its clean and nice with their costume. I don't see much misses although their stunt or pyramids are quite slow as compared to earlier school. I just think the last routine of Voltes V seems to be not that executed well. I think its so "pilit" just to emphasize their Japanese anime/superhero concept. It's just my opinion but still good job Ateneo Blue Babble Batallion! Here's the video of their performance courtesy of ABS-CBN news:

Last to perform is the 2-time and defending champion UP Pep Squad. I'm quite waiting for what will be their surprise this year. Seems unclear for me on their over-all theme but great performance from them. I really liked their formation and their pyramids and all. The level of difficulty could not be denied to be really high plus the strong support of all UP supporters. They are at the last end of their routine/final pose but unfortunately there's a very big mistake and a cheer dancer fell which is very noticeable. It's almost perfect but that for sure will hit them big time. I just got the information that their girls shaved their hair so they can donate it to create wigs for cancer patients. Here's the video of their performance courtesy of ABS-CBN news:

For me, my personal top 3 are FEU, UP, DLSU. I like FEU for their perfect routine, consistency in theme, high level of difficulty and great performance. UP is my second place for their outstanding performance and they could have a great chance to win again but the mistake at the end will definitely be a hit on them. My 3rd place (without bias) is DLSU because I like their creativity (gloves) and their consistency of the theme. They might not have that difficult stunt but their performance was awesome still. How about you who are your top picks?

The official winners though are: 2nd Runner-Up goes to National University Pep Squad, 1st Runner-Up awarded to FEU Cheering Squad, and the Champion is no other than UP Pep Squad. The 4th to 8th placers are UST, DLSU, ADMU, ADU and UE respectively.

Aside from the winners above, other people awarded are UP Pep Squads Erica Ambulo as Samsung Stunner, NU Pep Squad - 2nd Runner-Up Samsung Stunt Competition, FEU Cheering Squad - 1st Runner Up Samsung Stunt Competition and UP Pep Squad - Champion Samsung Stunt Competition.

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Image courtesy of Men's Health Philippines
One of my most memorable races has been the Men's Health Urbanathlon. I was able to try it out 2 years ago and I must say it is really challenging. Definitely worth all the finisher medal and an exciting race to try out  as it is not just running. Too bad I missed it last year due to travel conflict but I'm definitely joining this year. See this amazing teaser why:

Men's Health Philippines Urbanathlon 2012 will be happening this year on October 14, 2012 at SM Mall of Asia. I can't remember if this is new this year (as last time I joined it is not there) is they are opening up 21K distance. Registration started since last August 22 and will last until October 8. However, I know for sure it will be a sure sold-out event so register as soon as possible. The fee for this year is only Php 750 for 5K and 10K with obstacles and Php 850 for the 21K with obstacles. One can register for this event at 360 Fitness Club - Makati/Ortigas, Gold's Gym Alabang/Katipunan, and ROX. The event is co-presented by Century Tuna and Gatorade, which has been their partners since I last joined as well.
This year's singlet! - Image courtesy of Men's Health Philippines
I can still remember I really had a hard time on the "wall". I couldn't think I could finish it with all my body weight working against me. Thanks I was able to overcome it and with the help of some folks around as well. I'm not sure if I can still overcome it this year especially with the new obstacles that they will introduce this year, such as Military Hurdles and Container Van.
Image courtesy of Men's Health Philippines
Image courtesy of Men's Health Philippines

I know this year will be very challenging once again but that just intensify my excitement to run for this race. How about you? Are you up for the challenge and conquer these obstacles? If yes, then stand up now register and start preparing for this! See you at the starting line!

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If you are having a tight budget or want to have an early Christmas shopping, then you shouldn't miss the upcoming 3-day sale of SM Bicutan happening on September 28-30, 2012. You can have great finds which is sale up to 70% off. I believe for SM Advantage cardholders, they will even have additional 10% discount if you shop during the first 2 hours of September 28. Aside from that you can earn raffle as you shop to win 1 of 3 Yamaha motorcycles. So mark these dates on your calendar already.

Image courtesy of SM City Bicutan FB page

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My Surviving Caramoan bandana!

Last Sunday was a great experience for me to join a mini-Survivor challenge. I have been an avid fan of Survivor and upon knowing that Jack TV will have their Surviving Caramoan challenge, I sign-up immediately. I have been long waiting for September 16 for the qualifying challenge for this.
A challenge of Skill, Strategy and Stength - Surviving Caramoan
The day has come and I just made it in time. All I know is that there will be 5 challenges that awaits me. I have been thinking that it would just be easy challenges but to my surprise its not. At the line waiting for my turn, I'm already thinking if I can make it since some participants before me are more physique than me. Good thing I never let these fears overcome me and told myself to at least try. I became more nervous to know that each stage has a time limit and if you failed to complete it then you cannot move on to the next challenge. Here are the challenges but was I able to experience it all?
A Jungle Jumble Challenge
A Jungle Jumble Challenge
1. Jungle Jumble - The objective of this challenge is to test our mental ability to solve a puzzle pieces which will show the logo of Survivor Philippines and Jack TV. Of all the challenges, this is where I am more confident. I know I'm smart and will have no sweat in accomplishing this task. Although when I was the one doing the task I somehow rattled since the puzzle pieces have been jumbled so well by the facilitators. Good thing still I was able to finish it with decent time. Moving on to next round.
Crate Transfer Challenge
Crate Transfer  - The crates that I have to transfer
2. Crate Transfer - I saw this similar challenge especially on the last Survivor One World although the crates here are smaller. I was shocked that I need to completely transfer 10 crates on the other end in less than a minute. 
Crate Transfer  - My bruises during the challenge
Crate Transfer  - My bruises during the challenge
My strategy was to transfer 2 crates at a time to be more efficient. The first 4-6 crates are quite easy but due to physical stress of running back and forth plus the weight of the crates I became tired lifting the last 4 crates. Some crates slipped my arms that it even scratched my arms but still finished it in less than a minute. 
Truck Wheel Lift Challenge
3. Truck Wheel Lift - The challenge will test physical stamina of the players to lift a truck wheel for 30 seconds. I was worried if I can complete it since even lifting it from the ground the wheel is quite heavy plus the bruises I just had with the last challenge. As I lifted, I just closed my eyes and waited for the faciliatator to say its done. Whew! Good thing I was able to hold on to that wheel.
Ball Balance Challenge
Ball Balance Challenge
4. Ball Balance - The challenge is to keep 3 balls on the flat wooden plate for a minute with the plate not touching your arms and only the palm of your hand. This is very similar to the exact challenge played during the first immunity challenge of Survivor One World that Troyzan won. In TV, it seems to be quite easy but doing it is very hard. As soon as I placed the 3 balls in the plate, I'm only given 5 seconds to stabilize the ball and I need already to release my hands and the time will start already. During the first few seconds I was struggling with the strong winds at the MOA area not cooperating with me. Oh well, I was amazed to still have a good balance to overcome it and make it to the next round.
Gory Grubs Challenge
5. Gory Grubs - On this challenge, we have to eat 3 kinds of gory foods; which are 2 pig/cow eyeballs,~6 pieces of fried worms, and 2 big chunks of raw brain. I had a strategy to just drink up water every time so I won't taste it but to my surprise I am not allowed to drink water until I completed eating it all up. I first ate the eyeballs and had time chewing it with my braces and almost throw up since I have to swallow it in large portions still. The fried worms are quite easy for me but the most challenging is the last 2 chunks of brain. Just the smell of it will let you throw up big time so just imagine eating 2 pieces of it. I first take 1 piece and I'm really having hard time to swallow it and I'm almost teary eyed since I'm preventing myself from throwing up. I only have 15 seconds when I pick the last piece of brain and really think that it is impossible already to complete it. I closed my eyes and talk to myself though that I have sacrificed already much completing the first 4 challenges and not completing the last task is just so disappointing. So I really face my fears and chew the brain quickly and swallow it immediately clearing it up during the last few 5 seconds. After saying clear, I immediately drink the water in the table but still the taste of the brain remained there even on my fingers.
Surviving Caramoan Registration Center
Over-all, it was one hell of a good experience for me. I do hope to register some good time on the challenges and was able to convince the judges so I can make it to the actual challenge. I really do hope to be part of it more for the experience and say to myself that I was able to be like a Survivor castaway. I'm really crossing my fingers to be included on the 10 participants.
Performers take on the stage to have a great closing of the challenge
Kudos to Jack TV for making the challenges really Survivor-like and never expected they will really pull up such similar tasks already. I'm excited to know who will make it. I'll let you know if I will make it.
My bandana and Survivor Philippines towel + Jack TV earrings for joining 

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iMax is now in Davao!

Now Davaoeños will not have to travel to Manila just to watch a full 3D "experience". Their wait is over as the SM Cinema Brings the IMAX Experience to Davao. One of the highlights in the opening of SM Lanang Premier is the opening of the IMAX Theatre. IMAX Lanang opens with 467 seats and a digital projection system that can support both 2D and 3D films. 

IMAX is more than a technology; it is an experience. The IMAX image is several times larger than any other cinema format, offering far greater resolution than the 35mm film. IMAX screen is several times larger than the screen of the standard theater, delivering an image so large that it fills your entire field of view. 

The immersive movie-viewing experience that IMAX brings is made possible by IMAX Digital Media Remastering (DMR), the transformative process used to enhance and optimize the image and sound of Hollywood feature films for the IMAX format. During this process, IMAX spends hours, weeks and months working directly with the filmmakers and technical teams of each film on dozens of ways to enhance the movie, including adjusting the saturation, contrast, brightness, re-mixing the soundtrack, and a bunch of other variables in virtually every frame.

The result delivers an unparalleled image and sound quality that is designed specifically for IMAX theatres. Watching a film in an IMAX Theatre gives you a unique experience; it allows you to lose yourself in the scenes unfolding before you. With IMAX, you are absorbed by the movie.

Through SM Cinema, Filipinos are able to enjoy the IMAX Experience--an experience that takes you beyond the edge of your seats to a world you have never imagined.

So Davaoeños enjoy the 3D experience!

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Image courtesy of Nokia Philippines

Do you want to win Nokia smartphones and other exciting prizes? Join Nokia and Gameloft’s promo, where you will not only get to enjoy fun and entertaining mobile games, but you will also have a chance to win latest smartphones from Nokia and other merchandise from Gameloft.

To join, simply like Nokia Philippines and Gameloft on Facebook and download a free Gameloft demo game from the Nokia Store. Just look for the app on Gameloft’s Facebook page, or you can directly visit http://store.nokia.com or http://store.nokia.mobi, if you’re using your mobile phone.

You can choose from a wide variety of free mobile games including The Avengers, Harry Potter DH Part 2, The Dark Knight Rises, Lego Batman, Real Football 2010, Diamond Twister, and UNO.

After you finish downloading a game, make sure to register to make your entry count. Just head on to the app on Gameloft’s Facebook page and type in the following: your name, email address, mobile number, demo game downloaded, Nokia device used, and your handset’s IMEI number.

Each download corresponds to one entry, so download as many Gameloft games from the Nokia Store to increase your chances of winning. You can also spread the word and invite your friends to download games to unlock more prizes.
Image courtesy of Nokia Philippines
Image courtesy of Nokia Philippines

Promo ends on September 23, 2012. One unit each of Nokia 808 PureView, Nokia N9 and Nokia N8 are up for grabs, and several Gameloft USB flash drives, shirts and ID lanyards will also be given away to the lucky winners who will be chosen via electronic raffle.

For more information about this promo, visit https://www.facebook.com/nokiaphilippines or https://www.facebook.com/gameloft

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Survivor Philippines Tribes: Kalabaw, Tandang, Matsing!
The ultimate reality game show is now back on its newest season. A lot of Filipinos is very excited about it since for this season it is now shot in the beautiful country of The Philippines. As soon as I learned it a few months back, I'm very excited how they will execute it here and what will be the name of the tribes.
Who among them will be the Sole Survivor?
Image courtesy of EW.com

The wait is finally over as the team of Survivor Philippines (US Edition) are revealed and most especially the name of their respective tribes. I liked it since they really choose those existing in the country with its local name. The names of the tribes are Kalabaw, Matsing, Tandang. I also liked the logo as seen on the tarps at the event of Jack TV yesterday at MOA. Here are the members of the different tribes:

Kalabaw Tribe
Kalabaw tribe
Sarah Dawson
Insurance Sales
Silver Spring, Md.
Age: 28
Katie Hanson
Former Miss Delaware
Newark, Del.
Age: 22
Jeff Kent
Former baseball MVP
Austin, Tex.
Age: 44
Dana Lambert
Winston-Salem, N.C.
Age: 32
Carter Williams
Track Coach
Shawnee, Kan.
Age: 24

Tandang Tribe

Tandang tribe
Abi-Maria Gomes
Business Student
Los Angeles, Calif.
Age: 32
Roberta “R.C.” Saint-Armour
Investment Banker
New York, N.Y.
Age: 27
Artis Silvester
Computer Engineer
Terry Town, La.
Age: 53
Lisa Whelchel
Former “Facts of Life” Actress
Dallas, Tex.
Age: 49
Pete Yurkowski
Engineering Graduate
Holmdel, N.J.
Age: 24
Matsing Tribe
Matsing tribe
Malcolm Freberg
Hermosa Beach, Calif.
Age: 25
Zane Knight
Tire Repair
Danville, Va.
Age: 28
Angie Layton
Provo, Utah
Age: 20
Roxanne “Roxy” Morris
Seminary Student
Brooklyn, N.Y.
Age: 28
Denise Stapley
Sex Therapist
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Age: 41
PS: Data came from EW.com
I wonder what will be their tribe name once these teams merged. Currently, I'm rooting for the Matsing tribe since I like the cute girl there but I think she is too weak to last long as the ultimate survivor unless she can outwit her tribe-mates with her charm. I know this will be an exciting survivor edition especially with the addition of 3 castaways that were previously taken out due to medical condition. Will they be able to finish it now or will the other castaways look at them as a big threat given their experience already?
I just saw the first part of the pilot episode and I can say that it is truly epic!!! I liked how they presented the Philippines with such beauty. If I were from a different country, I would badly want to fly to the Philippines because of such beauty and adventure. Kudos to Survivor for this great episode. Here's the video:
If you want to watch this newest season, you can watch it live at JACK TV every Thursday with its live episode at 2PM and prime time slot at 8PM. Thanks JACK TV for bringing this edition to the Philippines live.
For you who will be the next sole survivor?
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Image courtesy of Kojie-san and Nuffnang
What does it "takes" to be a "MAN"? Seems to be an easy question but realizing it is actually a tough question to answer especially on this modern world. So many things have changed and definitions vary from how society used to define it ages ago. Here are my viewpoint on this:

I think men of today first of all value RESPECT and EQUALITY. We might have perception before that men should be authoritarian or completely above women. However, valuing the change of times and the change in socio-economic relation of gender, I can say that today men have an open perspective and respect the possibility of other sex to have the same capability as man and respect one not by his gender but as a person. It may seem man getting weaker but actually this makes a man more stronger.

I believe man of today became more conscious about cleanliness and their health. You might have observed the boom of fitness industry recently and this is because men became more aware of the benefit of healthy living. If we used to know men to be just gaining weight and looking dirty and rough, the modern men realize that the standards changed. One would realize that he should be fit not only for him to look better on other people but also for lifestyle. Men of today became as one would say "vain" or at least value cleanliness. We can see it with men now having a certain line of products like Kojie-san. :) Now, if you're not clear then you're not in.

Image courtesy of Kojie-san and Nuffnang
If you want to know more about Kojie-san and unleash the man in you, don't forget to visit their Facebook page  http://www.facebook.com/KojiesanMensClub

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