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Image courtesy of Subic Fit Fest FB page
Summer season might be too far yet but that does not stop one to be fit and fab and have that beach body you always wanted soon. Actually, November will be the "fitness month" with the biggest fitness event happening during this month with the Subic Fitness Festival.

All fitness enthusiasts and who-would-like-to-be will be heading towards Subic Free Port Zone - Harbor Point, Camayan Beach and Ocean Adventure on November 15, 16, and 17 to attend this event. This promises to be a  grand festival that aims to promote a holistic approach to fitness amongst Filipinos, F&F Events, alongside Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA), declares that fitness in body, mind and spirit is definitely for everyone! 
FTX Makati - Venue of the first 3 classes of SFF
FTX facilities
The event had its kick-off at the FTX gym along Tordesillas St., Makati, last September 6, 7, and 8, 2013, from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., the series of events will feature all the fitness disciplines headed to the main gathering.  This is surely the chance for every Juan, Maria, Boyet and Nene, to have a taste of the Subicfitfest experience. Bloggers like me were very fortunate to be invited to try these events.
Our coach explaining all about Circuit Warz
The first event that we were able to experience was Circuit Warz. 2008 Mr. Philippines title holder Reijo Maranan del Prado, challenged us to break records through functional body weight and resistance training with Circuit Warz, last Friday, September 6, 2013. Learn the preparations involved to qualify in the Gladiator Circuit Battle, Extreme Enduro-Challenge, Strong Man Competition and Tug-of-War. The free circuit training is open to individuals and circuit teams alike, featuring speed-repetition, speed-endurance and power-weight exercises. 
Blogger Omar had the first blood to try the Gladiator's Battle
Coach showing us one of the activity for Strongman Invasion
The Circuit Warz was really interesting and would really push even the gym buff to the limits. Our instructor was just explaining the first set of exercise and it was already challenging. Fellow bloggers Omar and Marco was able to try the Gladiator's Battle set and just at the Gladiator combo ( combination of 5 push-ups, 10 mountain climbers and 1 pike jump in 10 reps) had their energy exhausted. I was able to try the Battling Rope Wave during the event. I  though it was easy but hell no it was far from a simple swing of rope. One can really feel the increase in temperature on your shoulders when you do it and I only lasted for 37 seconds. Over-all it was really challenging and will really push you to the extreme.
Bloggers getting ready to dance

The following day ( Saturday, September 7, 2013) we dance the work-week stress away  with Urban Street Dance. Shed starched shirts for basic tees and move to your favorite groove for a fun-filled, high-energy, cardiovascular work-out! We were able to learn about the basic of dancing and even had fun dancing the newest trend on dancing. The bloggers in attendance even had a face-off battle where are young and kind instructors from group of Plays On patiently trained us on "techno" and swag dance moves. Here's some snippets of our dance:

Sunday was a treat for the spirit as International Meta-coach, Imee Navarro, taught us how to unleash our greatest potentials.  On September 8, 2013,  we learned to express our power with neuro-linguistic programming, self-contemplation, and meditation techniques.  We moved within our mind and experience results physically and mentally, through the guidance of EQ Academy with Soul Fitness. I personally thought it will be an easy session but I was wrong and it was really a lot of self realization. After the session, you may have seen on my FB wall that I even posted my commitment after the meta-coaching exercise. It was really an enlightening experience to cap our weekend and also to start our week. 
Meta-coaching with Ms. Imee
I personally feel energized and not exhausted after my first week of experience on these events. Really had a great time with all these activities. I'm so much excited with what's upcoming this week.

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