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McDo love ko to
I used to love McDonald's Philippines commercials when I was a kid. Who would ever forget the "Karen" commercial that really touched the hearts of many Filipinos and also the "Love ko 'to" commercial series that everyone made go paparapapa. One McDo commercial that I is one of my favorite is their "First Love" commercial. If you can't remember this commercial, here's for you to enjoy:
Trivia: If you didn't notice the young guy on this video is the former X-Life tv host, model and actor Gino Dela Pena (left)
X-Life host Gino Dela Pena is the former lead actor on the McDo commercial above
Unfortunately, McDonalds marketing campaign dropped as compared before. I can only count commercials they released within the past few years. I thought they will never have those great commercials or tv ads not until when I saw their "BFGF" commercial today spreading over the social networking sites. It is quite a great viral campaign and a lot of my friends find the commercial really cute. If you haven't seen it, here's the ad:

It's great to see good commercials again from McDonalds (hope good Happy Meal toys will be next). I now have a new favorite commercial with this BFGF ad they just released aside from the "First Love". I love both commercial but if I will have to choose between the two, I will pick the "First Love" commercial. I like the great music from Eraserheads on the background and also reflect the reality of life and still show how McDonalds has been in the lives of Filipinos across the years. :)

Survey: Which McDo commercial you like more, the "First Love" commercial or their recent "BFGF" ad? Feel free to comment on my post.

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